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  1. i like virtuspro but my favorite player would be olofmiester
  2. Welcome to the cool kids club
  3. Eat Sleep KZ :P

  4. I strongly agree with this being a regular palyer in the server, RTV happens when people are in middle of a run and its unfair to others that are trying to complete it
  5. Soil


    Thank you @KingjiN, Will do.
  6. Soil


    I hope the KZ community gets better
  7. Soil


    Thanks man been so good so far
  8. Soil


    Thank you, glad to be part of the SNG commnuity! @Lukaii
  9. Soil


    Hello, My name is Richard. In game name is known as Soil. I came across your KZ server not that long ago, i have been playing on there for little over a month now. I have to say i enjoy how nice and friendly the community is and im glad to be a part of it. I've made quite a few good friends on there in a short period of time. I also wanna thank @Concrete @Sarangi ਬਾਜ਼ @ebyssal for the funny and great times on the server. I'm such a regular on the KZ server now people are starting to know me and i remember them and its just like a little family were all in and its pretty nice community to be in!

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