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  1. i miss u brotha... hope all is well and also happy bday :FeelsBirthdayMan:

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. you went d1????????? what college
  4. Merry Christmas didn't get any presents lol
  5. -rep honestly, azecko's nice and all but he's just given me the worst vibe since day 1; I can't explain it which doesn't help a ton, but I wouldn't trust him with op js edit: +rep the guy messaged me, he's definitely passionate about the server but still gonna leave my original thoughts here. just to preface azecko used to go by the name kreeuz back in like 2016-17 and had a huge problem with toxicity. somewhere along the line he had a complete turnaround which started him on this path to op. it's been 3 years, he kind of deserves it for the amount of effort he's put in
  6. what the fuck bro????????? i still love u
  7. when gir makes another operator app you know it's christmas time again +rep
  8. what the fuck I'm taking geometry and we're not doing anything nearly this hard thats tough im sorry
  9. +rep Literally the most active admin on the server including super admins last time I checked.
  10. You have to play bro cmon, you're the best player ik
  11. trumpett I'm actually a god at this