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  1. hbd retard lol

  2. hey dude i like how you know absolute jack shit about kz and you still -repped me on my ban LUL nt idiot

  3. sleepy

    Sleepy is Gay

    i do indeed LOVE nuts in my mouth!!
  4. ey dont worry kel u got my rec buddy.. extremely good operator before! bring back hypnos too!
  5. After yesterdays #general chat showdown between renowned and well respected member of SNG, @Duckyy and new tango egirl @satu, I decided to do some investigating to see if the cheating accusations were real... the evidence is damning...I found a video clip of Duckyy BLATANTLY cheating in minecraft and almost full 1 shotting a diamond armor opponent with an impossibly lucky crit... here it is: As you can see, DuckyonSnap (duckyy) hits a 44, 46 crit! That is 2 off of PERFECT crit chance! Before that, he gets a slew of lucky crits. I have already reported this to the autho
  6. In-Game Name: sleepy *ctban Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:47643041 Name of the Admin that punished you: extacy Reason why you got punished: idk i forgot Length of your punishment: perm Reason why the punishment should be lifted: I wanna play guard ):<
  7. +vouch, extremely cool individual. @erik :] @gir @chicken007 and i also lend him are recommendations. we are extremely excited to see what you'll do! he is super smart...free college and in the 10th grade! i know you'll help solve SNGs toxicity problem.
  8. sleepy

    JB Stuff

    If you keep adding and adding rules it'll be less like Jailbreak and more like basketball. JB is lax. Nobody comes to play competitively or read and follow a dictionary-thick rulebook. Kids who whine will always whine.
  9. sleepy

    JB Stuff

    You can't tell a CT to use an M4. You can tell a CT not to use an M4. But it doesn't matter. As long as it's not evidently favoritism it's fine, no?