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  1. Happy birthday you dirty cheater

  2. +rep man is very active on kz and helps people when they get stuck or lost on maps
  3. Dan

    im super woohoo

    I tap heads you spray bodies
  4. +rep man has been here for a long time and makes the server chill and fun
  5. +rep he enforces the rules when ever hes on and is a chill guy to hang out with
  6. first 100 pp play https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKfhVsYOjK4
  7. +rep man has been here for a long time and knows the rules like the back of his hand
  8. hbd mr jb operator 

  9. Good luck to everyone in the tournament
  10. The second semester of the school year learning how to drive and getting my first job
  11. hbd markus 

  12. +rep great guy enforces the rules and is really fun to hang out with add to recs pls
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