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  1. Hellu _( :𝟥 」∠)_ sorry if there's already been a thread like this before, but I was looking for more bangers so here we are. What are your favourite opening/ending songs? I have a couple, but a recent is Union from SSSS Gridman: (make sure your volume isn't too loud) Others: A Cruel Angel's Thesis / NGE, Tank & Real Folk Blues / Cowboy Bebop, History Maker / Yuri on ice, Wonderland / The Wonderland Also if anyone has an AniList feel free to drop it, I will follow ^^;
  2. How do I make the font bigger

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    1. redderfry


      how do i make the font bigger

    2. Rain


      thank you I can read that

  3. Happy Birthday

  4. Alex

    Happy Bird Day

    1. Rain



  5. hbd 

    1. Rain



  6. HBD dawgette 

    1. Rain



  7. Rain


    Scooby & Shaggy you uncultured swine, the food connoisseurs. Specifically the film scooby doo space ape at the cape where they make a giant sandwich then turn it into astronaut food.
  8. Rain

    kz or jb

    Adadadadadadadadadadada server make -> (:
  9. I'm still top 100? ◦ ㅅ ◦ Might check it out sometime, cool stuff!
  10. Rain

    Admin Abuse

    Hi, post from the notorious "30mins into a kz_colors run and got rtv'd by random russians who joined the server" person. rtv'ing a map people are genuinely interested in running makes you a wanker. sincerely/fu, Rain
  11. Frick kz_colors. Good luck on your app boona!
  12. Been going on walks around the farm cause it's empty now. Also getta use my dad's blue yeti x on weekends, so I guess the corona break pretty iite. :}
  13. Up in my top tier BR's right now (with Apex), I assume it's more likeable than most due to respawns and actually having interesting features. It fried my PC at first but optimising through Nvidia GeForce (aka setting all the settings to noob) made it run hella smooth now. Plus gulag a funny word.
  14. FeelsPoopMan. ;=;

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