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Lukaii last won the day on October 21 2017

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  1. frick you dude

  2. Lukaii

    Moving on

    ily alex
  3. jesus christ propose already
  4. how the fuck? why the fuck? what the fuck?
  5. Player Name Lukaii Steam ID STEAM_0:1:173633420 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/id/lukaii/ Is your forum account linked to Steam? Yes Age 17 Why would you be a good Super Admin? I know the server, the rules, and the player base. Also purple is a dope ass color. Do you understand you are applying for advanced Deathrun permissions? Yes Have you read and met all requirements for this position? Yes
  6. i'm just here for the free stuff
  7. Lukaii

    Selfie Topic

    well sense this is still relevant, update:

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