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  1. this is cool and +rep, but do u still play on mac?
  2. hey bud, please post some relevant shit on here, thanks -rep, just cause he's been active for a solid 4 months doesn't mean he is hte best candidate loorl. He's gotta have more experience imo @george @Duckyy @why @redderfry
  3. +rep, been here the longest and knows how the game works, not to mention the time that he's been back, TTT has been dead lmao
  4. -rep applying too soon and knowledge of rules is not that high. To me, rushed it too fast to apply for admin and needs to reread the rules. thanks. you're welcome
  5. naK

    naK is back pt. 62

    yea for sure no problem!
  6. naK

    naK is back pt. 62

    hello frens, am back look forward to help community help admins learn hopefully apply hello again frens naK is back :)
  7. this is not a good appeal, i recommend that you learn how to appeal by looking at how other previous banned players have appealed : ) has a gud day
  8. naK

    hows it goin

    good, going to play d1 football in college.
  9. Both of these restaurants make you fat, so neither
  10. so this is what it's like to be a virgin huh?
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