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  1. Unfortunately it looks like you were trying to use a macro which is against the rules here my guy, try again on that part called honesty.
  2. justin.

    Moving on

    stay safe homie, gl !
  3. justin.

    Anything helps.

    Love.ya Pat man, if you need anything let me know
  4. A shotgun in the back window
  5. You're actually half of a person in my books, congrats idiot.
  6. I mean you evade and come back as much as any other bitch out there, you were once a cool guy, but idk what happened.
  7. Applied, really interested btw.
  8. I enjoy it cause I bhop and it's fun
  9. justin.

    Merci SNG

    Oogie are you fucking serious I'm gonna miss you buddy, I love you forever. Message me whenever ♥️😘

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