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  1. Flowey

    Thank You

    make sure im not on the top of your list
  2. Flowey

    Free Skins

    pick me pick me pick me
  3. When I was swimming in a lake a turtle bit a big chunk of flesh off my big toe and I have had a deformed toe for my whole life
  4. No matter what you are saying he always has to argue about it
  5. I wanna be a pharmacist and make fatty stacks so I can have a good family and a nice house
  6. png

    what is up @Flowey

  7. Thats rude D: love you full homo
  8. Flowey

    Im amazed

    Imagine making appreciation posts in 2019
  9. Started to work out to become swole Made the JV team as a freshman Ran a 5:50 mile Had a relationship that lasted longer than 3 months Didn't fail my finals
  10. Hapoy birthday bruh

    you got too much clout for me nowadays 

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