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  1. It's not just KZ, it's a lot of community servers in general. I'm not sure if this will help for KZ, but a lot of us AWP players will type 'retry' into console on map change, and that usually prevents it. AFAIK it's a Panorama issue or whatever the new CS UI is called.
  2. I've been going outside and taking more pictures. Also learning more guitar songs, I'm still pretty shit at it but it's fun to mess around with to pass the time : )
  3. When my ex broke up with me, I blasted this song on repeat for a long time. Good, good good song.
  4. +rep I feel like it'd be difficult to implement considering skips & other nuances exist, but it'd be dope to have this considering I've been on the server a ton saying 'anyone know how much I have left after this?'. Good idea @TRASH ISLAND D9
  5. tie

    Hello everybody

    Welcome to the community! We have a bunch of great servers with a bunch of great people, please feel free to stop by : )
  6. -rep I'm honestly having a hard time seeing Summer as an admin for SNG. Originally, he seemed pretty chill in the couple of times that I played with him, but the more I hop on KZ the more I get to know him and genuinely do not think he would be admin material. Besides his considerable experience with KZ in general, I haven't seen him around SNG enough to feel confident that he would handle other situations well. There were multiple small situations where I've seen him become slightly toxic, and generally not welcoming when I hop on. Along with this, a situation happened yesterday. I didn't want to say anything in light of this application, but then I continued to play with him and felt it was semi-important. I was on the server along with @Plasticono and @Random Toaster. Someone was asking about an old EU KZ Server that they used to play on. Summer knew what he was talking about, and wanted to help by giving him the IP to the server (wonderful, helpful, nothing wrong with this). He proceeds to send the IP through text on the server, which is a no no. I responded by just asking that he not do that in the future, to which he started ARGUING with me about how he didn't do anything wrong, it's not a big deal, etc. I didn't think it was a big deal and didn't really care until he argued with me about it, which was pretty immature for someone who is applying for admin. Anyways, seeing the people who are vouching for you, including the op, gives me hope. Even so, I think you could use more time in the community. GL with your application.
  7. If you want OLD might as well ask for 80s songs. There's too many for me to name, but one of my favorites are early 2000s Linkin Park as well as Fort Minor.
  8. +rep good man, would fit well in this position.
  9. tie


    Played with you the other night, welcome to the forums homie.
  10. I see what you're saying, but that's a dangerous mentality because it promotes making dead servers. If the server will be populated and it isn't hard as fuck to be whitelisted, by all means, go for it. Just mentioning some legitimate concerns to having a KZ specific server like this.
  11. As great as it would be for KZ players who play higher tier maps, and it would draw some new people into the community, I don't possibly see how the costs into putting up a new server and putting new staffing towards it would be enough, and to have it see that amount of activity as well.
  12. He has a lot of comm bans, but only 2 recent ones. I'd say lower the punishment, unless he's a nuisance in the server on a regular basis. GL with the appeal though.
  13. Smh people can't be patient, you only have to wait one week dude...
  14. Have seen you on the awp server, dope to put a face to the name : ) Hope to see you around more!
  15. tie


    Stop making these posts, there's a million of them out there as @Kel has shown.

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