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  1. Faceit anti-cheat blocks some FASTDL servers because faceit is fucking dog shit Disable the anti-cheat or just manually download the maps
  2. Is it not obvious when playing the server that it's headshot only?
  3. just use cleardecals?
  4. You'll just get the one guy with blutak on his monitor and the other guy using console for a crosshair ruining it
  5. Even if it's not allowed players will still do it, and it's 100% proof, if someone's karma goes up by 2.
  6. Title, this allows you to see if someone is a traitor or innocent when they kill someone
  7. Title, this allows you to see if someone is a traitor or innocent when they kill someone View full bug
  8. here's a gif https://0x0.st/zwJn.gif
  9. Мalala

    Spooky report

    Spooky STEAM_1:1:125640116 RDM, he asked me to do it too I'm too lazy to bother rendering the video properly https://0x0.st/zwJ6.webm
  10. We've added worse meme plugins
  11. Someone tried to sell glitched items from it and Valve banned some of Bitskin's bots
  12. Just keep both and put them on the same cooldown, that way you get both maps without roughly the same map being played repeatedly.
  13. Day has working secrets too, the t room doesn't work but that can easily be fixed, better than some dark as fuck shitty knockoff
  14. i still wonder which retard at valve thought putting javashit into a video game was a good idea
  15. Macrodox is dogshit, I can just jump on the spot without moving then toggle and hit 15 impossible hops and it would not detect me, it also detects jumps up things like boxes which ruins detection, just because someone wasn't detected by macrodox means literally nothing.
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