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  1. i don’t know too much about what you did to get banned so i can’t comment on that but honestly you were always chill with me and i think it would be cool to have you back as long as you don’t cause any trouble or whatever... +rep
  2. kind of crazy i wasn’t @ed... not cool bro we have to race on ladderhell now
  3. lowkey u really shouldn’t be unbanned you stayed evading bro... however jb dead asf so tbh y’all need the players so i really don’t see a problem with u being unbanned +rep just don’t be stupid
  4. You are permanently globally banned from all kz servers. You will have to appeal on forum.gokz.org but i’m going to be honest chances are you won’t be unbanned since you were using an injected cheat.
  5. i would like to add some nonglobal maps to the server and want to know if any you guys would like to have, it would be great if anyone could respond with nonglobal maps they would like to see on the server
  6. ign: tbhimtoxic yes i will carry u gir or u can put me on the enemy team 😎
  7. Name: nickely Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:40874265
  8. You should probably tell the truth if you want to get unbanned. You were using an injected bhop cheat, not an ahk script. Its obvious from your mdx stats, avg scroll pattern of 1 and 90+ perf ratio.
  9. Name: Tatska Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:236646428
  10. As stated in this post, sng will be hosting a kz tournament in July. All the details of the tournament are on the linked post. This is the signups for the tournament, please comment your in-game name and steam id. We will be accepting 24 applicants with the highest pro points on api. Format: Name: Steam ID:
  11. Hello everyone! SNG will be hosting a KZ tournament with the first few stages being from July 11th to July 12th and the semifinals and finals being on July 18th. In the past few years many amazing players have participated and we hope that many more will participate this year as well. Although last year select players were invited, this year everyone will have to apply but your experience will decide if you have a spot or not. We will be taking the 24 people who apply with the most KZTimer pro points on api by June 20th to participate. The 8 applicants with the most points will be moved to the second bracket. Link to signups As with last years tournament, the use of nulls or -forward binds will be banned. We will be using a plugin to detect the use of them and if caught you will be automatically disqualified. Map Pool: kz_giantbean kz_forgotten kz_cousucks kz_twiivo kz_11735 kz_rumzor kz_coronado kz_verv3 kz_pollution Matches: Link to brackets: https://challonge.com/sngkz2020 Playoffs: - Best of 3, played at July 11-12th - Maps are selected by the BO3 veto process (see below) - Will not be streamed on https://twitch.tv/skynetgamingcsgo Semifinals, Bronze Match, and Finals: - Best of 5, played at July 18th - Maps are selected by the BO5 veto process (see below) - Will be streamed on https://twitch.tv/skynetgamingcsgo Map Selection System: BO3 Example: Player A Vetoes -> Player B Vetoes -> Player A Picks -> Player B Picks -> Player A Vetoes -> Player B Vetoes -> Player A Vetoes -> Player B Vetoes -> One map remains which will be the 3rd map. BO5 Example: Player A Vetoes -> Player B Vetoes -> Player A Picks -> Player B Picks -> Player A Picks -> Player B Picks -> Player A Vetoes -> Player B Vetoes -> One map remains which will be the 5th map. Rewards: Prize pool: To be decided but will currently be at least 150$, generously given by @KING KAZMA. 1st place receives 60% of the prize pool 2nd place receives 30% of the prize pool 3rd place receives 10% of the prize pool If you wish to donate to the prize pool send money via PayPal to icamp@skynetgaming.net and leave "SNG KZ 2020" so we know its for the tournament. If you have any questions you can message me on discord: Thing1#7387 Good luck and have fun in the tournament, Thing 1
  12. noob


  13. lego jail is legit one of the more fun maps and also it’s not even that old??? just don’t be garbage ct’s it’s really not hard, there are some old maps i would like back tho like ba jail rebellion and jb akbar also mc hb edit is a completely different map

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