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  1. These past couple of hours, I've spent my time working on something very similar to !ws or !knife. The only real difference is that it's your player model, not skins or knives. Right now, you can select from any Agent that was added into CS:GO during the Shattered Web Operation. To bring up the menu, type !agents in chat. In addition, if more Agents are added in the future, it won't be hard to add them to the plugin since it's using something called keyvalues. So instead of going in and editing the plugin, I(or another developer) just need to add something on to a config file. Another thing to note is that certain agents that have special voice lines won't have their special voice lines, yet. I'll work on that within the next couple of days. Actual player models in 1 week.
  2. Nice job. I suggested this a couple days ago, but I dunno if you forgot/didn’t have time but you should allow players in Redie to teleport to living players. Pretty simple task to do. I can also make a pull request later.
  3. If you want to spend the time every skin/knife update generating 30 new config files like that or going through and adding every single weapon to every single skin, feel free.
  4. http://www.counter-strike.net/shatteredweb Really digging that skeleton knife, the two red AWPs, and the red AK. Player models are ok too I guess. 1 week guys.
  5. Diam0ndz

    Hows all doing

    Hi Yato! Definitely haven’t seen your name in a while. Add me on steam.
  6. Is this still an issue? Went digging through admincp but couldn't find anything that would say you shouldn't be able to access that button.
  7. Haven't really seen it crash the past couple times I've been on. Anyone experience more crashing recently?
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