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  1. I love you six. I know you’re glad mg is back so you can make it good server. Too bad it took so long to come back though.
  2. Big +rep. Rage is obviously knowledgeable about the server and the rules and enforces the rules but more than that he is actually passionate about the server. Rage is constantly trying to get jailbreak populated and keep players on by being extremely active and asking people to join. Jailbreak is more fun when he is on because he enforces the rules while still keeping jailbreak a chill gamemode. He deserves this.
  3. At first I didn’t really know where I stood on this because I’ve known you a long time and a while ago I couldn’t see you as an admin. Until playing with you recently that was my mindset and I couldn’t have been more wrong. I’ve seen you calmly enforcing rules and making sure everyone on jailbreak knew the rules. You are extremely active and obviously know the rules and the gamemode. I was surprised by how much you have matured and after seeing you online in the past week or so I can safely give you a big +rep and say you deserve admin.
  4. Big +rep idbow is extremely active on kz. He’s insanely good at kz and knowledgeable in the game mode. Kz needs admins like him who can help out new players and even regulars struggling on harder maps. For real he is super active though and would be a good admin.
  5. Fr you’re lucky you weren’t banned longer. I played with you for like 30 minutes and the entire time you were admin dissing and being toxic to @Warden Flamewaterand @Rage, you were spamming chat with toxic stuff, and were being extremely nazi on ct. Rage gagged you and you complained about that constantly. If you were still doing this shit later that’s your fault.
  6. People have been complaining that it’s just our server and I went on another server yesterday and was honestly shocked when multiple people nominated and absolutely no lag happened.
  7. The nomination lag is really important to get fixed. It is not just small lag, it literally freezes the server. So many peoples runs get killed because of it.
  8. Ok hear me out this sounds extremely stupid but it would be a fun way to pass the time while dead and might keep people from leaving?
  9. Player Name Thing 1™ Steam ID STEAM_1:1:168555698 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198297377125/ Age 16 Why would you be a good admin? I've played sng kz for a long time and Im currently one of the most active admins and players on kz. I am helpful to new kz players with completing maps or learning about the gamemode. I enforce the rules and ban players for scripting and such. KZ needs super admins because as far as I know the only active super is Spk and he still doesn't have perms. With super perms I would be able to fix the server when it breaks sometimes by force changing maps. I would be a good super because I'm extremely active, knowledgeable in the gamemode, and have done my best to improve the server. I reported many bugs to diamondz along with epi after server launch and just recently talked with bacon about the remaining bugs kz still has. Active Servers KZ(Server I'm applying for), JB
  10. Yeah I don’t think that message should be on kz bc we’ve never had a shop and I hope we wont
  11. Getting a bug where it says I must be pro mapper vip admin or finish the map to use +noclip but I am admin and have perms and tag.
  12. Nice redder congrats! You deserved it
  13. Hi bottom! Big admin man!
  14. ??? You did, you getting unbanned is a matter of admitting it and apologizing. And please everyone you can’t just say because he played a long time he didn’t script. Countless long time players have been banned for it. Also if you were innocent why did you wait so long to appeal? If I was falsely banned I would want it sorted out ASAP.
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