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  1. +rep He knows and enforces the rules and can definitely handle it gl
  2. +rep good ass admin and def can handle it <3
  3. Genuine fucking Chad
  4. J o r d a n


    This man does not kill people. Its TTT start killing people as T holy fuck. Luv you <3
  5. J o r d a n


  6. Happy bday hmu big boi  :pepoD:

  7. +rep he is chill and knows the rules well gl
  8. Dang well I've never had a dog get agressive like that I had to put mine down because he could not walk and he was also missrable. I cant relate to the emotion thing because I was pretty sad when I had to do it but he is probably misrable and thats where the agression comes from. Putting him down might not be hard for you right now but im always here brother dont be afraid to message me. <3
  9. I'm a rapper Jordan is the name and csgo is my favorite game and blue moon is the best icecream and this was pretty lame. But welcome lol
  10. Damn it is him in his profile pic
  11. I've heard many poeple talk about a deagle server and I think it would be a fun idea What y'all think
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