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  1. Happy Birthday! :FeelsBirthdayMan::pepecowboy::FeelsBirthdayMan::pepecowboy:

  2. Added it back for now, looks awkward with it extending a lot further than the rest of the page imo. React if you guys want it removed again.
  3. Increase logo size a bit You should now be able to hover over menu items instead of clicking
  4. Should be fixed. Use this next time you are reporting a bug: https://skynetgaming.net/bugs/
  5. Hey, As you may have noticed, I have setup a new theme. I will continue editing the theme over the next couple of days. If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment below, dm me, or whatever. Any input is very appreciated!
  6. Repeat killer detects when a player is killed multiple times within a short period of time due to some maps afk killer. So people don't just indefinitely die without the round restarting. Disabled the round cap as well.
  7. Removed warmup, set round time to 15 minutes, and disabled mp_autokick. Should stay this way now.

    1. Rawr!~


      Ill come back fully if I get operator B)

  9. Did some of the more trivial things like updating the userbars, forum icons, and apply page bg. I'll get to the other things eventually but for now they'll wait as they are mostly QOL things that can be put on low priority.
  10. -Fixed !dice colors -Fixed a bunch of Cvar issues -Lowered volume of "YAAAY" (I'm pretty sure, haven't tested lol) -Set default !volume to 0.5 instead of 1 -Made it so the dr plugin will only autobalance if there is 2 or more people on -Set starting map to deathrun_princess_boobs_fix3 -Anyone with super admin or higher for Deathrun can add the zones. I've taught @wooper and @HellHound how to do it in the past. If you guys forgot pm me and I'll re-teach you. I'll see if I can find someone to get on those map issues, those are a low priority for me personally a
  11. Should be fixed now, a cfg reset with a CSGO update. Made a more permanent fix.
  12. Yo those look sick. Appreciate it tons. Glad to see you back man.
  13. Appeal accepted. If you're gonna be as toxic as you were a while ago, you'll be banned again with no chance of appeal. Welcome back. Also, I've went ahead and unbanned your old forums account, dm me on discord or here on the forums if you have any trouble logging back in.
  14. Appeal accepted, guess there isn't much of a way to prevent this outside of not using GeForce Now which would make for a shitty experience for you. So, I guess try to get lucky and get an IP that isn't already banned. I don't think you guys understand how GeForce Now or IP bans work. Tl;dr of GeForce Now is a computer in a datacenter somewhere streams a game to your computer, and you send inputs back to that datacenter computer which gets sent to whatever game you(the datacenter computer) are playing. Since the client connecting to the server is the da
  15. Can't find any active bans under the steamid you listed or your ip from this post. Are you sure you're connecting to one of our servers?
  16. I hope it’s not cause I banned you that one time... jk, you have been here since the start and have done a lot. We all appreciate what you’ve done for SNG. We’ll stay in touch.
  17. TEAM NAME: dumdumdoodooheads CAPTAIN @ Diam0ndz | STEAM_0:0:101606305 | Si PLAYER 2 @Finx48 | STEAM_0:0:157776648 SUB (optional) TBD