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  1. I Will not play in the tournament but will absolutely watch it. Good luck to everyone that will be in it.
  2. :FeelsBirthdayMan:

  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday!

  5. Did we say bring it back. Here is a pic I just taken.
  6. i wish this was tracking when i was active on SNG so i could know how much kz time i had xD. But its nice that you guys added this
  7. Concrete


    Congrats mate, last time i saw you i think you were yellow color or was it orange xD i dont know anymore xD but congrats mate
  8. I know my say everything is swedish but it is understandable. Many might ask how my minutes is high is that i used to have a speaker on all the time at home, also i was traveling alot from school / work soo yeah.... Also i think there is people with much higher listen time.
  9. Concrete

    This is my puppy

    Every time you talking to your dog, you brain fuck me sooo hard. But Oscar is super cutwe.
  10. Vape as snack is taking a few hits here and there
  11. Favorite food, must be like a nice steak. Favorite snack, can i say my vape? xD if not i dont eat that much snacks so chips i would say then.

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