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  1. In-Game Name: CptWhackk Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:439077006 Name of the Admin that punished you: Console Reason why you got punished: sv_cheats violation Length of your punishment: Perm Reason why the punishment should be lifted: I know that the only way to get SMAC'd is to have cheats loaded so I won't even try to bullshit you guys with that. I usually hop around between different servers or just regular deathmatch when I'm bored and only play around with cheats elsewhere, never on any SNG servers. I was playing on the 1v1 server for a good 20-30 minutes (without cheating) before getting onto the awp server and only bhopping around before getting kicked and told I was banned. I never have or ever will cheat on the servers, I don't really find any need to because I'm only really on them for the people anyways. I know that there has probably been a lot of suspicion in the community as to whether or not I cheat on the servers and I can promise you all that I do not.
  2. Whackk


    Sounds good my dude, can't wait for sunday fundays!
  3. I actually really like this idea, especially if it makes admin free. Hopefully we can keep all the super admins and I'm sure that we could make something work out between @DeathShadow and @Isaac for operator.
  4. I'm going to tag @DeathShadow in this. Maybe He can take some of these and we can test them on west as well. Love to see new maps on the Awp servers, east or west. I wanted the MW2 Rust remake but Death shot that down hard rip :,(
  5. I agree, accuracy being number 1. Trying to play like this with an awp sounds so so so bad.
  6. I wish I still had it, I don't know what happened to it Wore it to school once in 7th grade and only got in trouble because one of my friends started yelling out master baiter in class, so it was a "disruption". rip lol
  7. So I was asked today by @I'm Tuba if my name was Jack, which it isn't. My name comes from this shirt that my parents got me on their cruise.
  8. +rep he's a great guy who is super chill and very active. Good luck!
  9. Whackk


    I agree with this a lot. I got super admin because I wanted to help the servers out a little bit more, not because I'm on all day long. I've been playing less awp because I'm trying to broaden my friend spectrum, but I also play CS:GO itself less lately because just like you said, it's getting boring. But good luck on your break bud, can't wait to see you back!
  10. +rep she's very nice and really active on ttt from what I've seen. Go ahead and throw me in your recs as well!
  11. I think pokeball round for super and up is reasonable. Maybe give it a few map cooldown or something so that it isn't overused. Also Jack needs negev round...... For personal reasons of course..
  12. Congrats! Don't aboos too much cool
  13. @LoXy!DE damn bro I gotta comp with you sometime, those hacks are A1
  14. Ooh this looks like it'll be fun, can't wait for the release!!


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