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  3. HBD @png RETARD 2.0 LOL

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  7. The AWP tournament has been pushed back to one week (March 27th-28th). First round matches will take place on the 27th while semifinals and finals will take place on the 28th. Here is the current bracket list. Teams were placed into the brackets and then shuffled through. If anyone has complaints about the current matchups, spam @ me in our discord.
  8. HBD retard LMAO

  9. SNG has a honeymoon phase with every server we implement. Every single time, without fail, we make a new server because we had soooo much support behind it. The first week always goes great. After that first week, it gets forgotten about and dies. Deag server dead within a few days Minecraft server dies within a ~week SK server that was created for a special event dead basically within the same day Rust server dead within the week Course didn't even last a few days before it was completely forgotten about ZE was being shouldered on by one dev's back before
  10. we brought it back for a short while and it ended up dying soon afterwards
  11. +rep @dickmop is goated!
  12. Before Registering: Read this and all of the information within. Put "YES" beside the rules acknowledgment once all participating players have read the main post. Ensure your team has a minimum of 3 starting players. 1 optional sub player can be included in your sign-up. All players must have a registered forum account & be members of our Discord, with 1 teammate having been a member of SNG already. SUBS WILL BE EXCLUDED FROM THE PRIZE POOL. Their team can decide to include them in their own prizes if they wish, but all subs who sign up with a team will not be given prize
  13. art by @Chase88 Hey everyone. After some quick polling and discussions, the event team and I are happy to announce the next event will be an SNG 3v3 Awp Tournament. When: The tournament is set to take place on March 27, 2021 and March 28, 2021. First match will begin at 1:00pm EST. The date for this tournament can be changed with enough community input, but we would like to begin the matches sometime in March. Teams: Teams that wish to participate in this tournament must sign up at this link by March 19, 2021 (date subject to change).