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  1. 1. Kim Min-Hee, Michelle Dockery, Rina Sawayama, Adrien Brody 2. I ain't no snitch. 3. Uhhhhhh, no clue! Maybe genshin impact heckposts recently though.
  2. 1. Nah. 2. Ham, mushrooms, olives. 3. Being stuck.
  3. Time to dig out the Lucile pics (little blurry but it's dookie phone quality, what can I say) @ iCamp
  4. 1. Never had waffle fries before soooo... curly! 2. No allergies. ez. 3. Organised, ezpz.
  5. Was I supposed to like this guy to get in?
  6. Rain

    yellow now

    You finally leveled up!!
  7. Not here for any prizes again I just like submitting for some reason .-.
  8. Not here for the prizes but look at this majestic Cheese picture and our dusty window <:
  9. Rain

    New Forum Theme

    Looks clean :) Only bug/scuffed bit I see is prob this w/ the reputation ->
  10. Buizel Piplup Wobbuffet - he has a half uwu face, half estoy poopin face (Also a mention to Mareep since it was my first shiny)
  11. Lovu guys + best of luck with ownership diamondz
  12. Hellu _( :𝟥 」∠)_ sorry if there's already been a thread like this before, but I was looking for more bangers so here we are. What are your favourite opening/ending songs? I have a couple, but a recent is Union from SSSS Gridman: (make sure your volume isn't too loud) Others: A Cruel Angel's Thesis / NGE, Tank & Real Folk Blues / Cowboy Bebop, History Maker / Yuri on ice, Wonderland / The Wonderland Also if anyone has an AniList feel free to drop it, I will follow ^^;
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