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  1. played with you a couple times and fit for the role +rep
  2. gabe

    Selfie Topic

  3. gabe

    [RUST] Giveaway

    saw it was when 15 dollars looked pog and bought it things i like to do is eoka full metal and make them cry
  4. +rep known u for a long time and you've been a pretty chill guy
  5. honestly do not think you're fit for admin, you were immature when i played -rep
  6. hbd retard u suck im better

  7. gabe

    Poll for next event.

    a game ur good at finally
  8. +rep very good admin deserves super xdxd n00b xdxd
  9. +rep good for super RDM ME SOME MORE THO BUD
  10. +rep rammed ur mom nigga sauce fit for super
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