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  1. Ayyy my boy warden making money moves. 2018 mapper gang
  2. Giveaway: Member of the Month:
  3. Been a while boys, hows it been?
  4. +rep He did it the best 🤷 2017 gang
  5. That's the thing though, I never felt obligated to spend all my time fixing maps. When I originally applied for mapper it was and still is a way to give back new exclusive content to the community. Mappers have gained this reputation as fixers that was never anyone who joined the mapping team's original intention I can guarantee that to you. Joining as a mapper originally was to have a place to premier my maps, this secondary duty of being a fixer has only recently been tacked onto the role. My greatest satisfaction as a mapper is watching my creation be played by many, and being able to say "I made this guise, hehe", no one in the world or on these servers is gonna care if a map project from 2014 gets fixed and ends up on the servers. There's no recognition in fixing mediocre maps. I tried to explain this multiple times, the reason I didn't consider fixing a lot of the maps presented to me, is that they were straight off of GameBanana, a place where for every broken map there are 10 non-broken ones. I found it moronic to focus on one broken map out of the many. The only member of the mapping team who I would see taking the time to fix a map regardless of the time is Warden who, to his merit, enjoys the process of debugging as much as the process of creating. The map creation process is very sporadic for me, and fixing maps doesn't give me any semblance of joy throughout the process. Being the lead of a rank isn't helping either. When I was an aspiring designer, trying to get my rank, I was doing every small job I could find; I had made 7 of the current forum board icons. You don't see Patman looking for small projects like I was, and this is with good reason, he reserves his free time for the bigger projects, TTT overlays, Forum Tags, Promotional material, stuff that peaks his interest.
  6. I was trying to be pretty cordial when I talked to you about all that, I made it pretty clear that with school and personal projects that hour long map fixes were a menial task that I'll say it: I'm above. To preface, proobs locked my application originally and I got confused and told diamondz (rather than proobs) that, "I had my 3 reps". I'd like to apologize about that, as if I had sent the same message to proobs it likely wouldn't have come off as so vague. I think my previous ranking holds a little more weight than how you put it. For example, the lead designer gets a staff rank, while lead mapper does not. I don't wish to argue whether that is fair or not; just stating the fact, as it is a close equivalency in the rankings. Please recognize that I'm not just a super admin putting out a massive ego here. As for saying we're irrelevant, are others who retired around the same time irrelevant? Ebyssal? Can't think of any other super prominent examples but still.
  7. Last thing I'll say on the topic because its irrelevant to my app. The app was denied with very little negative feedback by one of the two people to -rep it. EDIT: the stated reason it was denied.
  8. Yea that was a bit of a misundserstanding, know that I didn't call you a dingus with mal intent. I've seen this like 3 times so far, you (and proobs as another example) seem to have forgotten a large portion of the player base originating from early 2017. I was lead mapper, super admin, and a designer around the time that you two were beginning as server admins in late 2017. I can remember talking to you about designing in the time leading up to my resignation. I notice a large lack of important contextualization for people like Kel, who throughout 2017 was admining and operating servers, seeing his sodality application denied was a bit sad as a player from the same era as him.
  9. https://imgur.com/a/LxDZJLQ https://www.dropbox.com/s/8458v5nnfy8gwv2/ttt_cityscape_b2.bsp?dl=0 View full suggestion
  10. https://imgur.com/a/LxDZJLQ https://www.dropbox.com/s/8458v5nnfy8gwv2/ttt_cityscape_b2.bsp?dl=0
  11. Bless Up to the OG Lead Mapper

    1. Cookiez


      Thanks man!

  12. Hey guys just bumping this because It recently got unlocked
  13. Player Name Doug Steam ID STEAM_1:1:111602015 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/id/douuggy Age 17 Admin Recs @Tay @Patman @*BrK Why would you be a good admin? I've done it before, and left with a pretty good track record. I'm super excited for TTT to come back out, I can only presume that it will be soon Active Servers TTT

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