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  1. +rep would be such a good admin for the servers
  2. +rep such a good boy, it would be such a blessing to have him be admin on the servers
  3. gabe

    Ban Appeal: amanda

    +rep reformed fosho if u revive jb ill reapply
  4. +rep good idea he have big brain for the team so he think of big tings shmruda tings and ltuf like that and probably liek uhhh fun stuff too yehs?
  5. chicken noodle soup with the shmurda tings in it
  6. cringe shit and if i remember correctly you did it once before and got slayed then you mfk'd, you didnt learn your first time? i think you took some time to use some different words on tho neutral
  7. gabe

    Ban Appeal: Pops

    i mean clearly u said "im going to swat u" -rep (if that was for sure u) i dont play awp so idk either of your voices but its all @Rich after looking at the video more, i could see Skips being the actual one talking but not 100% might've been a mistake on both parts but the meme i made was still pretty pog tho you still cant joke around stuff like that but if at the end of the day it was not you, +rep ur pretty sorry in ur last post @Pops also edit messages to reduce flood @Pops