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  1. happy birthday archer :( comebackk

    1. Ayto


      Thanks :)

  2. Happy birthday, have a nice day!

    1. Ayto


      Thank you!

  3. tooba

    Happy bday

    1. Ayto



  4. Ayto

    Ban Appeal: skip

    Lol just by reading some of your responses you seem low key pretty cancer and childish. Its just scripts so I wouldn’t have a problem with you being unbanned but you’re handling this like completely wrong my guy. Every single thing someone says on the appeal you have something to say about it (your responses are pretty retarded too) -rep Also thought it was funny how you confirmed you read the rules but apparently skipped over the part where It says ‘No hacking’ etc.
  5. @Satellite @chicken007 @Flowey @proobs @B0xerZ @Sleepy u wild
  6. Going on a seven day cruise Christmas Eve so we did Christmas with my relatives today. I asked for and got, Amazon Echo Plus, LED Light Strip, COD: WWII, etc. etc.
  7. Happy Birthday!

  8. Ayto

    Ban Appeal: egg

    He's lying, eggs don't use the restroom. Silly you.
  9. This is Jailbreak dummi Server is not s m o o t h enough
  10. Jesus Christ, this is insane. Fuck EA, $80 in Microtransactions for something on STAR WARS
  11. I don't play SNG much but congrats on Global! I'm astonished on how quick you got it and I remember when I was admin and you were just a player. bon papa de débarras

  12. Lol bad timing buddy, enjoy your WiFi while you have it aswell. Anyways, +rep Great Admina and shit blablah -rep Immature and toxic
  13. live right on the eclipses path
  14. :Candle:

    1. Winny


      what'd you do this time guy. hope its not permanent


  15. Maybe they can write that new JB rules?

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