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  1. To people who lowkey care, I don't know how to say this... but I'm going to keep it simple. I'm retiring. Why? You may ask. Personal reasons. Well, I'm not Charybdis, so I will not expose anyone. But here's why I'm retiring. Honestly, these past few weeks, have been the worst experience for me at SNG. But the good news is that I recently got a dog. Siberian Husky. Name's Dugo. ( Thanks to all for criticizing me for naming him that, you truly are an amazing person :^) ) So that meant I have no time for CSGO. I couldn't even get on the servers at all for the last two weeks. (Or barely) In addition, I also want to start studying/doing homework and spend a little less time on the computer. Secondly, it's so easy for something to become so humdrum. Deathrun has become so boring to me, thus one of the reasons why I want to retire. I have always wanted to switch to TTT, but super admin positions were full and I had to stay on the server I didn't even enjoy being in. Now I'm going to indirect someone for something. What made it worst for me was when some people kept bringing it up. YES, I KNOW I CAN'T SWITCH. THERE'S NO NEED TO PATRONIZE ME. I'm not stupid, and having to act completely condescended to me is just absolutely distasteful. Thanks for the great words, it really made me feel better about being a super admin. Furthermore, there are so many rude people in this community it's ridiculous. I know it may be a joke sometimes, but it's not funny when it happens all the time. Every time I'm on TeamSpeak, there's always someone who has to ruin my vibe by saying some disrespectful shit. I've met so many friends, real and fake ones. I've unfriended all the ones who don't even talk to me at all (Don't be offended if I unadded you) I've learned who my real friends are. I'm thankful for those who've stuck with me. So here's a shoutout to all my friends I genuinely enjoyed being around. :^) Not in order. @Lukaii @Chase88 @Ayuminao and yeah that's about it, LOL If you aren't mentioned, welcome to your tape. Jk, but here's what I have to say. @KingjiN, I'm sorry that we drifted away. I really thought I could be close friends with you. Thank you for everything, seriously. Thank you for the recommendation, for paying my first month of admin, for being chill most of the times, and for advising me great things. @rIKA, Thanks for being easygoing all the time. You're someone I can talk to when I want to say something. Even though we aren't so close, thanks for being there for me. @Almond, Well, I don't know how to say this but you never really talk to me. Every time I try talking to you, it usually ends up with me being completely ignored. But that's okay I guess. I really enjoyed all the fun times we had together whether it was the comic book reading, Town of Salem, Cards Against Humanity, or Karaoke. Thanks for all those fun times. ~ I want to mention some other people, but I'm afraid it might come out as offensive or rude. Anyway, that's really it. I'm not dying, so you don't have to comment down below something like "Oh I'm going to miss you!" I really don't care lol, no offense. But if you really want to stay in contact with me, I have social media. My snapchat and instagram are both @seanquach , just make sure to tell me who you are or I won't accept you. If you're a weeb like @Sleepy and you don't have social media, find me on my discord. I'll be on there usually all the time. It's not a csgo community or anything, as I've been told by Pedro I may get perm'd by creating one. Creating one is too much work anyway, so I'll stick to "chilling with my friends on discord." I'll be there. and here's the link if you ever want to talk to me: https://discord.gg/kA4rvX8 Ultimately, I just want to say thank you for a great 10 months. It's been a blast. I might hop on servers occasionally but I can't be a part of this community anymore, sorry. Love you all. le JonOnTheRadio <3
  2. It's funny how all the memes are getting more attention than actual scary events people share
  3. +rep Long time member who's mature and love the community. Deserves Sodality. Enforces rules all the time when I'm on.
  4. +rep @OKrapP is hands down one of the most mature people I've met in SNG. Very mature for a 12 year old. I think he gets it from his brother. I genuinely think he is most definitely deserving for an admin position. He's active and enforces rules. He posts helpful player complaints. Extremely calm individual who wants nothing more but 'good' in the community. Best of luck on your application! lymbo accept my boy already
  5. But you deadass gonna be on discord. Better not leave.
  6. JonOnTheRadio


    Congrats. Much-deserved.
  7. +rep Before anyone starts the lowkey bashing on Sleepy, I have seen Sleepy improve his: Toxicity Maturity Feeling of exasperation he gives to everyone I DON'T GIVE RECS TO PEOPLE WHO DON'T DESERVE ADMIN. PLEASE NOTE THIS. This is his last application, I know, and this time, I feel like he should get it. He's very ambitious going for admin as you can see. Sleepy is a BIG help to SNG, if you want my honest opinion. He helps new members when they join. He devotes his time to this community, and nothing can contradict that. I know people see Sleepy as "the annoying kid" but honestly, I don't. I just feel that our community is always basing off of a person from their first impression they make. Then new members see that he's this 'hated member' and starts throwing shade at him too while they don't even know him personally. This is all the hate Sleepy gets from people, yet he's 10x more helpful than the people who are aggressive towards him. I genuinely feel that he deserves it imo. Sleepy may seem "toxic", but from my perspective, I see them as a banter. I personally see him as a really chill dude. Truly. He has the potential to become a great admin. 100%. Anyway, 4th time's the charm. Best of luck on your application, @Aman's Slave 2.0 also, change your fucking name.
  9. Mucho oblige :^)))) Congratulations on super admin, you absolutely deserve it! Hope to see you improve servers and climb ranks! @Lukaii
  10. JonOnTheRadio


    This is your 421th post

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