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  1. Appeal denied. We feel you definitely haven't earned the trust back after what you pulled, and we doubt that unbanning you will cause anything other than trouble, much less than fixing the population and bringing back JB.
  2. Would love to hear more community feedback before making a final decision!
  3. @ Diam0ndz lets make it happen
  4. Greetings! Skynet Gaming is partnering up with TurboMotionZ, a CS:GO YouTuber, to host a neat event with a cool prize! There will be a variety of games played which will be used as content for the YouTube channel. Many will enter the arena, but only one will leave alive to claim the prize! Play in a series of deadly games against other contestants to be the last player standing. To get more information on how to enter, please visit his discord. The date of the event is November 6th. The prize is :
  5. jN_



    1. tie



  6. WInners of September - 1st - @ Jako (1,677) $15 2nd - @Jensyl (1,657) $10 3rd - @ tie (1,468) $5 (retaining for future prize money) 4th - @Box (1,451) $3 (retaining for future prize money) 5th - @why (1,438) $2 Winners, please message me on the forums to inquire about your prizes. I can better manage it this way. Thank you <3 These will continue to be run for as long as I can, hop on! If you are finding a hard time with population when you hop on, @ me on discord and we can pop : )
  7. tie

    The big smelly

    This is in the Off-Topic sub forum to be fair
  8. tie


    Dearest esteemed resignee wooper, deepest gratitude for the effort put into the community. Much love, hope to see you around <3
  9. tie

    The big smelly

    Slip knot is worse tbh
  10. Hello everyone! It's been a hot second. Yes, you did read the title of this thread correctly. As done in previous times, AWP will once again have a monthly prize pool. The top 5 players each month will receive prizes as follows: #1 - $15 #2 - $10 #3 - $5 #4 - $3 #5 - $2 These prizes will be paid out in Amazon digital gift cards. The prizes are subject to change, however we are going to try our best to maintain this pool. If anyone would like to contribute, feel free to contact myself or anyone else on the Event Team! This also
  11. hello esteemed member and valued player fridge, I am so sorry for your gaming experience. Your rank points have been reinstated immediately, stinky @Sunless was delaying and I had to put an end to his tyranny. Unfortunately you got in the way : (
  12. The original appeal for reference : Because you've waited and haven't caused issues, I'm going to unban you. However, this is going to be your last chance concerning anything with Discord. If you continue causing problems or breaking rules, you will be banned without chance for appeal. You can have fun without doing stupid things. Know the difference. Appeal accepted.
  13. Was a good night of map testing! A couple that stood out : Bank (needs fixed lighting for the outdoors bit) Winterfrost - decent sized map with outdoors area and good builidings Lost hospital - just a big neat dynamic map Yakuza - very pretty map, love the aesthetics
  14. Denied as per @ proobs