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  1. +rep Literally the most active admin on the server including super admins last time I checked.
  2. You have to play bro cmon, you're the best player ik
  3. trumpett I'm actually a god at this
  4. -rep reapply for TTT super +rep Definitely one of the best admins on SNG right now.
  5. Trumpet


    That sucks bro, sorry to see you go. Hopefully you can be back once your passion for awp returns.
  6. Trumpet


    Stop going afk on TTT >:/ welcome my dude
  7. Happy Bday!

  8. hbd trumpet

  9. Funny story, I actually play the clarinet, but I've always wanted to play the trumpet so I put it as my username. jk
  10. where's my minecraft server, book?

    happy birthday lad hope it goes well

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