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  1. A cool suggestion, however I'm not sure if that will be a server that we can manage, it will likely die very quickly if it gets any pop at all. Not to try to poop on you, it would definitely be a fun server. I'm just doubtful this is something that will happen.
  2. It would be helpful if you sent any screenshots or clips documenting this, I think it's been reported before but @ Diam0ndz needed more information and couldn't recreate the issue. I'm not actually sure though.
  3. tie


    Return to him. Return... to Monke. Welcome to SNG! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me or another staff member!
  4. Appeal denied. You could at least be honest, exhausting that we have community members harassing each other. Feel free to appeal if you've reevaluated yourself & matured in 3 months.
  5. Appeal denied. You were aware of the rules and behavior like this in our community will not be tolerated. Feel free to apply in 3 months.
  6. tie


    These aren't even good shitposts..... Where's @gir
  7. HBD! I'm right behind you ;)

    1. MERICA


      Thanks brother 

  8. Welcoime back!1! I seen you in discord : P
  9. Hey all! Sorry this is a bit barebones at the moment, however I wanted to give a little update on behalf of SNG Staff and myself! @Noodlesssss has stepped down as Event Team Lead and the Red Men have decided I was worthy to take his place! It still goes without saying that the community servers and their population have been lackluster. There are a lot of factors which contributed, but overall, there's been a lack of involvement from us. As Staff for this community, we've been putting our heads together and working towards future plans and endeavors. Behind the scenes t
  10. tie

    hi im new here

    Welcome to the community! We’re missing some pop right now but definitely still have an active team, if you have any questions feel free to reach out!
  11. tie

    what's up

  12. Noodles didn't ban you, I did, and you are a long time player in our community and definitely know the rules. If we had the stream on there could be implications against SNG as a community for that, so to leave you unpunished leaves a bad taste in my mouth. You're not banned from the servers afaik, just from Discord. You should be thankful it's only the Discord.
  13. Hey y'all, this is a quick update to the Tournament that just took place and the status as to who the winners are. At face value, and if you tuned into the stream, it looked as if the team of nat, angel, and sad had won the game. During the match between Mandingos (jako, box, ryan), from round two on snow, something felt off. To be completely transparent, @Jako had messaged me saying he had felt something was off too, and so I began recording and watching angel's gameplay closely. I have recorded the majority of the Finals through NVDIA shadowplay and have subsequently posted them