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  1. You're an improved version of @TwinPlayz Congrats dawgie
  2. HBD, you ugly d a w g I e

  3. +rep this better bump me up to second place @Elegy Dudes chill and fun to have on the servers. Knows the rules and enforces them when needed.
  4. JB > MG still Keep up the great work for MG, dawgie
  5. Happens when they climb a ladder. Also another suggestion is to turn down the volume of the zombie moans, and decrease the amount they occur.
  6. Noodlesssss

    Im Back

    Welcome back d a w g i e
  7. @Warden Flamewater https://plays.tv/video/5d23d56495efc1123f/bingo-time turn the volume down or ur earraped
  8. +rep dude is always on and enforcing rules
  9. HBD dawgie boi

  10. +rep very knowledgeable of the rules and is enjoyable on the servers. You always ruin my T rounds, you cunt
  11. HBD u hot dawgie

  12. +rep, long time player, chillio, knows the rules, and fun guy to be around.
  13. I fuckin love you +rep +rep +rep +rep +rep
  14. -rep I thought you were more of a TTT admin. I just dont see you being a JB super at the moment. edit: @7/11 is bae when I saw this application I thought it would've been for TTT or even awp. Before the whole server shutdown and stuff happening, you weren't very active or involved in JB. Even when the servers came back up, I never noticed you on much. I have only seen you on maybe once or twice that I've been on. Speaking about the "not super material", I just don't think you would be the best fit for JB super atm.
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