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  1. +rep i know i dont play that much on sng but eurfly is a good fit for kz admin.
  2. Big changes, but im not worried that this is a bad thing.i know @ Diam0ndz @ MERICA @ Hachiand they will be doing a great work. And i cant forget to say congratulations to you 3 and all the other people that got promoted. And now for @ iCamp @ Pedro Deuces @ lymbo every story has its end. Its sad to see the 3 people that gave me the chance to become one of the first kz admins back in 2017, is now retired. PS. Hope everyone is well being atm with all of this shit covid-19 times.
  3. Im not the best at giving tips but what i would do is keep doing maps you can do and improve on them, you get a better feeling on kz. But you should also try new maps and set goals like getting to a sertent part and if you get stuck, keep that spot in mind for next time you play the map and try to beat it then and see if you have improved in that kinda a skill. And if someone good or someone that can complete the map is online ask them for help, like how did you do this part, there is a lot of players that will help and show you. But something i saw someone wrote here kz takes a long time
  4. I Will not play in the tournament but will absolutely watch it. Good luck to everyone that will be in it.
  5. Did we say bring it back. Here is a pic I just taken.
  6. i wish this was tracking when i was active on SNG so i could know how much kz time i had xD. But its nice that you guys added this
  7. Concrete


    Congrats mate, last time i saw you i think you were yellow color or was it orange xD i dont know anymore xD but congrats mate
  8. I know my say everything is swedish but it is understandable. Many might ask how my minutes is high is that i used to have a speaker on all the time at home, also i was traveling alot from school / work soo yeah.... Also i think there is people with much higher listen time.