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  1. +rep unban him he's a great guy a real pleasure to speak with
  2. Hi guys it has been a while but I am back and I have officially released my new album titled " shapeshifter " Over the last year, I've listened to lots of electronic music of many sorts, and this album is supposed to be my take on EDM (electronic dance music, not like dubstep or whatever you think of when you see EDM) Please give it a listen, I would really appreciate it. I already have ideas for new music and will try to release more stuff more often. Please leave a like as well that would be great Thanks! Individual tracks: Other
  3. Honorable Mentions The Weeknd - After Hours Bladee - 333 Yung Lean - Starz Gorillaz - Song Machine Playboi Carti - Whole Lotta Red #5 Purity Ring - WOMB #4 Charli XCX - how i'm feeling now #3 food house - food house #2 JPEGMAFIA - EP! #1 Bladee - EXETER
  4. I like this idea. free da guys
  5. nat

    Ban Appeal: f12

    +rep i will speak on behalf of all of sng: you are forgiven
  6. Earl

    Ha dis kid


  7. First time a track of mine has been promoted by Soundcloud's algorithm lets gooooooo thank u to everyone who listened and liked or anything much love
  8. Hello SNG I am back with a new track which when I was making felt like one of those instrumental songs you jus like vibe to while driving at night fr. idk maybe it's jus me but lmk what u think and please give feedback as always
  9. Hi guys my birthday was yesterday and since everyone is stuck inside I decided to make a track It's some electronic type shit lmk what yall think!
  10. Bucket

    Happy Birthday

  11. Bucket

    Happy Birthday


  12. Title's a joke, and it's funny u mention the clap cuz the one I used is layered with a snare that I made to try and make it sound just a tiny bit different. Most claps just end up sounding the same tbh but thank you suna 🥰