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  1. CL0NE

    Who's the Hig?

    They are the hig so it doesn't matter regardless sorry that you got yelled at :)
  2. CL0NE

    Who's the Hig?

    got the whole squad laughin
  3. CL0NE

    Who's the Hig?

    I still have 3600 but ok
  4. CL0NE

    Who's the Hig?

    bitch you still owe me, I'll remember that quit spamming his profile
  5. CL0NE

    Who's the Hig?

    Who though, who is it actually? Klitch I'm sorry you got banned.
  6. CL0NE


    damn bro you had the whole squad laughin.
  7. Just a song I been fw recently. Thought I'd share. Trap emo heartbreak song.
  8. +rep great dude lots of experience and I enjoy playing with him on the AWP servers.
  9. +rep Tubby has been around for a long time and has a lot of experience.
  10. Quitting soccer, I've had a bunch more free time on the weekends to do things for myself. I've also started producing just a year and half ago and I really enjoy it.
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