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  1. probably depending on ur timezone the date on the ban appeal is different so it might not appear to be 14 days but who gives a shit if hes 1 day off
  2. why do u unban these retards instead of just resetting sourcebans and removing the stupid anti vpn plugin
  3. honestly i think its shit and it hurts my eyes
  4. Мalala


  5. if you have faceit anticheat enabled disable it
  6. its just a csgo engine bug, can't be fixed without modifying the map
  7. what'd exactly did he do, i knew him from another server and i didnt see anything that would make him a "freak"
  8. Then just don't do it on maps it would conflict with.
  9. Мalala


    ur black ur meant to like naruto or dragon ball
  10. He literally just said the map isn't there, so clearly the issue is he isn't downloading the map at all, don't need 3 people to tell him the same information that probably isn't going to help him. Open console when you join and check what it says should probably say in red text "error downloading [fastdl link] current map name.bsp.bz2" Copypaste the link and download it manually off the FASTDL, if you're running any firewalls or anticheats (faceit, esea anticheat) disable them and try again
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