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  2. Player Name dan SteamID STEAM_0:0:563687583 Admin Recommendations @Thing 1™, @Noodlesssss, @Duckyy, @gabe, @ proobs Why do you want to become admin? I've been admin 3 times now so I know the rules like the back of my hand. I've also been super admin for JB twice but got demoted since I wasn't active on the fourms. Since a lot of people have been unbanned I think I could help out a lot. What is your primary server? KZ What are your secondary servers? JB (rest in peace)
  3. +rep I've known eurfly ever since he has joined the server and he has matured a lot since then. He's become less toxic and has been enforcing the rules whenever we're on kz. gl brotherman
  4. Dan


    https://osu.ppy.sh/users/13906788 where's my mouse gamers at
  5. Happy birthday brother man but someone release the guy he didn’t do anything wrong ✊🏽

  6. Congrats brother man
  7. Extacy

    Happy Birthday!

  8. hbd also tell Sherwin to get himself unbanned :ResidentSleeper:

  9. happy birthday bitch

  10. Joshua

    Happy Bday!

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  12. Happy birthday you dirty cheater

  13. +rep man is very active on kz and helps people when they get stuck or lost on maps