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  1. Aiden


    currently have a 2004 Subaru Outback, nicknamed Subbie, been with me most of my life. My dad added the font and sharpened the img lmao plan on getting a BRZ ts after college. (Below) (picture is a lil shrunk in width so it looks wierd) I have multiple dream cars; McClaren P1 has always been a fav, McClaren Senna is p dope too, Aventador, 1969 Mustang matte black/gray, Subaru WRX STI, and more
  2. hbd


    1. Warden Flamewater

      Warden Flamewater

      Take it easy in the military and have fun yourself. Thanks

  3. National Guard, its very rare that I'll get deployed and im a mechanic anyways so I wont be sent on missions if I do.
  4. Its only 1/4 of my bonus, plus i get my bonus in another year, and after that I'll be making around 800 a month for existing with my college completely paid for, I won't have to rent an appartment while in college. I'll also have a job and will be making money on top of that 800. Plus the job field I am going into (after college) is in need of people and currently makes 60k-70k (journeyman 40 weeks). I've been told to not start on a bike with more than 300cc by numourus people, including yters n stuff. If I was more confident in the fact that I could ride a higher power bike I would get one. Plus I dont really want to ride on the highways, getting a bike for like going around the city. Also thats pretty cool.
  5. Ight boys, so if you didn't already know I'm in the military rn. Since I signed up with a bonus, I will get 10,000 usd after this summer then I'll get the other 10k over my contract. I decided I wanted a motorcycle with the money. Tell me which bike you like more and why(if u want). Please keep in mind that the ones I chose are starter bikes so don't let the CCs let you think I should get a dif bike. Oh I'm also buying a helmet and I need to figure out which color way I should go for. If you have suggestions to other bikes lmk, my price range is <5500 usd and the CCs should be around 300 Suzuki GSX250R 249cc Ninja 300 ABS 299 cc Helmets Exo R420 Snell certified.
  6. Was playing CoClan a lot when i first got my account about 3 or 4 years ago and a little bit of sng, because of a youtuber i watched played on old summer jail(best verson) Then I saw how much a dickhead the owner of CoClan was so I dipped to sng and i think i was still DaTeDgyTurTle for a while, then changed my name to Aiden after like a month prob. (I started actively playing in early 2016.) The first friends I had on the server was @ImTuba @Tubby @Tittbutts McLairne (this man was a friend to everyone.) After a while I started to play TTT(when Mudkip was op I think and became super on that, then retired and shit. Went back to JB and thats current times. Sorry if that was kinda long, I got bored TL;DR I joined in late 2015 but wasnt very active until around FEB 2016, because CoClan's old owner was a dickhead.
  7. Currently get payed around $300 a month for working 2 days (natl guard) Planning on getting a job at cosco's after boot tho
  8. uhhh r6s, and skyrim for games. My friends actually like to go hangout outside of school now so i do that, and since im in the Army Natl Guard i go to weekend drills but thats p much it
  9. well fuck, if sodal is removed do I have to pay for admin again?
  10. neutral, you were a fucking retard. Constantly mic spamming n'shit but everyone is +reppin/giving u a chance, so ig u might deserve another chance
    1. Aiden


      hbd <3


  11. +rep retard is retard but still +rep because he is retard
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