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  1. Why did you limit it to 2019? I literally only saw 1 movie that was released this year. I really would prefer talking about this decade/another decade/all time. But anyways I saw Uncut Gems and it was good. Not amazing or anything, but good.
  2. M17


    It only took you 3 years Congrats Bro :)
  3. When I was entering middle school and quite edgy my friends and I pissed off my mother who was driving us to some place by repeating different phrases like "90% of trees are trees" or "70% of car accidents involve cars". It was p fucking stupid now that I think about it but I was young so whatever.
  4. M17

    Credit Giveaway!

    Just one. I'm sorry I can't do that He's such a cunt :)
  5. Tbh He's literally the biggest no life of KZ I've ever seen. +Rep This man is literally always on and is actively trying to help the server all the time.
  6. M17


    Taking a semester or two off from college, so instead of school I get two 47 hour work weeks back to back yay :)
  7. I believe it should be removed. It seems to be a hide and seek day except some spots on the maps take a while for zombies to get to while jumping and being shot at by non-infected players. With as little as two non-infected players, some spots become impossible to reach because the tagging caused by shooting the zombies can cut off their jumps in mid air and cause them to start their trek all over again.
  8. @chicken007 for his input. I don't remember you at all but the response seems genuine and based on that maybe you should have a second chance.
  9. Big +Rep. Knows the rules very well, always tells me who to look out for, and has called me on a few times when needing assistance. Very mature, level-headed, and smart. Feel free to add me to your recs. Give this mans admin
  10. M17


    I work at a grocery store as a cashier. I haven't been working there that long but its fine.
  11. M17

    M17 Admin Abuse

    Alright so I would like to explain what happened and the evidence. Firstly, here is said evidence: https://plays.tv/video/5d3257a2b02329aecc/evidence-for-admin-complaint The first 28 ish seconds is the clip @Finta is mentioning in which I slay him. Initially he was slain for being excessively nazi with the first two kills. The last few seconds of the video show me slaying myself in the following round. I should not have punished him for those two kills and should have taken more time before taking any action. Sorry about that. Also, Finta also mentions that I have been abusing other times which I do not remember whatsoever. If you specify, I can submit the evidence of those moments.
  12. Also, whenever this RDM or when an inno RDM’s a detective, the spectator menu can mess up whether you punish or forgive them. I can post some sort of video showing this in a few hours.
  13. Huge +Rep. He is probably the most active KZer, is willing to help and teach (ty for ladder jumps), and is in general really nice. Good luck on your interview
  14. Player Name M17 Steam ID STEAM_0:0:82252825 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198124771378/ Age 19 Why would you be a good admin? I was a previous super admin and didn’t reapply when the forums were launched due to being in school. However, now that I will be taking a year off of school and because I only missed one day of the servers being down, I feel that I should re-apply for super admin again. I know the rules very well, have two years of experience on the servers, and I was voted the most contributing server admin of 2018. Also, my goal is always to make sure the rules are being enforced while everyone is still having a good time and I feel that being super admin will help me learn more about the inner workings of the server and assist others more effectively. Thank you for reading. All feedback is greatly appreciated! Active Servers TTT (server I am applying for), JB, KZ


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