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  1. Oh so you're fine with having a rapist in our community then?
  2. okay im gonna put this into a retrospective... if you really want to unban this freak for all the shit they do and then ban other kids just because they started an argument then something in this community is fucked and we got some snowflakes. This is me actually being serious, I don't want any arguments with this comments, but rather just me saying not to unban this guy lol
  3. lmao .99 was my nigga, but then toko turned retard and brought down all his friends
  4. https://gyazo.com/c0d074f79d0ea9bcc88649f07584be18
  5. this nigga really said "Revival of JB" Just to debate whether he should add 1 map....
  6. I will return to MG to participate for this
  7. I'm gonna win this awp btw
  8. LOL point and click got op
  9. naK

    thank you SNG

    see ya nigga
  10. naK

    Best SNG memories ;(

    All the ogs but they're all banned for certain reasons
  11. naK

    Selfie Topic

    Mahomo is this you?
  12. naK

    Selfie Topic

    your shirt tight enough man?
  13. i go outside cause i ain't a pussy ass bitch. I workout too, I benched 245 for 1 rep smd

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