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  1. Should be fixed on map change/server restart for all servers.
  2. !ws & !knife should be updated on all servers to include the new skins and knives.
  3. Yeah we should bring it back but I’m pretty sure I don’t have final say in this one. @ August
  4. Diam0ndz 👻


    Can I put a video/GIF? https://diam0ndz.me/kittybite.gif E364734A-06EC-4465-B384-4CD3D97A1378.mov

    1. Memes


      I love you diamonds i have considered but idkdik maybe

  6. I understand why you’re responding to every post, but it clutters the topic. There’s an edit button under every post that you can use to add on to your previous ones. Just tag whoever you’re replying to and they’ll get the notification. Just do that unless it’s a relatively long reply. In addition, in no way is anyone bashing you. Multiple admins have stated that they do have a problem with you on the servers. From what I can see, however, no one is really attacking you or doing anything that should cause you to be so aggressive. Hell, The admins are literally providing evidence for you which you should have had already before making this complaint. I could have easily closed if minutes after you opened it for lack of evidence. @Tubbyhttps://skynetgaming.net/index.php?app=skynetcore&module=datatables&controller=tttslays&sortby=id&sortdirection=desc his steam64id is 76561198342437876 and he’s got a shit ton of slays.
  7. Anyone else that was online have evidence?
  8. @Tubby banned you for one day for “read the rules ty.” And that is definitely not valid evidence either for an admin complaint. If you want to appeal, feel free. Or, if you have other evidence against this admin reply to the thread. The evidence should be a video or a screenshot of what happened in game, not a copy-paste from console.
  9. The Rubber Duckies 1. Diam0ndz 2. @spooky woopy 3.@Noodlesssss 4. @HellHound 5. @Nairb (Sub) 6. @broge Dont know who the sub will be yet, but here’s our 6. No steamids cause on phone at school :)
  10. You were banned for your karma getting too low. Iirc, the threshold before you get banned is 70 karma, and you start at 100. You would have killed at least 6 people before getting banned. Someone must of told you that you were RDMing, or that you were doing something wrong. Besides, looks like no effort was went into this appeal. Wait the 1 week and read the rules thoroughly here.
  11. @ August It seems JB Super Admins still don't have perms to make a suggestion (and bug?) tracker. Also seems like a solid plan to bring back some JB regulars.
  12. @ proobs 🎃 Make a very short time to add the armor
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