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  1. ign: Hibibi Message me on league if this goes through since I dont pop on here as often anymore.
  2. Mizuhara


    Lilypichu Brandon Herrera Cinema Sins Doublelift Gamer girl Yassuo
  3. Wheres our boy melon when you need him smh
  4. dam, this degen is getting yellow again? Gl sng
  6. Crack cocaine. but on a serious note, probably actually socializing with people. Completely 180'd my life, especially my health both physicaly and mentaly. oh yeah and alcohol.
  7. Mizuhara

    best albums 2019

    The Search ~ NF (my number one album of the year, seriously you can’t top this record) Shades of Blue ~ Danny Worsnop Pluto Tapes 1-3 ~ Unlike Pluto When we all fall asleep, where do we go? ~ Billie eyelash (okay I used to hate on her a bunch but it’s def grown on me) amo ~ BMTH Teal And black album ~ Weezer There were a lot more really good albums this year but these were pretty much my heavy rotations. Probably missing a few but eh
  8. Mizuhara

    naK is back pt. 62

    Change your name back faggot
  9. I fc’d his like 7 highest pp plays with no approach circles. The trick is Columbian bam bam. like lots and lots of cocaine CRACKHEAD
  10. Mizuhara

    LF new egirl!

    dam I was gonna get pep nips giggles up in here
  11. Mizuhara

    h e l l o

    Bring surf back with you ty. Crackhead
  12. Mizuhara

    hows it goin

    Started uni, started going to gym, started going out more. Overall huge improvement in my lifestyle so YEEEET.
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