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justin. last won the day on October 17 2019

justin. had the most liked content!

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  1. justin.

    Cya homies

    Pce homie, you're a real one. Never will be forgotten
  2. I have just the lady
  3. Yo true I forgot LOL
  4. So are you for posting this. Follow the required guidelines, and apply again once you meet them
  5. We had one for a week, it died after two days after everyone has max stats
  6. Stop posting on this topic if you're not going to contribute relevant info.
  7. Unbanned don't act like idiots.
  8. Unabnned dont act like idiots.
  9. Joining owner channels and harassing us in the channels, ntyw
  10. No one ever @ me again
  11. Unfortunately it looks like you were trying to use a macro which is against the rules here my guy, try again on that part called honesty.
  12. justin.

    Moving on

    stay safe homie, gl !
  13. justin.

    Anything helps.

    Love.ya Pat man, if you need anything let me know

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