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  1. tieK0

    I'm Back

    Welcome back cutie
  2. Welcome to the forums, come play on AWP sometime <3
  3. Despite any inactivity Ryan may have had, I would definitely put that aside to see him as my Op. He’s encouraging to all members and makes the server genuinely enjoyable to play on. +rep for sure.
  4. tieK0

    Happy birthday cutie, come play on AWP w me like good ol' times.

    1. Lawl


      Maybe soontm :) ty

  5. tieK0

    Who's the Hig?

    rage is the hig, rdm for free cringe
  6. -rep to neutral Resigns, applies again and expects to be accepted when the position opens? Not sure if there's a meme or if I'm missing something....
  7. Neutral. @B0xerZ said it really well, and while I've played with you a lot on the servers, I haven't seen enough interactions between you and other players that inclines me to +rep unfortunately. I don't know you much outside of the server, and based off other feedback you seem to be mature enough to want to fix your ways, but it would be nice to see this happen on the servers before you're admin, not to change yourself after the fact of being admin. Most of the interactions that I have witnessed between you and myself or you and other players have been poor, and definitely not admin material. Anyways, that's my 2sense. Good luck homie : )
  8. +rep Been around for a while, definitely capable of managing the server.
  9. +rep Is definitely an amazing choice for Op of AWP. Box actively engages with members of the server when he is online consistently and is friendly with every interaction I've had with him. He would do a great job given the position and thrive as he already does in the AWP community. Good luck homie!
  10. tieK0

    Pink time

    Congrats homie, if I don't see you on AWP EVER I'm going to legit give you head. GL : )
  11. Happy bday homie!


  12. +rep Curry is definitely mature and responsible enough to manage a server. GL homie!
  13. tieK0

    señor admino

    Congrats homie!!!
  14. I deadass was so confused when I read it.
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