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  1. This happens sometimes when a plugin is updated or the server is just bugging out. A quick restart should fix it.
  2. Come into TeamSpeak Thursday around 6:00 pm PST for your interview. Good Luck.
  3. We can't do anything without evidence, sorry. https://skynetgaming.net/forums/forum/7-player-complaint/
  4. Given other peoples' experiences as well as my own, I think you can be welcomed back in the server. If you are found to be using a macro or any other cheat of any kind, any other appeal will be denied. Appeal Accepted.
  5. Its even in your ban reason: 22 23 22 23 21 22 23 23 23 4 7 23 21 20 21 5 3 21 22 21 23 21 19 23 22 23 20 23 20 20 You seemed like a nice guy on the server. You want to come clean?
  6. We are now testing! Join the discord above to get the connection information!
  7. Please read this before making a complaint, thanks. @D_Mo08
  8. Reminder that we are having the ZE test session tomorrow at 1pm PST(4pm EST). Be sure to join the ZE Discord as that is where the ip and password will be given, as well where you can put suggestions and issues you notice. See you there!
  9. You were banned for using a macro by @Tubby
  10. I can fix the knife issue, as for castlerun I can add in a dev zone that slays the player if they attempt to do that exploit.
  11. LOL YOU EDITED YOUR POST SO IT SEEMED LIKE YOU WERENT BAMBOOZLEDDDDDDD. <3 it's april fools i love u doe its not like it isnt completely unbelievable because ive had beta keys beforeimage.png.042662a6c1e35bebce775f81256513fd.png

    1. Diam0ndz


      You're retarded. I edited my post to fix grammar. I used "your" when I should have used "you're". Thanks for the useless thought though.

  12. Diam0ndz

    Valorant Beta

    Yeah, you can't use likes as a form of entry. You can use replies to this post though. If you are capping, and I'm sure you are cause its april fools lmk asap so I can remove this post. If you act like this is legit, youll receive forum warnings n shit. Anyways, this is my entry if you're somehow not capping. Thanks.

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