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  1. Frick kz_colors. Good luck on your app boona!
  2. suna

  3. image.png.95cc6acde0286d0a4888c8a01b56c194.png

    1. redderfry
    2. Alex


      Shut up noob!

  4. Been going on walks around the farm cause it's empty now. Also getta use my dad's blue yeti x on weekends, so I guess the corona break pretty iite. :}
  5. Up in my top tier BR's right now (with Apex), I assume it's more likeable than most due to respawns and actually having interesting features. It fried my PC at first but optimising through Nvidia GeForce (aka setting all the settings to noob) made it run hella smooth now. Plus gulag a funny word.
  6. FeelsPoopMan. ;=;
  7. Rain

    Thank you SNG

    You helped me make a lot of friends in this community and overall be a *bit* more social. Now I'm a fookin crACKHEAD, jk still shy. ;--; But I had a lot of good times hanging out with you so seeing your name go from red to white rolling in tomato juice big sad. Let's trade for lucky pokemon sometime!
  8. Rain

    Phone Lock/Homescreen

    Another thread to remind me my phone is older than half the Jailbreak population. ;__;
  9. *touch* Also helo new people, PRG more like... printer robbing gorillas (jk I don't know anyone but hi)
  10. Rain

    dont read fuck you

    17 you're getting fucking old!! 60k.mp4
  11. Deathadders work fine unless you smash them on your desk.
  12. Rain

    Merci SNG

    Friku Ogist.
  13. Rain

    Questions.. @_@

    1. Canada (again). 2. Dutch. 3. Green! 4. Not drinking coffee today. 5. "If you're kind and polite, the world will be right." -- Paddington. 6. No idea! 7. Ramen or mango. Hi stinky (I don't mind dis). ・◡・

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