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  1. To people who lowkey care, I don't know how to say this... but I'm going to keep it simple. I'm retiring. Why? You may ask. Personal reasons. Well, I'm not Charybdis, so I will not expose anyone. But here's why I'm retiring. Honestly, these past few weeks, have been the worst experience for me at SNG. But the good news is that I recently got a dog. Siberian Husky. Name's Dugo. ( Thanks to all for criticizing me for naming him that, you truly are an amazing person :^) ) So that meant I have no time for CSGO. I couldn't even get on the servers at
  2. It's funny how all the memes are getting more attention than actual scary events people share
  3. +rep Long time member who's mature and love the community. Deserves Sodality. Enforces rules all the time when I'm on.
  4. +rep @OKrapP is hands down one of the most mature people I've met in SNG. Very mature for a 12 year old. I think he gets it from his brother. I genuinely think he is most definitely deserving for an admin position. He's active and enforces rules. He posts helpful player complaints. Extremely calm individual who wants nothing more but 'good' in the community. Best of luck on your application! lymbo accept my boy already
  5. But you deadass gonna be on discord. Better not leave.
  6. Congrats. Much-deserved.
  7. +rep Before anyone starts the lowkey bashing on Sleepy, I have seen Sleepy improve his: Toxicity Maturity Feeling of exasperation he gives to everyone I DON'T GIVE RECS TO PEOPLE WHO DON'T DESERVE ADMIN. PLEASE NOTE THIS. This is his last application, I know, and this time, I feel like he should get it. He's very ambitious going for admin as you can see. Sleepy is a BIG help to SNG, if you want my honest opinion. He helps new members when they join. He devotes his time to this community, and nothing can contradict that. I know people see Sleepy as
  9. Mucho oblige :^)))) Congratulations on super admin, you absolutely deserve it! Hope to see you improve servers and climb ranks! @Lukaii
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