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  1. I don’t play ttt much but wouldn’t this be like not good if there aren’t many people left on a big map and the ts are looking for them? Like they are actively trying to kill but they just can’t find anyone. I think the time limit idea would most likely be better but once again I don’t play ttt that much.
  2. It’s not even that high of a scroll pattern and the perf ratio isn’t too high. It’s also very inconsistent. Idk if this would even warrant a ban but he admitted to hyper scrolling and the scroll pattern supports that. Big +rep for unban @TubbyI explained it in admin chat earlier and I think I phrased it bad here but I agree it does look like a hyper scroll but I would be hesitant to ban off of just that, just because although likely a hyperscroll it could be a legit person scrolling fast going on uneven surfaces or an inexperienced bhopper just spamming their scroll through the whole jump and sometimes either not scrolling much on accident or maybe their finger is tired. But in this case you made the right call and he admitted to it.
  3. You ask admins personally if you can have their rec then when you apply you lost your recommendations you have.
  4. I’m completely certain that hyper scroll still works. All it would do is literally just increase the amount of +jump and -jump inputs sent in the time of a jump and it’s literally a hardware thing. Anyways the mdx logs from @Tubbycan clarify the scroll pattern and show exactly what he was doing.
  5. Kz was the only server he played so when he joined jailbreak he had never played on it before. Kz is different than most other sng serves. For example there is no credits system, cosmetics, or shop.
  6. Name: Thing 1 Steam id: STEAM_1:1:168555698 kz experience: medium kz skill: pretty low ngl
  7. +rep he’s a cool guy and he seems fit for this position good luck!
  8. I’ve played with hec a while on kz and he mains sng kz. While this situation does seem weird I know he would never intentionally cheat on sng. I don’t know why he was macroing but I do believe he didn’t know he was on sng.
  9. After seeing you and interacting with you on kz recently I’m gonna +rep you’re chill and I can see you being an admin.
  10. This was a misunderstanding caused by the fact that xeno mains kz. He wasn’t familiar with the special slay command used on ttt. I understand you’re upset but I’m not sure if this is warranted over a single slay.
  11. Big +rep rage is a dedicated admin who would obviously be dedicated to being on the event team. He is definitely fit for this position and I can see him being a good event coordinator. +rep ily
  12. Fr big +rep bottom deserves this position he’s always on ttt obviously knows and enforces the rules and is an all around great guy good luck
  13. It was on jb a while ago but honestly people didn’t really care about it at all.
  14. He was really dumb on his first appeal but he’s come clean now. Also while scripting is obviously cheating it’s really not much of a big deal unless on kz so +rep for another chance.
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