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    In New Zealand we don't have politics or history as part of the necessary curriculum but you can take them if your school offers them, my school had an optional politics class (there was no actual scores/reward for it) That's the real issue with subjects like Social studies/science, Politics and History, they're incredibly easy to shove an agenda into even if the teacher isn't officially allowed to, in my philosophy class I got the worst marks for speaking out against the teacher during Marxist Philosophy
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    America actually has a test on the Government? lmao Although that's probably helpful given how little people know about law and government.
  4. lmao during ww2 only 400,000 out of 16 million people died in the US army, in 2018 more Americans died from school shootings that soldiers killed in active deployment and that's assuming he actually gets deployed somewhere dangerous, the US military is incredibly safe and this year in my country more soldiers have died from training accidents than anything else.
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