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  1. Sorry for the wait but I'm gonna deny your appeal. I want to see you more involved in the community and not be, well doing stuff like this: You can appeal again in 2 weeks. Appeal before that and it'll be denied and you'll be waiting longer.
    would give 0 stars if i could, bad product. broke after the first millisecond. want a refund
  2. Yea, it’d just be abused. There’s a command /muteall that will mute everyone but the warden for 15 seconds just for you.
  3. I guess my bad luck is cancelled out now
  4. This is a map issue. I don’t know what causes it on the mapping side but I know that it happens on quite a few maps and how you can prevent it. Just don’t crouch and then uncrouch while bhopping through the tunnel.
  5. You were banned by @Jordan for hacking. In addition, there were two separate accounts banned for ban evasion.
  6. Unbanned due to lack of evidence. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  7. Taking bets on how long it takes until he gets himself banned or demoted!
  8. New PC parts and internet Souvenir Dragon Lore cause then I can sell it and buy a new pc Currently TTT cause watching people die to T traps and T items is fuckin hilarious.
  9. https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/VIDE https://www.tophattwaffle.com/packing-custom-content-using-vide-in-steampipe/
  10. (he makes some pretty sick art)
  11. Do you mean this trap? There's lots of traps on lots of deathrun maps that don't kill, either because something is broken or because the map creator intended for it to slow you down. Someone could probably decompile the map and fix it, but that typically has its own drawbacks of possibly breaking stuff. I couldn't find the !stuck plugin we used before on Alliedmodders, so I asked @ Mr.Derp if he still happens to have it. If not, I'll just make a plugin that does the same thing.

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