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  1. justin.


    The fuck you guys on about
  2. justin.

    Pink time

    Congrats man, keep up the good work here.
  3. Seems like a big topic of discussion as of late, I haven't been on the server Ina hot minute. But I can say this seems to be detrimental to the happiness of the players.
  4. justin. denied the submission
  5. Honestly I feel like your creative side is more of a drawer, instead of being a graphic designer for us here. I've dabbled in the past with photo shop and such, and to me it looks like you just layered some shit together, added text, with shadow and outlines and posted it as your submission. To be fair your drawings are great, just your graphic design side isn't there.
  6. justin.

    New Server

    Yeah we had a hide and seek server, and it died in less than a day
  7. Lower the ban down to 6 hours, +rep seems like a good kid
  8. justin.

    i am operator

    Congrats man! I see you doing well in this position.
  9. justin.


    Congrats Duncan I always believed in you!!!
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