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  1. -rep retard thats all there is to it lil more context, when i was on the server, on minecraft hb edit you were annoying and nazi af so you led yourself towards getting banned
  2. Bottom he doesn't know shh. ^
  3. +rep well experienced on the server, clearly knows rules and what hes doing best of luck
  4. +rep very good admin and fun player to play with, he deserves it
  5. +rep although he sucks hes pretty active and makes it enjoyable
  6. ay gamers, im super now woohoo thanks to every1 @mark—- trash aerial u cant fly stop trying @Dan hit the ball u suck fat ass @Jealous u got clapped in the tourney *take the L* @EURFLY beaner @proobs fuckin' nigger @Patman stop trying to flick u suck @Jayyyyy ugliest nigger i know @Noodlesssss actual retard @Bottomfraf holy u suck @Tubby that fat baby pic was you fat ass @Amanda trap @redderfry retard @Chiken jihad allahu akbar @Ron retard @Duckyy TRASH @Alex u fag srry for any1 that i missed that wanted to get roasted, this is all i think i can roast without getting in trouble tho, but appreciate every1
  7. +rep makes the server fun and like him on it
  8. +rep idk what is going on, but I remember the name luArke from a long time ago, he was a fun player to play with and would like him back on the servers.
  9. gabe

    10man clips

    we came back i swear
  10. gabe


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