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  1. +rep bro mans is an og would be great admin can’t recommend him enough
  2. +rep bro f12 was the homie
  3. I didn’t play scoutzknives too much but i remember this guy and i didn’t think he was cheating he just seemed like a crazy player +rep
  4. biggest +rep i can give... amanda is genuinely a good person and would make the community better by being a part of it
  5. +rep he’s really cute >_< and he would be good admin
  6. serperior, vanillite,chandelure, dhelmise have always been some of my favorites
  7. +rep he chill i honestly don’t even know why he was banned but whatever it was he’s clearly grown from it and has a desire to be unbanned
  8. i don’t know too much about what you did to get banned so i can’t comment on that but honestly you were always chill with me and i think it would be cool to have you back as long as you don’t cause any trouble or whatever... +rep
  9. kind of crazy i wasn’t @ed... not cool bro we have to race on ladderhell now
  10. lowkey u really shouldn’t be unbanned you stayed evading bro... however jb dead asf so tbh y’all need the players so i really don’t see a problem with u being unbanned +rep just don’t be stupid
  11. You are permanently globally banned from all kz servers. You will have to appeal on forum.gokz.org but i’m going to be honest chances are you won’t be unbanned since you were using an injected cheat.
  12. i would like to add some nonglobal maps to the server and want to know if any you guys would like to have, it would be great if anyone could respond with nonglobal maps they would like to see on the server
  13. ign: tbhimtoxic yes i will carry u gir or u can put me on the enemy team 😎
  14. You should probably tell the truth if you want to get unbanned. You were using an injected bhop cheat, not an ahk script. Its obvious from your mdx stats, avg scroll pattern of 1 and 90+ perf ratio.