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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy borfday

  3. Glad to be back! :) 

  4. Bennett

    I'M BACK!

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, For all of those who are confused and have never seen a “Bennett” on the servers before, fear no more! I have changed my name! Before “Bennett,” I was known as “Rev!” Most of you are still wondering, “Who is this kid?” Let me try to refresh your memory! The very first time I joined an SNG server was back in November of 2016! Myself, as a 14 year old at the time, fell in love with community. There was one problem, I was toxic. But worry no more! After becoming one of the most toxic players on deathrun, I flipped my act around a whole 180 degre
  5. Damn, I didn’t realize how chill loxy was. Really handled the situation maturely.
  6. Bennett


    Uh, I don't really know how to start this but um... Most of you probably don't know me but I was a super admin for the deathrun server! I ended up retiring because I pretty much got bored of cs in general. So, I hope some of you actually pay attention to what's happening in the world (really California) but I was affected by the northern California fire. My house, as well as my school, was burnt down. Along with that was my $1500 computer. RIP. I can't really play cs anymore because ya know, I don't have a pc (it's in ashes lol) but I used to be involved in this communi
  7. Heppy barthday 

  8. Happy birthday, old friend. <3

    1. Bennett


      I miss you bud. <3

  9. Damn, if I was @Crismo - [Nick], and didn’t realize they were talking about @N!ck, I would be shitting my pants.