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  1. Application accepted, welcome to the team!
  2. tie

    Hello again

    Yeo any AWP homie is a homie of mine. Welcome to the forums, if you have any questions feel free to reach out to a staff member!
  3. +rep Toasty has been an active member of the community and a well versed player on multiple servers for a long time. When prompted, he has good input and is always welcome to putting in extra effort. I think he would exceed in the position of operator for KZ. He's been friendly, helpful, and active to the members of the KZ community and he's always a chill guy to help show you a trick or two on a map! Also, this: Mans is dedicated. Regardless, good luck on your application!
  4. Winner of the event goes to : SNG! You can view the vod here : Thank you to all who participated, especially silver ii of Tango! Without their contact this event wouldn't have been possible. Also, a side note, if you have questions or ideas for future events, feel free to contact anyone on the Event Team or myself, or if you want to participate in the organization of these events, feel free to apply here! (make sure to read this before applying)
  5. omg! hbd!


  6. Our roster is complete! @ Jako @Noodlesssss @Zurr @Lex @why subs : @toy @wooper @Toelu @KING KAZMA (Interim)
  7. tie


    warning: profanity IMG_2061.MP4
  8. Before Registering : Make sure you have read and understand the rules before making a post Follow the correct format as listed below PLAYER Forum @ | Steam ID | CS:GO MM RANK | Have you acknowledged the rules? *NOTE* Depending on how many people register, you may not be guaranteed a spot on the main team but still can be included in the subs which can be switched out in between games. **IMPORTANT EDIT** SNG MEMBERS are only allowed to register. You must be known and involved in the community or have been previously to some capacity, e
  9. Hello gentleladies of SNG! I've come to you with some exciting news! After collaboration with the wonderful event team at Tango World Wide, I'm pleased to announce that we've put together a cross community event! When and Where? Sunday, May 16th, @ 3:00pm EST The game will be streamed with casters including yours truly (and TBD caster from TWW). We will announce information on where the stream will take place in this post as well as on our Discord. Watch the event LIVE here : Rules Two 5 player teams will compete in a best of 5 match
  10. A cool suggestion, however I'm not sure if that will be a server that we can manage, it will likely die very quickly if it gets any pop at all. Not to try to poop on you, it would definitely be a fun server. I'm just doubtful this is something that will happen.
  11. It would be helpful if you sent any screenshots or clips documenting this, I think it's been reported before but @ Diam0ndz needed more information and couldn't recreate the issue. I'm not actually sure though.
  12. tie


    Return to him. Return... to Monke. Welcome to SNG! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me or another staff member!
  13. Appeal denied. You could at least be honest, exhausting that we have community members harassing each other. Feel free to appeal if you've reevaluated yourself & matured in 3 months.