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  1. Not here for the prizes but look at this majestic Cheese picture and our dusty window <:
  2. Looks clean :) Only bug/scuffed bit I see is prob this w/ the reputation ->
  3. Buizel Piplup Wobbuffet - he has a half uwu face, half estoy poopin face (Also a mention to Mareep since it was my first shiny)
  4. Lovu guys + best of luck with ownership diamondz
  5. Hellu _( :𝟥 」∠)_ sorry if there's already been a thread like this before, but I was looking for more bangers so here we are. What are your favourite opening/ending songs? I have a couple, but a recent is Union from SSSS Gridman: (make sure your volume isn't too loud) Others: A Cruel Angel's Thesis / NGE, Tank & Real Folk Blues / Cowboy Bebop, History Maker / Yuri on ice, Wonderland / The Wonderland Also if anyone has an AniList feel free to drop it, I will follow ^^;
  6. How do I make the font bigger

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    1. redderfry


      how do i make the font bigger

    2. Rain


      thank you I can read that

  7. Happy Birthday

  8. Happy Bird Day

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  9. hbd 

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  10. HBD dawgette 

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  11. Rain


    Scooby & Shaggy you uncultured swine, the food connoisseurs. Specifically the film scooby doo space ape at the cape where they make a giant sandwich then turn it into astronaut food.
  12. Rain

    kz or jb

    Adadadadadadadadadadada server make -> (:
  13. I'm still top 100? ◦ ㅅ ◦ Might check it out sometime, cool stuff!
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