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  1. (I hope I'm not necroing, I just wanted to give my input on this, as I know this dude is a long time player) I've been on the server for a long time now and you were a cool dude. I honestly dont know what happened to you or how you got banned but I hope you didnt take no pill or something that made you act up. Usually the staffs on this server is pretty lenient so anyone who got banned has been warned quite a few times, I, myself dont know if I've even been banned yet. Nonetheless, farewell wished you didnt go out with a bang tbh you were always funny and a chill guy on the server. Hopefully youll reflect on your own actions and maybe appeal someday in the future. If not hope nothing but the best for you my guy. also wanted to say @ proobs 🎃 dondo wasnt always this toxic Idk what happened, but he'll joke around here and there which is understandable. This community wouldnt be what it is without the jokes. It's just unfortunate for him maybe he had a bad day or something
  2. 920 days, but i've been playing way before stance was banned and greyan, hank, and casper (I remember rumors of people calling casper a hacker, but idk im sure he wasnt though) as gods on the previous central server before they were separated and then merged again. Now looking back I've been playing for quite some time now LOL. Surprisingly I've never been banned on the servers so im a good boy
  3. Umbrella


    Not graduating this year, but next year I'm hopefully graduating with a BS in CS
  4. @ Diam0ndz congratulations on getting the developer tag, I'm sure it's a big task so good luck. This will also be good on your resume/portfolio if you do intend on working in dev fields in the future.
  5. stop being depressed lol like wtf. This whole year I felt really down for some reason. Maybe because something that happened the previous year, but fuck man gotta live life
  6. @Zurr best badmin nawh im just kidding. Before awp server died down this guy would hold down the fort and enforce the rules whenever needed. He would be one of the most active admins tbh and even when the server was low you'd get on and see this guy on with less than 6-7 players. I'm unsure how the awp server is doing now since I have sort of left csgo or gaming in general to focus on my future. Overall, the guy had it all leadership skills and knowledge of common rules throughout the servers. Mah boi @B0xerZ this guy is what made the community fun lol I remember the time when I was bulled and this nigga would stand up for you. stay positive my guy hope you're doing well around skynetgaming and enforcing dem rules. You deserve admin you're literally active af I remember the servers would be dead and you'd still be on the awp. One of the most dedicated player on the forums and on the servers.
  7. YES PLSSS!!! I BEEN WAITING FOREVER FOR THIS! MY DREAM COME TRUE! awp central once again. It just sucks that west players would have 50-70+ ping
  8. Umbrella

    New Awp Model

    please just leave the awp skin at 15k k thx. if f2p
  9. sorry for the double post if you can delete please delete them fk my internet fkin up. and wtf lol I read that wrong fml I apologize to that guy ugh... sorry @wak I read your post wrong ugh..
  10. ik that this discussion doesnt pertain to my area of discussion, but if you were there why didnt you say something?
  11. Umbrella

    Operator :)

    congrats! do not add back awp_kox, most cancer map ty
  12. Umbrella

    School Classes

    I'd say the most important courses in highschool are generally your math courses and english courses. I didnt really enjoy math until college tbh, met this professor that told me to take my time on the problems and learn it step by step rather than rushing to the conclusion and getting the wrong answer. In other words take math classes , I still dislike english classes though lol. But don't let us make the decisions for you, if you already know what you want to do when you get to college join some clubs that pertain to your interests, as that's one of the things I regret the most. I watched as my programming peers went to competitive events while I just stayed home and played video games.
  13. not happening. -1, and as stated already the awp server is unique because of the double jump and the gravitational change while jumping. It gives a twist to the game.

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