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naK last won the day on December 27 2019

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  1. naK

    Cya homies

    Another OG gone, now time for the new fucks to come in to the servers
  2. naK

    so uh

    So we gonna ignore the guy named "Sexbot3000" ?
  3. Damn you really just made this...
  4. naK

    Ban Appeal: naK

    lowkey brazy @ Pedro Deuces gracias
  5. dawg did you not read the part below? He's basically claiming that he read the rules after being CT banned... Also how would you know if he did or did not read the new rules? You gonna fuckin quiz him lmao. Also Twisty is a longtime player and basically stated that he did not adapt to the new rules since coming back to the new server which obviously led him to thinking he was the last CT because that is how the rules used to be. Just my 2 cents though
  6. HBD dawggggggggggg

  7. Mythin


  8. naK

    its my birthday :)

    just give me it already, i won guys
  9. naK

    Ban Appeal: naK

    In-Game Name: naK Steam ID: n/a Name of the Admin that punished you: Pedro Deuces Reason why you got punished: cause i said a word after he said "Next person to say "word i forgot" gets banned. *naK says word* Length of your punishment: permanently Reason why the punishment should be lifted: I was banned in the discord about 3 years when I was an admin. I said some stupid stuff that ended up with the result of me getting banned in this discord. It's been 3 years, I respect Pedro for the choice he made and I just feel like it's been a tad too long lol. Thanks EDIT: guys this is a serious appeal btw, i actually am trying to get unbanned from discord, so please reply with serious comments I am the i-g-g-y, please let me in
  10. naK

    Moving on

    you're so hot @Alex

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