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  1. happy bday homie :))))))))

  2. Merry birthmas

  3. happy birthday

  4. Happy Birthday!

  5. happy bday to the legend him self, Slavowitz

    have a good one boss

  6. Yeah looks good those are basically the only changes I made in the pull request but you should take a look at the timer passing userid instead of client index and a few other minor client checks https://github.com/Extacy/NoWeaponDropOnSlay/pull/1/commits/b9b98a73048c8126b463de2cf012b5ac29ac79b0
  7. I'll be counting the days until you want back in
  8. Why are you registering the kill command each time a new player joins the server Also I have a few questions about the hurt counter array Made a pull request to the repo if you are interested in seeing some of the changes I think might be good to make (https://github.com/Extacy/NoWeaponDropOnSlay/pull/1) @Extacy
  9. Addicted

    name change

    I think I remember banning you
  10. idk u but happy birfday 

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