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  1. tie

    its me Persephone

    Welcome to SNG, hope to see you around!
  2. My sibling holding our new puppy, Sophie!
  3. Maybe we can see some future store content for the Winter season..? 👀
  4. Seems sincere enough... Wait... Very productive member of SNG community! Pls unban11!1!1!!!1! Huge -rep. I think everyone deserves second chances, but you've shown time and time again just how immature you are and how little you care about this community. You harass other players, shit on SNG, and constantly bounce back here with promises of being a reformed player. For apologizing and wanting an unban, you don't even make the effort to own up to what you've done. Instead, you opt for taking shots at the banning admin. I just can't understand how you want to rejoin this community with active beef instead of just leaving it at 'I'm wrong, I hecked up, I'd like another chance to show I can be a better person.' You've demonstrated literally none of this. Even in the time that you've been gone from the server, I've still seen you comment with your 'Milky Retard Affairs' on forums as well as what I posted above with fake Operator applications and whatnot. Even reading your appeal it's quite obvious you have no remorse for the shit you've caused. Saying things like 'I have an ipgrabber' is under no circumstance okay, joking or not, and there have been players who have been banned for less. Yes, you and @colinkr might have beef, and I can't say he always handles his sides of situations correctly, but to solely pin this on him being the reason of your ban is laughable. Honestly, if Colin hadn't banned you then, how long would it have been until you were banned by someone else? IMO, your attitude says it all. You can spout all you want in an appeal about how you want to improve relationships in the community, etc etc, but you haven't DEMONSTRATED anything. No activity in the discord, nothing. Nothing close to when you were originally banned. I'll say it here as I've said it again, I really hope that you can show that you are genuine and sincere. When you were unbanned, and after speaking to you, I really thought you were someone that would do good in this community. Seeing as how you've grown in the complete opposite direction, I can't, in good conscious, say that you would be someone that we should welcome back into our community. Regardless, if you are being sincere and saying that you'd like to repair bonds, start with the people who matter the most regarding you and your standing in this community. Still thinking about the Milky I once knew, and it's just got me in a somber mood to see this is where you are now. Best of luck, I truly hope one day you can reform. Right now you have no inclination of that.
  5. tie

    fuck COVID

    Check out Reborn, it’s about a little Mafia boss who happens to be a baby. Shits hilarious if you need a laugh or a lighter anime. Sending good energy, I hope you can get through quarantine safely!
  6. Me and my homie wanted to play the beta last night on PS4 but my internet doesn't work for anything that's not my computer apparently so it didn't download. We're still planning on playing it though so I'll definitely leave my thoughts when I do!
  7. You can read tags! Yes!
  8. jk @CurryAssassinDLC here : https://streamable.com/w4l1s5 This game is Phasmophobia, a 4 player co-op game where you use clues and evidence to discover different types of ghosts. It's a really great spooky game to play with the homies, and if anyone wants to play you're more than welcome to hit us up on the SNG Discord! Real ones for Phasmophobia : @Jensyl @Jayyyyy @Klitch @Mythin @Chiken @bung @Visualz™ @✪ Vicar
  9. Despite having a lot going on, Box still makes a great effort to stay active and contributing, leading our server (AWP) well. Box would be a good add to the team : ) +rep
  10. tie


    https://osu.ppy.sh/users/10257855 I haven't played in a hot second but ye, I'm down
  11. +rep Bot Shroud, aka Suff, aka Stinky is a good guy. He's friendly and helpful on the servers, and has been apart of the SNG community for a long time. He's in multiple servers too! Great guy, welcomes people and walks them through kz. I think he would be a great addition to the team : P is stinky in a good way
  12. or join the disc mongrol
  13. +rep Wooper would definitely fit this role and be a great asset to the community as DR operator!
  14. tie

    soy azul 🥶

    Congrats blue space man ! Klmithcschen excited to see you in this position
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