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  1. 1:Your In-Game Name: ✪Yung SendNudes 2:Your Steam ID (type status in console and copy paste it) 76561198370515264 3:Name of the Admin that punished you: Medusa 4:Reason why you got punished: I asked for it. 5:Length of your punishment: Permanent 6:Reason why the punishment should be lifted: I should be unbanned because I was not expecting a perm ban from Medusa when I asked for it, I know this was all me and i'm not mad at Medusa either i'm the one who made the desicion to ask for a ban. I feel like I should I also be unbanned because I know it won't happen again, but
  2. I think he has changed well enough to be a admin. I have noticed alot of change from him.
  3. Twisty has always been a great player ever since ive met him. He always enforces the rules when needed and I do think he has become much less toxic. + rep
  4. Hay bud I just saw the thing you said about me being a cheater. Again i would do more research if i were u because ever heard of skype tools? Well I forgot to close it when I was playing cs and got vacced. Dumbass

  5. MY main got vacced and he was my friend on that account yesterday was my first day back on. I'd do a bit more research before you try to prove me wrong
  6. Are u talking about me? bc I never tried to brib a admin and if I did my bad
  7. I mean sleepy if u honestly want me to slay i will xD I have no problem with that
  8. I mean me bottomfrag and steve r all there and they can vouch for me i didnt free kill
  9. Learn to take a joke I didnt free kill anyone and I just gave creed the creds bc hes my friend