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  1. This sounds more akin to an actual HNS server, which we used to have but got removed a while back. We had a hide and seek day a while ago too but it was removed because too many people complained.
  2. Diam0ndz


    What’s the point of this thread? If there’s an admin on, tell them to check logs and use bans disconnected. If there isn’t an admin on, get the offender’s steam id and evidence and report them on the forums.
  3. Nice scripts! It’s showing 2’s instead of 1’s! Next time don’t lie. You can appeal again in 3 months.
  4. I’ll probably be on ts tonight but I don’t think I’ve got the source for awp rounds. If you tell me what’s causing it I’ll try and get the source from derp and fix it.
  5. use https://skynetgaming.net/suggestions/?do=form&d=30 next time
  6. It’s still a nice feature to have. Make the teleport button open to a sub menu with your saved location if you have one and all the living players.
  7. lol nice redie also add menu to teleport to alive players :)
  8. Wooper has facial hair wtf?
  9. Klitch is the hig, kill him for player models
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