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  1. +rep long time player, knows the rules, and chill
  2. I got bored so i checked the days ive been a member according to forms on the forms, and for all you sexy members, how long you been a member for? I got 927 too my name
  3. Unless theres video evidence admins cant decipher this and an actual minigame or something that was going on in the server at that point and time. I reccomend getting shadow play or always when you get on the server type, "record (name of you want it to be called)" then "demoui" to look at the demos
  4. imma be the first to say the mute should stick i came into the server for around 10 minutes and i was greeted with you and a lot of your friends calling me fat 24/7 and where mic spamming and constantly harassing other players, being toxic, disrespectful towards staff, personally im suprised that you only got a 2 hour mute, so just come back and dont be toxic and annoying and you wont have this issue again.
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