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  1. damn shit has gone wild since I've been gone ig
  2. sucks, im in my senior year of hs. now i dont get to finish off the year, go to prom with my gf, go to an amusement park for class, dont get to do the senior night, and dont get to graduate in person. :)
  3. good game, but they still havent fixed the issue of some people needing to set the cpu priority to normal. Thats been an issue since beta. Also I miss the beta :(
  4. Box

    hbd Aiden!! :FeelsBirthdayMan::peepoLove:

    man we gotta play r6 again... me, u, tuba, defective, and flubber

  5. Happy Birthday G!


    1. Spooky


      lol that reaction pretty late but hope you had a great one tho. 

  6. Aiden

    Blue man

    wow yee yee grats even tho i already said that!
  7. anyone that i actually know on here got a vr headset?