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  1. + rep known him a long time. He is very experienced and would be a great fit for the position. GL <3
  2. ziggy

    Its time.

    good luck with everything in your future bud. Thanks for always being a real one. <3
  3. hey-o everyone. 

    I didn't do school work for like 4 weeks so I'm in the process of doing all that lol. It's such a shit show. 

    hope everyone is doing well, hopefully I'll actually be able to get on and talk to some of you guys sometime soon.

    Have a early merry Christmas everyone <3

    1. Box


      hope everything’s going well for ya brother :)

    2. Zurr
    3. ziggy
  4. ziggy

    fuck COVID

    hello everyone. Hope everybody is well. I found out today someone I was hanging out with tested positive today so I'm stuck inside for 2 weeks. Was hoping you guys can help me out with shows and anime to watch. Anyway everyone stay safe and be careful. :)
  5. its been a while. 

    hope everyone is been doing well. life has been crazy and I haven't been able to play in a long while.

     I've been starting to watch anime recently which is cool. I just "watched Weathering with you" pretty great.

    hopefully ill talk to some of you guys soon 


  6. Seems like a good idea would be fun to watch
  7. My basement started to flood while I was in the middle of the awp tournament last year lol
  8. I miss juice so fucking much. 

  9. Box

    omggg happy bday!! :peepoLove:

  10. happy birthday


  11. Zurr

    happy birthday :peepoLove:

  12. Happy Birthday DAWG !!

  13. Right there with ya with the allergies. I hate that shit especially now. I work at a restaurant and the amount of stairs I get is pretty funny.