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  1. Welcome to SNG! Hope you have a pleasant stay my friend <3
  2. im flaming you thanks for forgetting about me
  3. Huejay


    spend time w/ you :smile:
  5. Used to be a higher-up in HellsGamers, met iCamp/Pedro through a gaming community platform where all the communities were in it (it was called GCC I think). Me and Pedro/iCamp talked for a bit, talked about community events together (mostly just CS:GO Events that took the best 5 players in each team and just 10-manned it out) and just stuck around for awhile. Fast forward now, still here boys. :smile:
  6. aww i didnt make it rip cups though
  7. The Stonehedge! Also, Macchu Pichu as well since it looks super awesome. edit: cant spell
  8. I appreciate all my friends here at SNG, love ya'll :] ty for giveaway
  9. meeting some of the c00lest peeps ive known for awhile and getting closer to :] @Pedro Deuces @Mango @CaptainTobi @Mctityjr @iCamp @Damaind @lexa @death (the fuck is your name here) @SukA @sig (or dogs or diggledorf or whoever the fuck your name is now these days) @Hachi @Lawl @Boppin @Alex @dun (idk what ur name is here) @gir @Velox (you cuck come back to me) @Doofy The Nut™ (eat my ass idiot) @lex (almost forgot u bud xd) for the bois <3 if ur name aint here, maybe you'll make it into 2019 uwu~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  10. happy bday brother

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