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  1. 10k is easy if you save, but it would only be used in situations with 1 inno + proven inno/detective left alive or on last round Sleepy being proven is not equivalent to being detective retard
  2. They're a map placed thing so there is nothing that can be done about it other than just blocking them which will just be weird and even more confusing
  3. Maybe I couldn't find the decoy tele, poison smoke worked the last time I used it, the damage isn't that high but if a person is trapped in a room it will kill them Not really, it still blocks other player's vision, be smart about how you use it.
  4. You can port literally any source engine map to CS:GO, there might be a few things to fix up but pretty much any map that works in source engine will work in CS:GO, the only map I know of that won't work at all in CS:GO is LMS but that map is fucking huge Some things need to be modified/fixed before they can be used in CS:GO, if you were to port a basic de_ map it would be fine, anything using entities, scripts etc might need some extra work before they work.
  5. im not saying i disagree, i played on a server without tasers for 2 years, but remove the item from the detective shop then
  6. Can we add back Decoy tele and Poison smoke, just put them on the last page, Decoy tele is useful especially if Random tele is being removed and poison smoke is fun for my 4am Auschwitz roleplaying
  7. The easy bhop plugin should be disabled. Hurt station should be 25 or reduced cost, it's very easy to counter once you realise what it is, just the few times no one knew about it people would die to it Why is there a rule against camping when there is a radar that costs 500 credits, if someone can't afford 500 credit that is entirely their fault Hurtshot sometimes doesn't slay a player only heals Slaying resets role timer Props are fucked up probably because of that gmod like plugin that lets you throw them
  8. Map change should be based on time limit not round limit, round limits can go before the map vote and can go quicker, if players want to change rtv is an option I managed to get a bot to spawn in when I was the only one on the server, bot counted as a player but I could not get it to receive a role and it would not drop a ragdoll Cannot pick up props during warmup You can plant the bomb on some maps Missiles don't explode on contact with a player only with a solid object like a wall or floor Shop menus closes frequently Fire bullets are obsolete as poison is more powerful and same price Hurtshots heal you but they might kill you too(?) Detectives have 125hp, this is stupid please change it, I should not have a player survive an awp shot to the chest at point blank range Show karma as a number not as a stupid title I cannot figure out which is lower or higher Allow players to pick up 4 grenades or 3 grenades with a second flashbang (set game type to competitive) Increase round time to 5 minutes (4:30 minutes of play time 30 second of warmup) There were more things but I cannot remember all of them
  9. Yeah can't wait to see Malala (steamid1:1:1444902 shot negev) 300 times in my console
  10. Мalala


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nt0NcaxmGHo he was playing this song
  11. Мalala


    when i was in sydney this abo was playing a didgeridoo through a microphone and then a speaker, it was loud as fuck could hear it for miles fuck didgeridoos
  12. It has music that you can't mute.
  13. They work on another server, but the server doesn't have an automatic process for uploading sprays like SNG did, though I doubt that should be a problem
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