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    this guy has also been singing some korean shit all night long. c7zr1.dem
  2. [pdd


    can yall gag this kid, hes been spamming this all night long https://gyazo.com/63568158ebcded44e8441c65a69c4c22 https://gyazo.com/63568158ebcded44e8441c65a69c4c22 https://gyazo.com/63568158ebcded44e8441c65a69c4c22
  3. [pdd


    Hahaha! Hi Everyone. I am a little rusty because i haven't played in a while so forgive me. Hahaha idc that the quality is shit
  4. @Death For All @Doug Dimmadome @Hiiaru @japples @johnbbbb @Colours @zibil #3-22 @ryN @malala @King Louie @PaleWaffle @Wimish @Bird @forge @Colours Etc... Sorry if i forgot anyone!
  5. Thanks to everyone who gave their opinions about me. I really appreciate it. Hope you guys have a great day/night!
  6. me and my friend are figuring something out, but we are gonna need your help tho, can u add me? @Doug Dimmadome (i cant add, csgo was gifted)
  7. Agree. just check their ip and see that its not me lol. i dont know how i was being toxic. All i did was ask admins about how long it was going to take. Since no one answered, i kept asking, if i was being toxic i apologize. I already apologized to @Death For All for being a cunt to him. (i thought he was just delaying the ban)
  8. i asked my friends to take a look at it. They know a lot more about cheats than me, so i asked them to help me out. and uh, so what ive been banned in other communities?, what does that has to do with my ban?
  9. .....as i said, i asked several people about this.
  10. I'm not sure why this is taking so long. (5 days) @King Louie said that @Death For All was going to post more evidence. So i asked Death for all privately for evidence. He said that he doesnt have any evidence exept for the one he posted on my last ban appeal, so im not sure whats going on. I asked several people, no one responds. all i want is an answer. They said they are still deciding but idk. 5 days
  11. just press tab and go to their profile. here is a list of all the players online # userid name uniqueid connected ping loss state rate # 967 1 "Tet" STEAM_1:1:76802966 07:05 33 0 active 786432 # 974 2 "C0dex|Fb" STEAM_1:1:94055282 01:29 99 0 active 786432 # 973 3 "kai" STEAM_1:1:148716128 01:58 40 0 active 500000 # 976 4 "Cesar Farmskins.com" STEAM_1:1:10820003 00:48 193 35 spawning 786432 # 944 7 "Dazed Glonut" STEAM_1:1:129346411 36:51 59 0 active 500000 # 952 9 "Ozzy" STEAM_1:0:139207863 24:21 35 0 active 500000 # 957 10 "twisty" STEAM_1:1:53654982 18:10 29 0 active 500000 # 948 11 "Cpt Jack Hoff" STEAM_1:1:112629908 32:06 51 0 active 500000 # 959 13 "MINECRAFT101" STEAM_1:1:148240018 17:33 71 0 active 500000 # 961 14 ".J'r ツ߷" STEAM_1:1:47949663 14:53 41 0 active 500000 im not sure but is this the plank that ur talking about? http://steamcommunity.com/id/playerisgod
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