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    i like juul and weed and booze
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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. hes good but i hate his voice haha
  3. bro hes fucking LITTTT YOOOO dudes crazy thats why people love him
  4. but he featured kid cudi in that song!!! <3
  5. his recent album with metro boomin is pretty good
  6. wait so u like thru the late night?
  7. bro do u even know who la flame is? hehe
  8. buddy u were aiming on us, like ur crosshair was on our bodies thru the mid walls for the start of the round.
  9. Cramps stfu u are hacking when u peek u were aiming on us. like ur crosshair was literally on us. (go look at the fifth one). also, at one point i was coming towards u from the right side. u were aiming front, and when i got there and see u, u turned 90 degrees immediately to the left and shot me but u missed.
  10. Lewi

    happy bday! u suck! XD

    1. Zarn


      XD thanks, you fuck

  11. Lewi

    More new maps

    oh yea where did close quarters go? why isn't it coming back?