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  1. can i be unbanned from the chatbox now?
  2. naK

    Selfie Topic

    I have also been banned from speaking in the chatbox for some reason???
  3. naK

    Selfie Topic

    As a punishment for this community with my denied application for administration, I request that this topic is locked until my approval to unlock it. You did this to yourselves. This is actually serious as well, I want this topic closed until further notice
  4. Hello everyone! As you know, I've been denied of receiving the prestigious rank of "Server Admin". I was quite confused onto why I got denied as I witnessed a number of 22 +reps with 0 -reps. Obviously my intentions are to help revive the server, but clearly this cannot be done with other people than me getting admin and me being denied. Clearly there is something going on in the higher levels of SkyNetGaming, so that leads me to my final question. Why do you think I was denied for admin? Clearly the community wanted me to be an admin again and I would've helped the server... Thank you for reading naK :)
  5. naK

    Selfie Topic

    thanks for reviving my topic

  7. +rep, bring back all of the ogs that made the servers special (not in a good way). Amanda is fucking stupid but she was the fuckin GOAT. UNBAN @redderfry
  8. thank you everyone for feedback! I would love if I can get more feedback!
  9. +rep need the kid on servers for toxic purposes
  10. +rep unban him for the servers, we need more toxic people for fun
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