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  1. aru

    Coding Project's

    These are fun. My favorite is the pokemon game
  2. tell us how you can bring it back alive?
  3. knows the rules on servers and is pretty chill +rep
  4. damn george youre actually committed to sng +rep had a high role in another community and knows how to handle admin perms effectively
  5. aru


    what a fucking retard lol if youre gonna catfish get a girl to send you a selfie or something lol dumbass
  6. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO warden dont leave me like that
  7. aru


    Dolls and teensroom
  8. i wanna be a dentist, i do good in school :)
  9. mine isnt intresting but @ayu⠀ is more intresting than mine
  10. aru


    you're* but why did you resign? any reason?
  11. i like to be very very legit and play with my friends on my alt accounts
  12. aru

    Unban a niggahh

    nah this kid is a weirdo and was kinda toxic towards others if were unbanning him we shouldve unbanned stance years ago
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