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  1. +rep you were chill on jb and i honestly don’t remember you being that toxic
  2. i was always a fan of campus and inception didn’t even know they were gone. but also would u consider adding ba_jail rebellion it’s a classic map especially on sng and has the iconic ein zwei oder drei or however it’s spelled
  3. i mean i don’t really see a point for this but as long as it doesn’t cause any issues like lag or anything i don’t think it’s a problem
  4. obvious +rep he is experienced deathrun man and a chill guy who would be great operator ily wooper
  5. Thing 1™

    LF new egirl!

    would u also accept an eboy 😳
  6. Avatar the last air bender was and still is amazing
  7. Did that, it recognized what map it was, and said “map “map name” was not found” or whatever.
  8. Nah you can’t nominate at all using the command.
  9. When you try to nominate a map using the command !nominate “map” it says the map is not found. The funny thing is it autocompleted the map you are talking about for example if I typed !nominate colorc it would say “map kz_colorcode was not found.” Nominating through the menu works fine but it’s tedious to scroll through 400+ maps to find the one you want.
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