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  1. Not a big anime guy but I loved the first two seasons of Tokyo ghoul.
  2. Hot summer nights and the wolf of Wall Street
  3. When I was very young I tripped and cut the top of my eye on a wall corner thing and now I have a scar above my eye.
  4. He’s a fat retard thanks for the giveaway btw :)
  5. I miss playing the awp server but school is taking up all of my time and I can’t handle it.

    1. Zurr


      Same situation as me

  6. ziggy

    Selfie Topic

    Since I saw joker yesterday figured I should show my clown ass to you guys :) i spared you the pain of seeing my ugly ass face
  7. One time I had a dream about skynet finally adding player models.
  8. ziggy

    [CSGO] AWP + M4A4

    I went to go see @Plasticonoat the zoo with my carrier cent class last week
  9. That is a really shitty attitude and you’d be lucky if anyone even listens to you . Btw how did you not know you could shoot through doors ???
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