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  1. For Honor is free on Epic Games it’s really fun been playing it like crazy
  2. I personally don’t mind but they do need to be turned down
  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. lil jack

    Best mouse

    I use the FinalMouse Ninja Air58 and I love it but I wouldn’t consider it the best
  5. +rep Duckyy, amazing dude.
  6. Happy Bday 

  7. Happy Bday!

  8. congrats redder I know you have good deeds in mind for a server I love!
  9. +rep I think toast could only help the team of devs
  10. +rep he’s a cool asian
  11. +Rep I fully respect the others applying but I see Azecko as the best fit for operator although I would add a few more maps
  12. Whenever someone is dead and types their Rank and Chat color doesn’t show up
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