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  1. Sorry for having this dealt with so late. Both players have received a 30-minute CT ban for favortism. Thanks for the report.
  2. I don't know what you use to record, but there's normally an option to enable sound. Both players have been permanently CT banned for intentional freekilling. Thanks for the report.
  3. HBD rat

  4. Noodlesssss


    this one fucks with you a bit; I really enjoyed it Re:Zero is my all time favorite anime as of right now, and Komi-San is bad at communication is my favorite manga so far.
  5. Yall PUSSIES. just blast the mf when they tryin climb the stairway to heaven Does this not come into effect when they are chilling in the corner way above the map?
  6. HBD best CT player in NA !

    1. Alex


      Thanks big dog

  7. YOOOO HBD retard

  8. ign SNGNoodlesssss no fuck league
  9. HBD smooth talker 

  10. I actually hate u for going to MG over JB, but seeing you play MG vs JB shows that you enjoy MG a lot more. I think you'll do a great job as super dawg.

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