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  1. Noodlesssss

    hi chain

    @Cortex1 tell your woman to SHUT IT
  2. HBD big 'ol dawg

  3. Already have been a problem in the past. I already gave you a clear and firm warning about what would happen after you were unbanned, so you knew what would happen if you were being dumb. The admins already told you about 3-4 times you're not gonna put any links in chat, but you still didn't listen. The link was probably to some dumb video like "big black nigga balls" or whatever, but you still didn't listen. You have been less of a problem lately and have been a lot more enjoyable on the servers, but I think the ban should stay or maybe be lowered a day or two.
  4. Honestly hope someone does a freestyle for this keep up the good work dawg
  5. JB really needs admins willing to actually admin instead of get on with friends only. USB currently has no friends and would fit the position fairly well.
  6. 1. Most people do know the rules. They just choose to not follow them. 2. Already a thing 3. Most of the time, it's just banter. If we went around muting and gagging whoever insulted someone, we would turn into tango. There are times when people will get excessive, and by then they will normally be gagged/muted/kicked/banned/whatever the admin decides at the time
  7. Just a btw, the rules are being completely redone and will most likely be released next week ~tm . So a lot of suggestions people might make will already be going into effect, or already been thought of and denied. Also, spend 5 minutes going through your sentences and rewriting that shit. Hardly understand half of them you ape 1. For joke days and those sort of games, I've already been thinking about doing what you just said. Will discuss with others during the meeting what they think and go from there 2. Already have discussed this in the new rules 3. Already planned on discussing with others during the meeting on this rule 4. I can't read that shit 5. We have two different betting commands. No way we are doing another. And plus, someone has already suggested this like a year ago and it got shot down. edit: 4. Straight up, dunno how they would do that. There's an option to have last CT to automatically picked, so I don't know why they wouldn't have that picked imo.
  8. HBD big dawg

    1. Jako


      thanks big N

  9. Happens very inconsistently and rarely; you mostly have to try and make it happen. Has been a long-time issue on TTT, so I doubt a fix will be found soon. Literally the only time it happens on JB is when we're playing moonjail and with the tables in-cells.
  10. One "event" that'll be coming soon is the gang update. Not really an event, but there'll be hopefully prizes for the top three gangs. For events in general on JB, it's kinda hard to have any for JB. The JB fun night is something I wanna have done because it sounds really interesting and promising, but that's really the only one that I think we could do for now. If anyone has any ideas for a JB event, they can list it here.

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