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  1. +rep seems genuine, no problem with bringing him back and keeping him on a short leash if he really is reformed.
  2. Welcome back sir! Didn't know you back in 'da day' but feel free to reach out if you're looking for some homies : p I'm hanging in there, just gotta take life day by day : )
  3. tie


    Big congrats Kazma! Yous a real one.
  4. Congrats u oompa loompa
  5. -rep complete and utter retard. You do realize that when you’re appealing, you’re at the mercy of the community. Shit talking, being generally toxic, and not giving a shit about your appeal isn’t going to help you in the slightest. You harass other members in the discord and I understand it’s frustrating being banned, but holy, you need to check yourself and realize that what your doing isn’t the way to go about things. You don’t seem an ounce of apologetic and if you’re going to come here to be a dick I suggest you find somewhere else to play. @Warden Flamewater not exactly helping the situation in Discord dude: “I can call out anyone and get you denied on the spot, don’t test me”. Get outta here with that, this dude is toxic but you’re feeding into his toxicity and making yourself look bad. That isn’t how appeals work, just cause he was toxic to you doesn’t mean you can threaten him with a denied app, you’re better than that.
  6. tie

    Who am I?

    -rep jk homie, welcome to the forums, it's really cool seeing you around and I've played with ya a bunch, hope to see you around on the servers!
  7. +rep Spooky has really come a far way from when he started as admin and is definitely a valid candidate for the JB Operator role. He cares a lot about the servers and he has an outreach to many other servers, something that is a great value for any admins to look up to. He's a friendly, fun dude who I believe would fit the role of Operator well. Good luck Spookerson.
  8. Fuck working retail in general. One time I was doing a cart run for my grocery store and some dad walks out with his around 10 y/o daughter, I offer to take their cart and bring it back and they accept. As they walk away, the father goes "if I ever see you pushing carts as a job in the future I'm disowning you." Could go back to the store at higher pay then the job I'm looking at now, but I really don't have the patience to deal with shitty human beings. Bless you for that, stay safe and sane.
  9. Not sure if any staff gave you the green light to appeal again, but you've waited a hot second and this appeal is more well done. I trust that you know the rules and won't cheat again. +rep. GL sir.
  10. Lots of crazy shit happening man, this year sucks for a lot of people but my family is going through the bouts. Another divorce, lost a pupper the other day, might lose our house, and I have no idea what I’m doing with my future At the end of the day, things work out for a reason. We’re resourceful. At every low there’s another high. Keep your heads up, guys. Much love, stay safe.
  11. Can confirm, boxxy has been dealing with this forever and I have no idea what it would be at this point either. Something I noticed was your ping not changing, but, however, it doesn’t look like a hardware thing seeing what you’ve recorded. I’d try checking ports? Are you wired or wireless? With all the things you did to your hardware, it just doesn’t make sense. How much have you done to monitor your internet? AFAIK you don’t have any other internet issues but again, I can’t see how it would be a hardware problem at this point unless you’ve gone to lengths to try an entire new graphics card/processor/motherboard.
  12. +rep genuine, owning up, and seems like he really enjoys playing on the servers. GL buddy!
  13. There’s some resources on the forums as well as online, and the best place to start if you’re having trouble on maps is asking for help! Usually even other members can help you complete maps or will even go out of their way to show you how to do a jump. I also suggest learning how to prestrafe, for increasingly difficult maps it becomes more important. GL homie, I’m not that great but if I’m on and you need some help feel free to shoot me a message!
  14. +rep fun long time player who would be instrumental in popping the server. GL homie!
  15. +rep Never have had a problem with him previously and is honestly fun to play with. I know he can get out of hand but I'm confident that WIzz would not continue to be a problem in the future!

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