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  1. Diam0ndz denied the submission
  2. Changed Status to Fixed
  3. New CSGO update seemed to have reset maplist and mapcycle for some of our servers. Waiting on @wooperto send over a maplist.
  4. I thought I fixed this. I can look into it further this weekend.
  5. Where do I know you from
  6. Going to make an actual post on release but go wishlist my game, Frog Fighters, on steam now! 


    1. Memes


      Frog fighters more like dog 

    2. Jensyl
  7. Working just fine for me. Message me the next time this happens so I can investigate. Thanks.
  8. Can't replicate this issue. Zoning on that map shouldn't be an issue so something else likely happened. Next time it happens, could you record a full clip of the round starting from the beginning and a timestamp? Thanks.
  9. I think @Noodlesssss and @tie sums it all up pretty well. His one good contribution per year SK, Deag, and Course are all examples of servers that many people desperately wanted back, only to have them die less than a week after launch. This does not mean we won't expand. In fact, it's talked about constantly by staff & higher staff. It's always on the table, but things must be discussed before jumping straight into action.