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  1. I’m gonna have to say -rep on this one. I’ve had fine interactions with you on the server, and I get that you just want to have fun and a good time, but I’ve never seen you enforce rules or act in a mature manner to be completely honest. The fact that your last comm ban was about two weeks ago and for 2 days, I can’t in good conscience say that you’d be a good admin. Regardless, good luck on your application. I personally don’t have any problems with you, and you’re a good guy, I just think you’re not ready yet.
  2. If you wish to view your profile, you can do so by signing out or by using an incognito tab. It’s a bug that August is working on, AFAIK. He’s making some changes to the profile pages.
  3. +rep man’s done a lot of great work and cares a lot for the servers. He’s come a far way and I am proud to say I can confidently +rep him. Gl homie!
  4. tie


    HAHA, piss man piss man. Fr though, you’ve earned it. Congrats Box, I’m glad to see you in this position after all the work and dedication you’ve put into the server.
  5. +rep long time player who has been active on the server for the past few months. Loft is consistently a friendly and fun player who honestly makes the server more fun to play on. Keeps his cool, but still messes around and is super interactive. Promote this man. Fr.
  6. I don't see why we'd need a !coinflip plugin, but at the same time there's not a big argument against having it either as long as there's a limit. Would most likely be up to devs.
  7. tie


    @colinkr summed it up really nicely, I think this would not be a great idea to be completely honest.
  8. As others have previously mentioned, this isn't just an easy decision so please just be patient for a response from staff.
  9. Well what he says and what he does are two different things... As long as you actively make sure he's not using your account, sure.
  10. Holy shit dude I actually feel bad for you. If you can’t read dates that are actually spoonfed to you, you shouldn’t be allowed to use the internet, much less play on our servers. You’re obviously not mature enough. @ MERICA

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