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  1. It’s still a nice feature to have. Make the teleport button open to a sub menu with your saved location if you have one and all the living players.
  2. lol nice redie also add menu to teleport to alive players :)
  3. Wooper has facial hair wtf?
  4. Klitch is the hig, kill him for player models
  5. I’m 99% sure it’s @Extacy‘s redie doing this as this happened before with my redie before I fixed it. I forgot what caused it but Extacy is welcome to look at my redie source on GitHub to see.
  6. Happy birthday.

    Legend in the making for sure

  7. Happy bday homie!


  8. ayy merry birthmas

  9. happy birthday gamer

  10. Happy birthday DR boi :HYPERS:

  11. Happy birthjday man1!!!!

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