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  1. naK

    1001 posts

    crazy stuff man!
  2. Same here with @Lord Sesirith, I know that I've been a menace on this server for a little bit now, but as an old time member for the past 5 years, it'd be lovely to see this community be revived to what it was around 2-3 years ago. Although I'm not active on the servers anymore, I'd love to be of any assistance on the forums and teamspeak if there is anything to be done on here or there!
  3. Hello all Here are my favorites of 2020 Edit: Not me taking a post seriously for once lmao 1. Polo G - THE GOAT 2. Rod Wave - Pray 4 Love 3. Giveon - Take Time 4. Natsuo - Equilibrium 5. Lil Durk - Just cause y'all waited 2
  4. naK

    Selfie Topic

    did you come back to flex?
  5. Chick fil a, you uncultured swines
  6. prolly cause you were banned lol
  7. naK

    Selfie Topic

    post on here faggots
  8. sorry man it's been 4 years lmao i've completely changed
  9. yeah me too faggots, welcome back @Chase88 hope to see RAvenger gaming
  10. naK

    Mass Unbans

    the fact that you guys did not unban @redderfry is absurd @ MERICA @ Hachi ... really disappointed
  11. naK

    Ban Appeal: f12

    +rep, if y'all genuinely want to try and help this shit of a community be revived we're gonna have to start bringing back all of the ogs. You pussy ass bitches for global admins are taking this power to ur head meanwhile you aren't doing shit for the community. #naKforadmin cause yyou dumbfucks denied me for no reason @Noodlesssss @Mythin not talkin about yall hehe, i mentioned the wrong admin rank!!
  12. unban all of the ogs fags. @redderfry @Rasqy @Shorty @weebed @Ugly Frenchie @f12