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  1. Hello sky,

    We would like to wish you a happy birthday! Party hard :sumSmash:

  2. Extacy

    Happy Birthday!

  3. Extacy

    Happy Birthday!

  4. sky

    Ban Appeal: M17

    @Meow Just pointing out they could easily be old screenshots. I don't really think the proof is that totally viable considering it's super cropped, and again, could be old. If the current date and time stamp was available it would be solid.
  5. +rep enforces rules whenever i'm on and always will tell me to hop on when there's rule breakers. deserves at least trial.
  6. bye ;'( make sure to get in TS/stay in contact somehow besides sc :)))
  7. here dude, $900. i dont literally know of any PC place where you can do the monthly payments, so my suggestion would to probably buy one part a month and build it when you get everything. sorry man. pretty good computer for its price imo, made it up in like 5 minutes though. could choose other operating system if you wanted. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/Bk8cLD keep in mind you can also always upgrade it in the future.
  8. +rep. havent played jb in a week or so but i recall staying up late nights on it and he's a good dude, mature, and i believe it would make a good admin. also remember him being one of my preferred wardens :') gl
  9. sky


    This is an example of the admin tag not having a space before name which honestly crazy bugs me for some reason --makes it look like someone named themselves with the tag minus the color. I've also had lots of complaints of lost tags (especially the expensive ones) with no refund as well (i.e. No Life), and I constantly have to equip my tag after every map switch or joining another server which is kind of a nuisance. Not meaning to detract or hate by the way, I really dig the new shop and appreciate the work that has been put in and is continued to be put in. Thank you!
  10. 1: project #1 my guy 2: color: whatever the fuck you think matches/looks good my dude (you have my added). i like blurs. any black scheme i guess with blue/pink/purple? just make it look cool my man freestyle and match <33 3: text effect: honestly dude i don't know. whatever looks the best with a short ass name, on either i'd prefer the effects on the name just a tiny bit slower too ig? i personally like the effect fern and the others have gone with more. 4: what do you want the middle/side art to say: middle: sky side: again, i honestly don't fucking know. message
  11. congrats my man you deserve it <3
  12. hi guys im sky im ur other new deathrun admin im lazy but thanks to these folk who most likely know what they did to get there @Lukaii @nat @thyme @Bastrix @Natalie @Stockquest i look forward to meeting all of you since its summer and i've been able to be more active on servers and in ts thanks everyone and have a good one <3 also i don't have my perms yet pls help.
  13. happy birthday my guy :)

    1. Cookiez


      Thank you bro.