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  1. I’d say the bullets are fine and they’re fun to use personally. They aren’t overpowered either.
  2. I’ve noticed at times players who are given slays get assigned a role and then are slain afterwards.
  3. There is no question you have the experience but what I’m concerned about is how active you’ll be. Don’t get me wrong things come up but want to know you’re actually able to dedicate yourself to the server. Good luck.
  4. Haven’t played nor talked with you much in quite some time but from previous experience with you I’d say you’re an good admin. You have good knowledge on the rules and enforce them whenever needed. Hopefully I’ll see you on ttt much more often since the server is back up. Good luck
  5. Everytime you id a body you get ttt credits of course but you're able to id that body infinite amount of times. This can be spammed and the person is given ttt credits for each time they id. @ Diam0ndz @ August Needs to be fixed asap.
  6. Gimme gimme, thank you.
  7. When random tp’ing you sometimes become unable to move afterwards. This may be because the person is standing on a high level platform or next to one.
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