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  1. Any steel series mouse. Reliable, robust, ergonomic. Great feel for your hands, simple and efficient. The one I've had has lasted me 4 years.
  2. -rep don't pull bullshit bud, he was handling the situation because you were being a dick head and you were in fact being annoying. He told you to stop and you persisted even in chat when you were muted. you had like 3 chances to stfu. Learn your lesson.
  3. CL0NE


    fuck 12 fuck swat
  4. yo this is dope, tell him we should collab sometime. All really chill beats he's really talented.
  5. I just saw the series of 2's and I can't describe how fucked this man is.
  6. CL0NE


    Noodles I've seen you come a long way. Well done. Congrats.
  7. +rep from the short time I've played on TTT with doggo he's been a chill admin.
  8. very cool nat, we should collab sometime.
  9. CL0NE

    Selfie Topic

    How can I say this... You don't look like how you sound.
  10. CL0NE


    congrats klitch! for the short time I've known you, its been fun.
  11. Probably either Fast Time at Ridgemont High or Weird Science. Both great comedies.
  12. Do you wanna play siege sometime Tuba?
  13. @Warden Frostwater yesterday a few people fell through the map yesterday on Cabin. I don't know if it was because of the map or if it was because of the dead bodies plugin but I just thought I would point it out.
  14. CL0NE

    free money

    Bruh I need juul pods so I could use 15$

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