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  1. holy fuck the pullout is insane. if you can get that in sapphire im in love
  2. It's the innocent's job to pay attention. The traitors manipulate the attention. We used to have it like you're suggestion and it's aids. KOSing made you proven, as it would with this rule too. There is already a rule that following through with blatantly false KOSes is against the rules. I don't think this is needed, nor should be added
  3. Team Name: jame time Captain: @sleepy - STEAM_1:0:47643041 Player 1: @Jakolantern 🎃 - STEAM_0:0:85633168 Player 2: @Pumpkin Spice ALMOND Latte - STEAM_1:0:73526056 Player 3: @Nikeaj - STEAM_1:0:59715099 Player4: @Mr.Derp - STEAM_1:0:97348198 Sub: @codi - STEAM_1:1:99084958
  4. You can't body shot so there shouldn't be blood from body shots.
  5. ?? Listen for a death not followed or preceded by any sound cues, see whose karma goes down, KOS. I do that all the time with niggas who are dumb enough to use kill sounds already.
  6. sHUT the frick up smelly
  7. Play on an alt 1 more time fat cunt +rep if he deletes his other acc
  8. dondu u have 82 hrs in AWP timetracker wtf r u saying ab people's lives buddy ur obsessed with ur self image and hate being seen as a randy or u wouldnt be constantly calling others it cuz it hurts ur feelings stay mad retard stay gone loser bye tryhard who one key +strafes
  9. sleepy

    the checkup

    u told me he was on but i still recognized mr. b. when i got on 15 mins later u monkey. imagine getting ur credit stolen JAJAJAJAJ
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