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ayu last won the day on August 19 2018

ayu had the most liked content!

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  1. +rep cool guy hes pretty chill and knows what hes doing. mg could use another super
  2. omg boxers +rep super dedicated and committed to this server this man has been playing for years idk how he doesnt get bored
  3. about time you apply for admin ive been trying for like 2 years +rep good man long time player
  4. ayu

    Been a fun journey

    It's been fun playing with you lexa ill miss you
  5. This is amazing I cannot express my excitement for my upcoming enjoyment towards this new joint council. I am on the edge of my seat because of this news. I simply cannot wait to meet these new players and I cannot wait to make new friends!
  6. Pass me the aux 👿 Don't hate on my swag man
  7. i mean might as well give me aux everytime switched halfway through the year :)
  8. i was showering and my shower faucet thingy was broken and it flew out and hit my knee and almost folded me
  9. +rep super active and is almost always on when the server is not completely dead. (Hours on timetracker to prove) Super helpful to me and other admins Has a friendly and welcoming attitude towards players

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