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    kzclimb 😳
  2. can we replace death run with it
  3. even though i’m gonna have to shit on him in mc +rep
  4. This reminds me that since I reset my phone bc i forgot my password(LOL) i haven’t changed from the default ones so i’ll edit this once i choose some. I used to have a picture of a sculpture from an art museum i went to that was nice as my lock screen. I really like your picture with the train, it nice.
  5. +rep obviously deserves admin, he is active and helps new players
  6. i think the rank names are fine as it is currently since that’s the standard for kztimer servers so more people will be familiar with the ranks, but as for the colors i wouldn’t mind having them changed if it’s possible.
  7. on my old mouse i could consistently do 9 strafes but on my new mouse i do 7 which is enough for any ljs on any map. i wouldn’t worry too much about doing above 7 unless you’re really serious about jumpstatting since it’s not worth it if you’re sacrificing your sync or having a worse airpath. if you are focused on getting like 9 strafes i would keep working on getting the consistent 8 then try to move your way up to 9, it might take a bit thought
  8. it’s probably not the answer you want to hear but just practice. also try to learn what you need to improve. for example if your first strafe is bad that’s a good start to work on
  9. +rep he’s kinda cracked at rotmg (i deserve the spirit dagger😔)
  10. +rep you were chill on jb and i honestly don’t remember you being that toxic
  11. i was always a fan of campus and inception didn’t even know they were gone. but also would u consider adding ba_jail rebellion it’s a classic map especially on sng and has the iconic ein zwei oder drei or however it’s spelled

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