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  1. then don't reply to every post
  2. @ Jensyl Don't know if an entire post needs to be brought up, but it's good to note that players aren't staying on T side.
  3. or go back to barebone JB with barely any plugins
  4. HBD my mane come back to us :PepeHands:

  5. HBD my man 

  6. HBD dawg

  7. HBD dawg :PepeHands:

  8. HBD dawg

  9. HBD dawg

  10. So can either of you give some actual examples of what freakish things yerm did? Looked through some of the discord messages he sent, and they don't look any worse than whats being said in the discord now. I've seen worse come from some of our operators and higher ups. The whole spoon rape really sounds like a joke, or maybe someone can actually attest to it being true. Saw the messages where he explained it, but it was a jumbled up story where he sounded like he was messing around. edit: Unless this is some mass joke you made up @Yerm, this kinda speaks for itself.
  11. Hey all! It's about time the event team actually does some stuff, eh? To start, this one is going to be a little bit of a smaller event post. This one is just going to be about the mini event / weekly events that is planned on being hosted every week. The purpose of these is to just have a night every week where the community can come together and vibe with some low cost, quick and easy games to put together and just have a good time. To be clear, it's not going to be a super serious time (there will still be the standard rules applied), we just want to have a set time to come together and play some games with the community. We plan on having them every week on Saturdays, at some point later in the evening. The exact time is something we're taking suggestions for from anyone, since we want to know what works best for you. We attempted a simple trial run with Among Us this Saturday since the game is easy to set up and run, but we should have made the post beforehand . Hopefully the coming weeks will have a much better outcome. Overall, our current list of games that we have thought of are below. We will absolutely take recommendations for further games (or to remove games) if you have any suggestions. skribbl.io (Free) Among Us (Free on mobile, $5 on Steam) Town of Salem (Free if you had an account previously, $5 on Steam) Golf With Your Friends ($12 on Steam, cheaper on sale) Cards Against Humanity (Free) Uno ($10 on Steam, cheaper on sale) Spyfall (Free) Jackbox (Free for all participants) Tabletop Simulator ($20 on Steam) Pummel Party (Free, @Elegy) Movie Night (Free) All these games are current suggestions we have and don't need to just stick to one game for the night. If people are wanting to change it up halfway through, we will. Finally, we do want to make it absolutely clear that while this will definitely be meant to be a fun time, there will be no tolerance for genuine harassment or anything along the lines of that. If you are being a problem for the people participating (griefing, cheating, harassing, etc.), there will be consequences. Banter is fine as long as it doesn't escalate to an actual altercation. All thanks goes to @ Character for writing this post up

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