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  1. You're actually half of a person in my books, congrats idiot.
  2. I mean you evade and come back as much as any other bitch out there, you were once a cool guy, but idk what happened.
  3. Applied, really interested btw.
  4. I enjoy it cause I bhop and it's fun
  5. justin.

    Merci SNG

    Oogie are you fucking serious I'm gonna miss you buddy, I love you forever. Message me whenever ♥️😘
  6. Was a funny kid but did stupid shit, plus rep
  7. I'm going to accept this appeal on one condition, you are to never act like you did in the past. If you do, you'll be banned again with no appeal. Welcome back to SNG
  8. justin.


    Rip to my actual main nigga, take care buddy
  9. justin.

    Who's the Hig?

    So now it's okay to rdm and you get prizes, but when I do it I get yelled at, you're all done for
  10. justin.


    The fuck you guys on about

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