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  1. hbd head admin diamondz 

  2. happy birthday? yeah? if yes, then happy birthday.

  3. happy  birthday Head Admin Diamondz!!!!:weary:

  4. Can't find any active bans under the steamid you listed or your ip from this post. Are you sure you're connecting to one of our servers?
  5. I hope it’s not cause I banned you that one time... jk, you have been here since the start and have done a lot. We all appreciate what you’ve done for SNG. We’ll stay in touch.
  6. TEAM NAME: dumdumdoodooheads CAPTAIN @ Diam0ndz | STEAM_0:0:101606305 | Si PLAYER 2 @Finx48 | STEAM_0:0:157776648 SUB (optional) TBD
  7. If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, feel free to tell myself or @wooper and we'll get on it.
  8. congrats Make Deathrun Great Again
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