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  1. i don’t know when I’ll get to play cs again. Some shit with VAC and I think it also has something to do with me playing on a Mac. Idk I just hope I don’t have to wait to long. 

    anyway hope everyone is doing well 

    1. Zurr




  2. ziggy


    Congrats homie
  3. ziggy

    I am yellow !

    Congrats broski yellow looks good on you looking forward to seeing what you bring to the server !
  4. So I saw Parasite last night and it was my first time seeing a movie with subtitles in theaters. Pls if you read this go see this fucking movie. It was a 10/10 and a fucking masterpiece. I was so blown away by how incredible it was. 

    Yeah go it lol. Have a good one. 

    1. flyback


      damn that movie looked great in the trailers i would expect it was great

    2. ziggy


      @flyback bro it was unbelievable. 

    3. flyback
  5. Big +rep toasty is a really great dude all around and really fun to play with. He’s been around a long time and knows the rules well. gl homie
  6. prolly The Godfather or goodfellas. Idk so many classics
  7. ziggy

    free money

    Thanks dood
  8. +rep was wondering when you would apply
  9. +rep good dude and knows how to enforce the rules.
  10. The irishman was really good too


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