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  1. damn other team was so toxic lmfao
  2. +rep super active and is almost always on when the server is not completely dead. (Hours on timetracker to prove) Super helpful to me and other admins Has a friendly and welcoming attitude towards players
  3. ayu

    Selfie Topic

    thugger fans be like
  4. ayu

    1 year woop

    gosh i just love you so much rawr
  5. ayu

    woo giveaway woo

    this is awesome!
  6. ayu


    Congrats man @ proobs can I hit you up for mg shit or do you not do that stuff
  7. happy birthday habibi

    1. B0xerZ 🎃

      B0xerZ 🎃

      tysm :pepecowboy:

  8. ayu

    Coding Project's

    These are fun. My favorite is the pokemon game
  9. tell us how you can bring it back alive?
  10. knows the rules on servers and is pretty chill +rep
  11. damn george youre actually committed to sng +rep had a high role in another community and knows how to handle admin perms effectively
  12. ayu


    what a fucking retard lol if youre gonna catfish get a girl to send you a selfie or something lol dumbass
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