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  1. Happy Birthday 

  2. A lot of you guys may have realized I have been very inactive in SNG Servers and steam, gaming in general. There has been a lot of stress and shit going on my life right now and it is very personal but I have found a safe place in this community and I am willing to share it. Most of my friends don't even know this. When I was around 7-8 years old I watched my,father beat my mother physical and I remember a moment my mother grabbed me and held me crying in a locked door while my father was breaking the door down. My father went to jail for a while and when he was released he was put on custody and still is today. Me and my,mother moved out to live with a friend of hers and a few years later when I was 11 or so I remember a day my mother said something along the lines of "If I am gone you need to be able to take tare of yourself and your sister" at first I didn't realize what that meant til the very next day, my, mother commited suicide in the room I was asleep in and I just saw her body hanging from the ceiling. Then I had to live with my aunt because even though my father was out of jail I couldn't live with him. I lived with my aunt for 2 years Then was finally able to live with my father. But recently I've had so much stress and shit going on and I keep remember these traumatizing moments and how shit my life is going, I had suicidal thoughts. I recent tried to take my life a few days ago. I never knew how hard it is to live being suicidal and why people do it until now, there is so much shit you can't explain in words and I will probably never be able to express it due to the fact my father action and the way I have been treated my whole life. There is a permanent burden I will have to live with for the rest of my life. It is very hard but the reason I haven't taken my life was because there is someone special to me and I want her to be happy and not go through what I went through and try to make her life as enjoyful as possible. I will be leaving SNG and gaming in general to try to pursue something that makes me really happy so I can try to enjoy the rest of my life. This was very hard for me to say and it was very personal and I would like to thank everyone who has support me for the past almost 3 years on my journey and I would like to say thank you to these people @bung @forge @fern @ZachAttack @Velox @Hachi @Satellite Heated Naan @godface @Earl @Codified @Amanda @Aiden @OKrapP @SighT @Spades @Slimnips @RedFlubber @CLONE @Lukaii @I'm Tuba @The Underused Character @Meow @CL0NE I would like to greatly appreciate you guys and sorry if I forgot you. And someone of you guys may be like wtf y did he tag me even though I was a fucking cuck and a dick and an asshole in the beginning the punishments I was given made me realize and change for the better. I have matured and hopefully will continue to.If anyone doesn't like me or whatever I'm sorry for the way you feel,if it was my fault I would genuinely like to apologize. Its been really great time with everyone in the servers. Hopefully you guys understand. ~Trolli If you guys wanna stay connect you can add me,ima my,social media Instagram: matt2Chung Snapchat: matt2chung
  3. -rep he's so gay Shit this isn't an admin app
  4. Only .99 What's the difference playlist is basically mixtape backwards see vsjfianGr=mixtape
  5. For all my lit ass fucking nigga @Earl @PUMP @bung @CL0NE This guy is so gay I'm not naming names but ---> @naK Also if u have some song reccomendations I wanna listen to it Also make sure to check out Aggressive Masturbation bc jerking it til its purple is always great to My phone accidently fell out of my pocket while I was jamming out and it set the whole school on fire

    My face

    Did u see who I quoted lol
  7. Helll yea I'm doing football too

    My face

    u cant say nigga ur Asian, nigger


    ): Gl in life Smash some hot bitches for me and Run bc undone wanna pay for child support But I really do hope u come back bc I really do like u as a person,friend,and thing And next time u see me,ima gonna,be owner and I will get rid of all the thots
  10. Ima laugh at ur voice cracks when u hit puberty because I'm a bitch like that
  11. +rep haven't seen him on ttt often but he's a good person who would manage his role very well and best suited for this position out of every other canidate
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