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  1. ayu

    NO NAME (cc & stuff)

    at 0:14 play at x0.25 speed you can see the backtrack nice anti-obs kid also from 1:57 to 2:02 at x0.25 get caught loser
  2. only seen him on once and didnt really say or do much. not very active on mg
  3. Player Name ayu Steam ID STEAM_0:1:88109808 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/id/4O3/ Age 16 Why would you be a good admin? i was super and operator before on this server Server you are applying for Minigames
  4. ayu

    Room Reveal?!?

    sick unique special rare room man
  5. mg has been back for like 1 day man give it a bit and yes he is active ive seen him many times on awp when that was the only server up and he has been on mg couple times and ive seen him on while aru was also on +rep good guy
  6. ayu

    We got an emergency

    yoo haha youre so funny woohoo shitpost yaaaayyy xDD
  7. yo this is actually good wtf youre insane
  8. lol wtf happened?
  9. Cant choose one fav picture cuz i have 2..
  10. Duckyy

    Happy birthday, missing mg everyday :(

  11. ayy happy bday man


  12. One grain of salt at a time and you wonder, when is MG coming back?

    You should celebrate your birthday first, then wonder that...

    Happy Birthday

  13. Happy Bday 

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