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  1. that is the dummy alternatively give me full access to ur machine and i will fix it
  2. Undertale is meant to be on a minimum timer so that Ts have chances to do the minigames, the warden menu would let you skip that defeating the purpose of it. Won't sm_flashlight work? The default bind for inspect is +pluslookatweapon not impulse 100 anyways
  3. thats literally going to make it easier for the zombies u retard 500 is low as fuck, if you have like 3-4 people shooting 1 zm you will kill it in 3 seconds
  4. Can't speak for AWP gamemode specifically but any server I've seen that went prime only lost quite a lot of players, you aren't just losing non prime players you are losing prime players who see SNG has like 3 people on it compared to some other server with 10 because of f2ps and join the second one
  5. oh god won't someone think of the cockroaches
  6. Мalala


    you gotta be an actual retard to think that kid was a t from that just saying
  7. the fuck is an alaskan sushi roll
  8. Drive (2011) Tokyo Story Citizen Kane 8 1/2/Otto e Mozzo Au Hasard Balthazar Apocalypse Now
  9. Alright and why not add anymore if they're decent maps?
  10. Why were keys made tradeable in the first place if not to be traded? This is literally just virtue signalling. Does it stop credit card fraud from happening on steam? No, a simple trade cooldown of 1 month on bought keys would've done the same to combat credit card fraud.
  11. Since when are fast food joints considered restaurants?
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