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  1. Rain

    1. Lawl



      I'm not old man!

      also I learn this 


    2. Rain


      Beethoven, Bach? No namers.

      This? Masterpiece.

    3. Lawl


      EXACTLY, god tier

  2. Helo, dropping by with a nosy question - figured I haven't ask one in a small bit. You don't have to dig around the mushy feely parts of your insides if you don't wish to. They likely smell gross. Could be something along the lines of "stopped jerking off into a plant pot" "I shower more than once a year now" My answer would likely be, yes - I stopped jerking off into a plant pot. On a serious note? Getting into film. It's wonderful, I don't know what else to say.
  3. Rain

    best albums 2019

    #4 Jimmy Eat World - Surviving Favourite: 555 - #3 White Lies - Five Favourites: Time To Give, Denial, Kick Me - #2 Aurora - A Different Kind Of Human Favourites: The Seed, Daydreamer, The River - #1 Japanese House - Good At Falling Favourites: Lilo, Maybe You're The Reason, You Seemed So Happy
  4. 2015: This is George, my 2nd laptop. He was good until he wasn't. I still watch movies on him, though. 2016-2017: George starts powering a monitor, keyboard etc. PUBG with 20FPS makes me want to blow me head off. I acquired a pinecone, the Bowie board came down. :{ 2018-2019-2020: I built Abraham, my first real PC. He works great! Only one broken fan in the two years I've had him. Runs every game I could wish for. :> I'd post a picture of my desk but the paint is chipped to shit and I'm getting a new one next year! (It'll be bigger, woop) I also took down the shelves off my current desk. Fuck the shelves, ugly as shit. The Bowie board will be put back up next year, I hope. I miss it.
  5. Your specs ain't even that bad, add another 8GB of RAM and you'll be fine. I noticed my PC struggled with Overwatch & GTA when I only had 8GB of RAM. Abraham (my PC name) doesn't have the most updated specs but he can run COD smoothly so that's all that matters. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/kTb4Mc
  6. Rain

    LF new egirl!

    All aboard the uwu-express. Chugga-chugga-uuwuuuu.
  7. Rain

    LF new egirl!

    Gir you are indeed a strange man.
  8. Hey the star by your name goes weeeeeeeeeeeeeee now!

  9. Would be cool if the logo had a place, rather than sort of floating, something like how the sourcebans be lookin could be cool along the top Nuking the sidebar/main navi looks clean but birthdays will be missed man. :{ Chatbox being split w/ birthdays/status updates up top, then topics being full width agane would be cool IMO - cus I don't think anyone be writing essays in chatbox Blue background v nice, puke yellow -> out (I hope blue stays) Also does it only show primary groups for users on posts now? Big brane oogist.
  10. suna



  11. Rain

    hows it goin

    Miss you wifey. Life be iite, working towards jaw surgery & moving out next year (hopefully). Also alcohol is veri nais.
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