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Everything posted by Av1an

  1. Use "cant stop" by the red hot chilli peppers as a round end song Thank you
  2. https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=119751565&token=ngL4_ytT when she farts on your penis so now you have a stanky penis
  3. "guacamole nigga penis" -Michael Jackson 2019
  4. Yo why are there four new servers in the servers tab named "Counter Strike Global Offensive" that you can connect to? Also one of the server addresses is the old awp server one? You can connect to these servers aswell. Its just dust2 casual but you can also rtv. Can we get an explanation or something I almost got hyped the servers were back up.
  5. Av1an

    Skynetgaming Team?

    Like for the people talking about a PRO team, and such. I just want to see or make a small team out of SNG to do scrimmages and partake in amateur tournaments
  6. Av1an

    Skynetgaming Team?

    @Warden Frostwater Bruh i'd be so down to make it happen
  7. I think there should be a skynetgaming related counter strike team, that'd be sick.
  8. I do reffing for my local amateur hockey association, I'm only 15 so it's the best I can do where I live.
  9. On the forums so we don't forget, can we delete AWP West and East and just make it central? PLEASE
  10. So I noticed while scrolling there are 2 different communities for awp. (East) and (West) I was wondering if we could just make it Central and get rid of those 2 because it's only Central now. Thoughts?
  11. Av1an


    Hey so can someone add the trail plugin and auras back I miss them, plus the creds I spent on them would be a total waste if we don't add them back.
  12. Hey so I've been waiting for a couple days now since they said they were going to wrap it up on Friday. When do you guys think or when does the tournament end? Because bruh I'm bored as (((H E C C)))
  13. When will the server be back online?
  14. When will the server be back on its been 4 days since you said the tournament was going to be over.

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