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  1. Hello guys, it's almost 2019 and it's time to let things off our chest. Here's my unpopular opinion: These are meme prizes. Idk if this is popular or unpopular btw, but post your unpopular opinions!
  2. @Lawl retard I hope ur mom buys u manure for Christmas u twat
  3. Scooby is right. Lawl tried to pull off some shady shit and his team should be disqualified. I was in one of his team member’s discord (can’t snitch) and they were talking about their impressive stunt. I’m no longer in it but Lawl is a shady man.
  4. +1 he is mature and nice @Comf hi
  5. I want money and new clothes. I would gift it to @pinchedcow if I win, thanks Warden!
  6. Send me hot pics of monkeys