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  1. @ Extacy Maybe extacy can provide more evidence? IMO there is no where near enough evidence to ban as it looks like he's not cheating. Bacon unfortunately is busy and cannot check rn. Edit: Also @hazeinit you can simply edit your original post to add more information rather than making a new post.
  2. Ok so here's my perspective. In this specific case I had been on for at least 5 rounds where there weren't any issues. On the round in question, after some seconds into the round, I hear colin kos samy. I did not hear samy say "I'm a T", other people call kos samy, or anything implying a false kos was going to be called on purpose as a joke. I also only heard colin call kos and didn't hear anyone else call kos. But since colin called kos, I repeated the kos. After some seconds, I realized that samy was a detective, so I kos'd colin. No one corrected me, told me it was a joke, or gave me any reason to call off my kos. After at least a few seconds I found you and shot at you but you killed me. Samy killed you a few seconds later. Now that both of us were dead, I then said in admin chat something along the lines of "colin don't do that". I definitely should have specified what I meant by this, but conveniently Samy or Salty (I can't remember which) asked what I meant in admin chat. I responded in admin chat something along the lines of "he false kos'd a detective for no reason". You guys told me it was a joke so I just tried to ignore it and move on without slaying you or mentioning it further. However, in the pregame time of the next round, you started talking in voice chat about it being a joke over and over and that I can’t have fun. This lead me to believe that no matter how many times I tell you not to false kos, you will keep doing it. This lead me to slay colin for 1 round. He then removed the slay and because I knew he would keep removing the slay, I slayed him manually at the beginning of the round. I’ve warned colin in the past about false kos’s multiple times. I understand that you like to have fun and make jokes which is why I don't remember ever doing anything about it in the past besides questioning why you would do that and warning you not to false kos. Though it may be somewhat annoying to me personally to just die to the random shooting because people don't know who called the original kos or started shooting first, I understand a lot of other people are having fun with the chaos and don’t intend it to be malicious. However, when breaking the rules leads to many people randomly shooting each other out of confusion, it crosses a line. Just because you find the joke funny, it doesn’t mean that the people on the other end find it funny. I didn’t slay you because you killed me. I slayed you because you false kos’d which lead to us both shooting at each other as innocents and because you didn’t acknowledge that you breaking the rule had any impact.
  3. KZ can take a lot of time to learn. If you're just starting out, type /tier when on the server to see how difficult the map is. I would recommend tier 1 or tier 2 for you. This youtube series is a good guide as well to learning kz. I would recommend watching the first three videos for now as those would be the most relevant. Also, like toe said, if you're struggling with a particular jump, simply ask and we'll help as best we can.
  4. Looks really cool. Take your time though because your health is more important. Also, I would love to try and help you add maybe 1 or 2 slightly skill based jumps like being able to climb onto the railing from the sign or hoop. No pressure though
  5. +Rep Because he's not being retarded and trying to add back vipinthemix +Rep TBH I think you are the most fit for the position. From what I've seen it seems like you would be the one to most be willing to step up and help the server improve. Hopefully though we would vote on some map changes like removing arctic but regardless GL on your application :)
  6. -Rep A "joke" is not spraying down 7 people who were stacked. TBH it kinda seems like you wanna "joke" more when you get un-ctbanned. Also, "everyone except the admin went along with it" is pretty fucking dumb considering you're making 7 people sit out for the remainder of the round because you wanted to have some fun. Also I've literally never seen you on. It's a no from me
  7. -Rep You aren't ready for CT. When we happen to be on at the same time, you are either actively breaking rules or tip toeing the line to try to avoid being slayed. One example is not giving CT's rules for LR or shooting them instantly so they have no reasonable time to react. I've slain you at least twice for this and seen you been slain at least once by two other admins for it.
  8. Great idea This could definitely be an issue though. How about making it so all views and opinions are still viewable by all but all posts are anonymous to all below staff so that we still protect people and encourage them to come forward. This way discussion can still be had but people won't feel afraid to post their thoughts/bring up their reports. I'm not so sure favoritism is necessary as that will just cause frustration and arguments between admins. Just make it so all admins below staff can't view who posted the message.
  9. @Noodlesssss @Noodlesssss @Noodlesssss @Noodlesssss @Noodlesssss Come at me bud
  10. Ratio currently is at 1 : 2.5, I think it's a good middle ground but those values were decided on a while ago, times might have changed Honestly I think the ratio is fine where it is. Hell, I'm surprised its not 1:3. Honestly, ability to rebel all comes down to the competency of the CT's. If you get competent CT's who will watch the other doorways, won't bait, etc..., it becomes very difficult to near impossible to rebel successfully, even on maps with a lot of secrets. I think there should be more incentives to players to join the CT side. At the moment, T's can rebel, play games, get streetcred and a few credits, and choose their LR whereas CT's get more normal credits in exchange for a lot more work in controlling the T's, not being able to play games or rebel since they are CT's, and get some streetcred from LR. I'm not 100% sure what would be done besides maybe increasing how much streetcred CT's get from LR which I think is already more than that T's. Maybe @Noodlesssss has some thoughts.
  11. Honestly, imo this only deserves a 60 min ct ban. On the map, there is no specified easy or hard climb, so he definitely should be ct banned. However, I understand that there can be confusion as there isn't really a specified path at all. Also, you're pretty toxic and ur honestly yelling like that 24/7 ngl.
  12. @ Ballistic Bacon Mistook you for your friend and made a mistake: Unban Spider and ban the other person (STEAM_1:0:550504962) and lock, according to Ballistic Bacon: Oh also, that clip is completely unrelated, here was actual evidence:
  13. For the clip, it was clear I was knifing during the first half of the order as you can see my player model make the knifing animation and hear the sound of the knife on the air. For the second half of the clip, the player model clearly wasn't knifing. It seems during the second half I wasn't knifing as I couldn't 100% distinctly tell that the knife sound was being made but it's tough to say because there is extra noise and may have been some visual glitch. Since it's likely me just thinking my finger was on my right mouse button still when it must have clearly lifted, I'm sorry about the slay and will gladly slay myself the next time you are online in front of you. Besides this, I'm not sure where this intense hostility is coming from. I'm not trying to single you out or anything like that and I don't really know you at all. I don't know what you mean by "drug it on" as I was simply answering your question in admin chat. I'm sorry if I'm talking over you while you're warden and I'll make sure it won't happen. The section of the about admin chat has nothing to do with me as I never even warned him about his use of admin chat. He wasn't spamming so it really isn't an issue. I don't know why he was gagged for it as I saw him only ask twice about in admin chat and I responded directly to him both times. When people have mentioned above in this thread that all admins warned him about admin chat, I was not one of those admins. Also, remember to edit your original post instead of creating a new one to avoid spamming the thread.

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