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  1. -Rep Whenever I'm on kz, the only thing you say at all is something along the lines of "you're shit M17". It may have been funny the first few times, but the many times afterwards is just plain annoying. There's a difference between memeing and spam/harassment and you crossed that barrier a long time ago. This behavior leads me to believe that you'll take personal vendettas against people as an admin. Regardless, good luck on your application
  2. You really spammed your forum posts and were reviving old ass topics. While I have seen you on ttt, I don't really remember you at all tbh. Also, I'll at your recs rq: @Duckyy @why @Thing 1™ Also, if your three servers are dr, jb, and ttt, then why is the operator of kz your operator+ rec? -Rep I don't really think you're ready. No hard feelings though
  3. So I had multiple ideas for different types of TTT rounds. Here are some that I thought had potential but I haven't thought through many of the details. Lightning Round: 90 second timer with no detectives or tasers. Pistol Only Round: Can only use pistols (duh) Scope Only Round: Only scoped weapons can be used (AUG, AWP, Scout, Auto's, SG553) Nighttime Round: The world is black except for a smaller night vision radius (Basically smaller FOV but view isn't stretched to counteract the effect) I think low gravity would make the game ridiculous for traitors because innocents would just keep strafing mid air meaning people won't be able to hit anywhere near as many shots and T's will be kos'd faster. I think a speed round is a better idea but it still would be frustrating.
  4. +Rep You are very active on KZ, overall very nice to talk to and interact with, and always willing to help others. My only issue is that rarely you pressure a specific person way too aggressively. Other than that though, great candidate. GL :)
  5. Player Name M17 Steam ID STEAM_0:0:82252825 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198124771378 Is your forum account linked to Steam? Yes Age 20 Why would you be a good Operator? I would make a good Operator because I am active on the server, have been playing on the server for a long time, and know the rules well. I also have multiple ideas to raise the server population including specific times on specific days to pop the server and ideas for new ttt shop items and maybe even slight changes to the gamemode. We organized a post (Klitch and I) in which admins can include the times they can join the server and encourage others to do so in order to have a more consistent playerbase. I have some ideas for new items in the ttt shop such as a temporary speed boost, a detective locator, a random teleporter for all players (may be too crazy), and lightning which kills one player. I also had the idea of making changes to some rounds, often by making some restrictions Lightning round (2:00 timelimit, no detectives or tazers) Scoped-weapons only round Pistol only round What changes would you make to the mapcycle, if any, to make the server more enjoyable? In terms of maps to add, the only map I can think of adding back at the moment is ttt_afterglow_v1. However, I will keep looking for maps to add in the future. For maps to remove, I found some maps that I think the community should vote on to determine if they should be removed: ttt_breakthrough_v1, ttt_cityscape_b2, ttt_desperados_v3_fixv1, ttt_island17_pezversion, ttt_mcvillage_b3-c, and ttt_office_sg_v2_1. However, ttt_princess_terminal_f1-1 should be removed because we have our own version in the mapcycle already. Finally, I would like to add guns to a few specific maps. What rule changes would you make, if any, to make the server more enjoyable? The only changes I would make to the rules would be too include one or two logical situations such as explicitly stating that if a detective scans a tazed proven player, the detective can call KOS on the killer. Do you understand you the role that TTT Operator plays in SNG? Yes Have you read and met all requirements for this position? Yes
  6. @ Extacy Maybe extacy can provide more evidence? IMO there is no where near enough evidence to ban as it looks like he's not cheating. Bacon unfortunately is busy and cannot check rn. Edit: Also @hazeinit you can simply edit your original post to add more information rather than making a new post.
  7. Ok so here's my perspective. In this specific case I had been on for at least 5 rounds where there weren't any issues. On the round in question, after some seconds into the round, I hear colin kos samy. I did not hear samy say "I'm a T", other people call kos samy, or anything implying a false kos was going to be called on purpose as a joke. I also only heard colin call kos and didn't hear anyone else call kos. But since colin called kos, I repeated the kos. After some seconds, I realized that samy was a detective, so I kos'd colin. No one corrected me, told me it was a joke, or gave me any reason to call off my kos. After at least a few seconds I found you and shot at you but you killed me. Samy killed you a few seconds later. Now that both of us were dead, I then said in admin chat something along the lines of "colin don't do that". I definitely should have specified what I meant by this, but conveniently Samy or Salty (I can't remember which) asked what I meant in admin chat. I responded in admin chat something along the lines of "he false kos'd a detective for no reason". You guys told me it was a joke so I just tried to ignore it and move on without slaying you or mentioning it further. However, in the pregame time of the next round, you started talking in voice chat about it being a joke over and over and that I can’t have fun. This lead me to believe that no matter how many times I tell you not to false kos, you will keep doing it. This lead me to slay colin for 1 round. He then removed the slay and because I knew he would keep removing the slay, I slayed him manually at the beginning of the round. I’ve warned colin in the past about false kos’s multiple times. I understand that you like to have fun and make jokes which is why I don't remember ever doing anything about it in the past besides questioning why you would do that and warning you not to false kos. Though it may be somewhat annoying to me personally to just die to the random shooting because people don't know who called the original kos or started shooting first, I understand a lot of other people are having fun with the chaos and don’t intend it to be malicious. However, when breaking the rules leads to many people randomly shooting each other out of confusion, it crosses a line. Just because you find the joke funny, it doesn’t mean that the people on the other end find it funny. I didn’t slay you because you killed me. I slayed you because you false kos’d which lead to us both shooting at each other as innocents and because you didn’t acknowledge that you breaking the rule had any impact.
  8. KZ can take a lot of time to learn. If you're just starting out, type /tier when on the server to see how difficult the map is. I would recommend tier 1 or tier 2 for you. This youtube series is a good guide as well to learning kz. I would recommend watching the first three videos for now as those would be the most relevant. Also, like toe said, if you're struggling with a particular jump, simply ask and we'll help as best we can.
  9. Looks really cool. Take your time though because your health is more important. Also, I would love to try and help you add maybe 1 or 2 slightly skill based jumps like being able to climb onto the railing from the sign or hoop. No pressure though
  10. +Rep Because he's not being retarded and trying to add back vipinthemix +Rep TBH I think you are the most fit for the position. From what I've seen it seems like you would be the one to most be willing to step up and help the server improve. Hopefully though we would vote on some map changes like removing arctic but regardless GL on your application :)
  11. -Rep A "joke" is not spraying down 7 people who were stacked. TBH it kinda seems like you wanna "joke" more when you get un-ctbanned. Also, "everyone except the admin went along with it" is pretty fucking dumb considering you're making 7 people sit out for the remainder of the round because you wanted to have some fun. Also I've literally never seen you on. It's a no from me
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