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  1. Lukaii

    Selfie Topic

    well sense this is still relevant, update:
  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Bday

  4. hey, its me. sorry for popping up out of the blue after disappearing for however long its been, but I need help and I know a lot of you are much smarter and more tech savvy than I am. BASICALLYYYY about 3 months ago or so, I noticed my headset get quieter and quieter. This continued until eventually there was no sound at all. After some troubleshooting, I came to the conclusion that it wasn't my headset that wasn't working, it was my computer. The audio port where my headset plugs in to is fucked up somehow. I've plugged in other headsets/speakers into each and everyone of the audio ports located in various places around my computer tower. None of them produce any sound whatsoever. (yes I made sure my volume was turned up). anyway, this has been an ongoing problem for quite some time now, and its getting quite annoying. so if any of you smart people have any smart ideas, send them my way. thanks ------------------------------------------- okidoki so after more troubleshooting, I've discovered that my sound card is A-Okay. Reason being that when I go to my audio manager and test the audio, I can hear it. Howeverrrrr the issue is that I cant hear sound ANYWHERE ELSE from my computer. only when I run the test in my audio manager. I assume that means software issue? If that's the case.. any tips? @Patman @ Diam0ndz @sleepy
  5. Lukaii


    Work. Oh yeah and I'm going on a mission trip to L.A.
  6. I appreciate my 7 younger siblings even though they're a pain in the ass 99% of the time. Merry Christmas, and thanks for the giveaway!
  7. Lukaii

    merry christmas all

    Merry Christmas, old friend.
  8. Lukaii

    Christmas Plans

    Staying home and being sick. Somehow my family and I are always sick on Christmas.
  9. Just finished organizing my apps by color.
  10. I'll be getting my drivers license in 2019, so that's pretty exciting.
  11. Happy birthday 

  12. Lukaii

    Questions v2.

    ‣ What is the last thing you bought? - A souvenir for someone. ‣ Do you have any nicknames for people in SNG? - Hachi is Hachers or bitch. Melly is Mellypoo. That's really it tbh. ‣ What is something nice that someone has done for you? - @sky continues to let me borrow money even though I take forever to pay him back sometimes. ‣ What is something you struggle with? - Social anxiety? ‣ How do you plan to overcome it? - By staying inside all day duh. ‣ What brings you comfort? - Hugs, people playing with my hair, or just someone listening to me rant when I'm upset. ‣ What is/are your favourite word(s)? - Never thought about that, I don't think I have any favorite words. ‣ Do you have any funny chatlogs of people to share? - I would if my dumbass didn't lose all the screenshots.
  13. This year I switched from Spotify to Apple Music
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