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  1. tie

    The big smelly

    Slip knot is worse tbh
  2. Hello everyone! It's been a hot second. Yes, you did read the title of this thread correctly. As done in previous times, AWP will once again have a monthly prize pool. The top 5 players each month will receive prizes as follows: #1 - $15 #2 - $10 #3 - $5 #4 - $3 #5 - $2 These prizes will be paid out in Amazon digital gift cards. The prizes are subject to change, however we are going to try our best to maintain this pool. If anyone would like to contribute, feel free to contact myself or anyone else on the Event Team! This also
  3. hello esteemed member and valued player fridge, I am so sorry for your gaming experience. Your rank points have been reinstated immediately, stinky @Sunless was delaying and I had to put an end to his tyranny. Unfortunately you got in the way : (
  4. The original appeal for reference : Because you've waited and haven't caused issues, I'm going to unban you. However, this is going to be your last chance concerning anything with Discord. If you continue causing problems or breaking rules, you will be banned without chance for appeal. You can have fun without doing stupid things. Know the difference. Appeal accepted.
  5. Was a good night of map testing! A couple that stood out : Bank (needs fixed lighting for the outdoors bit) Winterfrost - decent sized map with outdoors area and good builidings Lost hospital - just a big neat dynamic map Yakuza - very pretty map, love the aesthetics
  6. Denied as per @ proobs
  7. tie


    pop awp now
  8. Was in voice with him and @Nairb I believe. Idk anything about your previous history or how you conducted yourself, but I'm all for giving another chance. You seemed like a genuine dude in voice chat that's just trying to game. GL with your appeal!
  9. Now, I know y’all know the status of our devs, but, @Noodlesssssthey are right, you should at least update them on what’s going on my friend.
  10. Mr I can’t exist or speak without using racial profanities. Use the time constraints given to you on the denied appeal. Otherwise reach out to me and I’ll take a look.
  11. Hello gentleladies! I hope everyone is doing well, people now getting out of school, COVID restrictions starting to lift, everyone stir crazy. With that being said, the past couple of weeks have been pretty quiet. Now it’s time to start some deliberation, as recent plans fell through for our anticipated Apex event. “Ok get to the point this community already got me with zzzzs... “ Some of you have noticed a little change in the discord recently, with the addition of a ‘Stage’ called ‘Community Meeting Board’. As things have been quiet, including wit
  12. If you would like to organize an event, you may speak to someone involved with the event team directly. There is a meeting coming up next Thursday, if you are wanting any ideas to be brought up, please let me know so they can be discussed!