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  1. For the clip, it was clear I was knifing during the first half of the order as you can see my player model make the knifing animation and hear the sound of the knife on the air. For the second half of the clip, the player model clearly wasn't knifing. It seems during the second half I wasn't knifing as I couldn't 100% distinctly tell that the knife sound was being made but it's tough to say because there is extra noise and may have been some visual glitch. Since it's likely me just thinking my finger was on my right mouse button still when it must have clearly lifted, I'm sorry about the slay and will gladly slay myself the next time you are online in front of you. Besides this, I'm not sure where this intense hostility is coming from. I'm not trying to single you out or anything like that and I don't really know you at all. I don't know what you mean by "drug it on" as I was simply answering your question in admin chat. I'm sorry if I'm talking over you while you're warden and I'll make sure it won't happen. The section of the about admin chat has nothing to do with me as I never even warned him about his use of admin chat. He wasn't spamming so it really isn't an issue. I don't know why he was gagged for it as I saw him only ask twice about in admin chat and I responded directly to him both times. When people have mentioned above in this thread that all admins warned him about admin chat, I was not one of those admins. Also, remember to edit your original post instead of creating a new one to avoid spamming the thread.
  2. @ MERICA First of all, are you saying your were ctbanned or banned? https://skynetgaming.net/bans/index.php?p=banlist&searchText=Revibe&Submit=Search This seems to show that you were unbanned and then perma ctbanned for mfk. I don't know why ctban wouldn't have worked (/ctban revibe 0 mfk). Can't really decide until evidence or Merica's story but I would think at least some sort of punishment would be in order.
  3. Happy Birthday dude!:POGGERSXD:

  4. Happy birthday, you know.. have a good one!

  5. Spooky

    Happy Birthday!


  6. :mellow: weird ass mf



  7. Happy Birthday!

  8. Mythin

    Happy Birthday!

  9. Why did you limit it to 2019? I literally only saw 1 movie that was released this year. I really would prefer talking about this decade/another decade/all time. But anyways I saw Uncut Gems and it was good. Not amazing or anything, but good.
  10. M17


    It only took you 3 years Congrats Bro :)
  11. When I was entering middle school and quite edgy my friends and I pissed off my mother who was driving us to some place by repeating different phrases like "90% of trees are trees" or "70% of car accidents involve cars". It was p fucking stupid now that I think about it but I was young so whatever.
  12. M17

    Credit Giveaway!

    Just one. I'm sorry I can't do that He's such a cunt :)
  13. Tbh He's literally the biggest no life of KZ I've ever seen. +Rep This man is literally always on and is actively trying to help the server all the time.


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