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  1. It's just a model though, and it's client too, not even server side unless you just lost the files for it
  2. If you play faceit disable faceit anticheat, it sucks cock and blocks .bz2 downloads for some dumb reason
  3. No there isn't, it can be used as a legal defence, if the person in question actually looks 18, but a 13 year old doesn't look 18 moron
  4. Yeah a better map voter would be nice, while we're at it add the option to extend, maybe add a possibility of more maps to the vote (right now theres 5, with extend added you could fix 7 maps + extend and have 1 as no vote so people don't spam 1) Could also put maps with multiple versions (minecraft city day + dark) on the same CD, so if you vote for one both go on CD, while we're at it can the rtv % be changed, it's roughly 45% right now, which is less than a majority, i think 60-65% is a good number for RTVs
  5. it was already on the server at one point http://fastdl.streamline-servers.com/clients/katalyst/csgo/maps/ttt_dolls_csgo.bsp.bz2 you will need to add guns to it but we should have the plugin for it also found another version on a ching chong server i will take a look at later
  6. never add franc1sco's plugins, theyre dogshit copypasted half the time
  7. probably because of ur shitty dolls edit being the one on the server and not the good original version
  8. I mean nothing stops someone from calling multiple in a row without the menu either.
  9. don't these logs already exist, kinda hard to tell my console keeps getting spammed with sv_enablebhop and sv_autobhop (fix ur shit plugin)
  10. wtf is a tranny in context of a car i tried google
  11. Just enable rebound so it doesn't take so long, half the problem is retards have shit aim and and stay really far away
  12. remove clouds beta add final4 (best version)
  13. yes, days are just excuses for shit cts who cant get out of main cells

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