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  1. DeathMixloli I think...
  2. DeathShadow


    Welcome to the forums
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    Congrats Proobs, get a lot of work done buddy
  4. ToS if @Mctityjr comes
  5. +rep genuinely cares about the community and bettering the state of the servers along with enforcing the rules frequently and being mature young man
  6. Happy birthday big dog!!!

  7. DeathShadow


    welcome to the forums!!
  8. I'd like to learn and become proficient in different types of martial arts throughout my life if I can "master" the one I've done for the past several years of my life. I will achieve that through many more years devoted to training and practicing what I've been taught.
  9. Denied. Please feel free to re-apply once you've met the requirements posted above^. Have a nice day :)
  10. p sure !calladmin is still a thing but if not here you go https://steamcommunity.com/id/182937689217894/ just message me to get on im available just about all day and 9/10 days all night
  11. well sometime i think yeah like this is, comp and well i guess its mainly about your opinion im not sure how i feel about it what do you think @TwinPlayz i feel like its different now and then lmaoaoaoaoooaamaoaoaoao
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    Hi there

    hello man, welcome to the forums
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    Welcome to the forums!! You average about 30 minutes on the server a day not 3 hours smh.
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    welcome to the forums!!!
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