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  1. @png your name fits perfect now! The wonderful PNG is born!!! Amazing!

  2. HBD u absolute retard 

  3. We already had a zombie day that was mostly hated by everyone I honestly enjoyed the day with some exceptions like camping at the top of climb or really hard to reach places. We have already discussed new possible days and our devs are working on it. edit: if you're wanting a day that's like HnS but the other way around, call a reverse HnS day: CT's hide and T's seek. CT's can't knife back (how I play it, you can change it to CT's can knife if you want) and T's are allowed to kill the CT's however they want.
  4. Noodlesssss

    Moving on

    gl with with your future mane
  5. It's a known issue due to when someone gets knifed, they dont respawn for whatever reason. Gun game has been temporarily disabled until its able to be fixed
  6. Yea, I've already let them know Hopefully be able to change the spawns to drug spawns or something else
  7. Yeah this was fr an accident. Pretty sure you killed like 4 people on accident and immediately slayed and swapped. Definitely would be down for an unban
  8. Can act like a child at times, but when isn't half the server acting like complete and utter fuckwads. Other than the MFK, I haven't seen any problems he has done on CT that would warrant him staying banned.
  9. Theres a showcase of all the current, and past, trails and auras

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