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  1. I hope everything turns out fine Pat, take your time and come back when everything is settled
  2. I can't wait to knock your stupid ass out
  3. DeathShadow


    Welcome back big dog!!
  4. DeathShadow


    welcome to the forums
  5. Alright later you little ape, don’t ever bother re-appealing. Yes I recorded on my phone bc my recording software wasn’t working 😎 Appeal Denied. F7566033-F2C2-48F6-A714-299AB1BC4F2B.MOV
  6. you didn't do anything? are you saying you didn't cheat
  7. admit to walling or you're never getting unbanned, that is my final warning buddy so make the right decision (:
  8. welcome and congrats on admin no life!
  9. Round end music bruh. It would be much appreciated if round end music would be implemented on the awp server. Round end music good yes (: @ August how is this?
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