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    I love to protect my fellow humans from the acid rain <3 | Android developer with kotlin and java

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  1. 920 days, but i've been playing way before stance was banned and greyan, hank, and casper (I remember rumors of people calling casper a hacker, but idk im sure he wasnt though) as gods on the previous central server before they were separated and then merged again. Now looking back I've been playing for quite some time now LOL. Surprisingly I've never been banned on the servers so im a good boy
  2. Umbrella


    Not graduating this year, but next year I'm hopefully graduating with a BS in CS
  3. @ Diam0ndz congratulations on getting the developer tag, I'm sure it's a big task so good luck. This will also be good on your resume/portfolio if you do intend on working in dev fields in the future.
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