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  1. egirl streamer in sng = bad news
  2. High spray contests. Just make it a black square or something that has the entire top covered
  3. High spray contests. Just make it a black square or something that has the entire top covered View full suggestion
  4. I can't accept your appeal, that's up to staff. I meant that it was possible for you to be unbanned from all of our servers EXCEPT kz.
  5. Hey dude, you're actually global banned from all KZ timer servers. While you can be unbanned from our servers, you won't be able to play our KZ server or any other KZ timer server that has global API enabled again. You can appeal this global ban @ www.kz-climb.com/index.php?forums/global-ban-appeals.42/ , but ban appeals are only accepted on very rare occasions, i.e.: false positives, and generally are not accepted if the player is convicted of cheating.
  6. sleepy

    hows it goin

    u better fucking hire me when u get manager
  7. i feinted and fell onto the manager of a pizza place from dehydration and heat fatigue and they gave my family free pizza for a year
  8. it's just an intolerance( never happened( +1 to the rest
  10. We know exactly who won what tbh. It's all logged in the posts some place or another. IDK why we aren't giving stuff back, prolly cuz store reset and it's too much work.
  11. holy fuck the pullout is insane. if you can get that in sapphire im in love
  12. It's the innocent's job to pay attention. The traitors manipulate the attention. We used to have it like you're suggestion and it's aids. KOSing made you proven, as it would with this rule too. There is already a rule that following through with blatantly false KOSes is against the rules. I don't think this is needed, nor should be added
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