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  1. do y'all ever just look through old forums posts and past messages and get goosebumps?

    1. xen


      No, you are just a permanent virgin.

    2. naK


      nigga you level 360 on steam, you actually spend money for a little picture... yikes bro

    3. xen


      You get goosebumps looking at old forum posts in a community where no one likes you. You will forever be a virgin.

  2. damn bro this is hecka sick! man fuck those niggas behind you, take ya time with these precious ass photos dawG!
  3. naK


    all yall thinkin this guy gonna disappear from the world like those niggas on MW2 on Xbox360 6 years ago. Like he only resigning to normal admin. But regardless, bro im gonna miss you so much and best of luck in the future my lover :^(
  4. that nigga got a whole ass eggplant for a nose dawg
  5. he's pretty much forcing me to +rep
  6. senior year, so pretty much relying on athletics for college
  7. naK

    You cheated in our annual awp tournament!! >:(

    1. xen


      people like this guy more than u

    2. Toko



  8. naK

    naK Mute appeal

    Hey man I believe I really did anything to you, but when I got back from like a 5 month break I didn’t even say anything to you. So I do ask if you stop calling me edgy because I am not and please get off my ass. Like. I deadass come into teamspeak and you always kick or move me when I don’t say anything!
  9. naK

    naK Mute appeal

    Yea I noticed that, but when I got on ttt it still said I was muted.
  10. naK

    naK Mute appeal

    Yes this is actually a serious appeal I’m sorry forge but all I was trying to do today was have a good time :( it’s been a while :/ sorry frog
  11. naK

    naK Mute appeal

    I could not put this is ban/mute appeal for some reason because it wouldn’t work when I clicked it. In-Game Name: Nak/ Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:120963523 Name of the Admin that punished you: Lex Reason why you got punished: No reasoning Length of your punishment: 1440 Minutes Reason why the punishment should be lifted: I believe that my mtue shall be lifted because it was given with no evident reason. Clearly I was muted in the awp tourney, but that was all fun and games until @Alex decided that it would be fun to mute me (SPOILER ALERT: IT WAS NOT FUN). I was not able to communicate with my team therefore costing us a lost in the awp tournament. I believe that I had my teammates support in unmuting me for this very unnecesary mute. @B0xerZ @Elegy @Ugly Frenchie @FeelsBαdMαɴ.
  12. idk this kid went 1 and 16 in the awp tourney... does he demonstrate the correct amount of skill required to be an awp admin?
  13. um what about hawaii :(
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