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  1. Hi Klitch, Thank you for your donation of 1.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks Skynetgaming.net
  2. HBD d a w g

  3. @ Diam0ndz yea It really isnt that big of a deal in all honesty. The only people I know of this happening to is @Sunless and I, and we all know he never has anything intelligent to suggest is joke sunl
  4. HBD retarded d a w g i e 

  5. Bruh you let diamondz win @ Diam0ndz 👻 gimme the awp then crackhead
  6. Maybe it's different in Iowa, but McDonalds straight up SUCKS here. Burger King is a legit fine dine and is so good. What's better where you live? @Scott u have dead tastebuds @Epi your boomer tastebuds are dead aswell @Spookerfry quit the servers and become a cashier at your shit restaurant @Earthling go drink dumpster water
  7. When I used to play basketball in like 4th grade, a friend of mine bit through his bottom lip with his two front teeth. We were doing a scrimmage and he was on offense. The ball was thrown up into the air and we both went up for it. I reached the ground first because he got the ball. He came down more or less on top of me and his jaw rammed the top of my head which caused his teeth to go through his bottom lip into my head. There was blood everywhere and my head had tooth imprints in it. My friend was in complete shock and just stood there with his teeth sticking out of his lip until the coach guided him off the court. A lot funnier if you were there i guess.
  8. I'm using this one so HBD d a w g

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