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  1. Title's a joke, and it's funny u mention the clap cuz the one I used is layered with a snare that I made to try and make it sound just a tiny bit different. Most claps just end up sounding the same tbh but thank you suna 🥰
  2. Decided to make a trap beat again for fun and it actually turned out good enough to make me upload it. lowkey sounding like a juicewrld beat or smthn, someone freestyle over this Feedback appreciated as always, listen to my other stuff as well
  3. This will be the final track in a 3 song EP that I've made that's sort of experimental I guess, couldn't really place them into one genre (besides the DnB one). I already dropped the first 2 tracks, but I hope u enjoy this EP nonetheless. Feel free to leave me feedback, thanks for listening!!!! The other 2: Oh and I also have a new DnB track as well as a remix that I'll probably release soon
  4. Thanks guys, the support really does mean a lot, it helps me to keep going when I know people enjoy what I'm making. I have something similar to 'white web' (mix of ambient w/ a bit of trap drums) coming sometime in January. I'll try to work on some new DnB track(s) too, seeing as it was very well-received 😄
  5. Hi guys!!!! so I've had this DnB track pretty much done for a while, but I just recently decided to clean up the mix to post it... so... here it is: Feedback is appreciated, and it'd be cool if you guys could check out some of my past tracks as well. I've done a bit of everything at this point 🥰 https://soundcloud.com/nathanslade/white-web https://soundcloud.com/nathanslade/brickhead https://soundcloud.com/nathanslade/outro https://soundcloud.com/nathanslade/harbor-city
  6. Hi everyone I made a new track recently and would appreciate if you could listen to it, thanks 🥰 https://soundcloud.com/nathanslade/white-web I also made a little 80s EP (which isn't very well mixed) if you'd like to listen to that: https://soundcloud.com/trashboyswag/intro https://soundcloud.com/trashboyswag/gum-pond https://soundcloud.com/trashboyswag/to-the-mall Feedback is appreciated as well, thank you
  7. png

    nat what is up sex time it is!!!!

  8. Tell me which is your favorite and which is your least favorite, also give feedback Thanks
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    nissan 240sx s13 1998 acura nsx 1998 mitsubishi 3000gt
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  11. Constructive feedback ONLY proobs this is NOT constructive!!!

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