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  1. You've been a really, really long time player. You 100% knew that scripts were not allowed yet you decided to "test" them on our servers anyway. Why? As a long time player, surely you knew that there were going to be consequences by doing this, but you did them anyways. Personally, I think you should wait a lot longer before being able to come back because you fully knew that if you got caught you were going to get banned in addition to being a long time player.
  2. Might take a couple seconds to query. I’ll double check later today that the database is updating.
  3. If the slays were put on he will keep them when he gets back, however would still like to hear what exactly happened as you don’t really have any evidence which is required for a player complaint to be valid.
  4. I told @ Augustabout this a while back. It seems like some of the new Super Admin forum groups just have a permissions error. I’m pretty sure I can’t fix this because I think it’s in whatever app or plugin this system is in.
  5. It'd be silent but looking back yeah, it probably isn't the best solution to delays.
  6. How’s this: if round time is past 2, and if a T hasn’t attacked a ct in past 15 seconds then start taking damage at 5/second. Attacking an innocent or detective will reset counter back to 15 seconds. Time can be adjusted if it gets implemented and needs changing.
  7. I'm going to go ahead and deny this appeal. You should have definitely seen that you were a Detective, and it's on you for not paying attention. Next time, be a lot more careful.
  8. It is 1 wk, not perm. And yeah I agree how tf do you think you're a T as a Detective?
  9. Multiple things. Firstly, MacroDox delays bans and I’m pretty sure it checks multiple times over the span of a map or two. So usually a single toggle won’t get you banned. What I was also saying is that MacroDox wouldn’t ban someone for hyperscrolls due to how inconsistent they are, but it’d still show an admin that checked a player’s stats that a person is more than likely hyperscrolling based off of their jump patterns which was the case here. In addition, the MacroDox that we use does not ban for detected macros, hyperscrolls, etc. only injected scripts. MacroDox is a incredibly useful tool for admins to see if a player is using a macro, scripting, hyperscrolling(as seen in this appeal), etc.
  10. Most of the attempted jumps would still shows in macrodox, and this player was banned by tubby, not mdx. It would be more inconsistent than macros though.
  11. If the pot is still going when OnMapEnd() is called then it gives you your credits back. So unless OnMapEnd() is not called after an rtv(and I'm pretty sure it is), you should still have your credits. If someone wants to confirm that, please do. :)
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