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  1. A sloth can travel around the globe faster than you get super admin
  2. Duckyy

    Selfie Topic

    Hes TiK Tok Famous, hit him up ladies
  3. george needs to be mentored on choosing discord server profile pics but other than that hes alright so +rep
  4. If you are to remove the sidebar, where do the birthdays and status updates go. I feel those are kinda important to be on the main page. Or im blind and they are on here, i just cant find it.
  5. Neutral I dont believe you played at all on any of the servers since they came back up till deathrun was released. Also, since you have come back, i havent really seen you active on forums or discord. I do think you are a great candidate and would be dedicated to dr.
  6. Green Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers idk if this helps https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=838841675 but i remember it was on sca
  7. This post has received a lot of hate on my name, my reputation and everything else. Might have to delete @Bottomfraf i hate you @B0xerZ please resign @george nice server @why i love you @erik :] i respect the vibes, you are a model super admin @Chiken i hate you @redderfry you suck at league, kinda crazy @s1d irrelevant @Yoseph925 my guy @FeelsBαdMαɴ toxic @Scott i fucking hate you, im only making this just do this
  8. So, he goes to your house and the first thing he does is play CSGO, which he doesnt even play much, on your other account, then goes to the community servers, and HAPPENS to stumble upon SNG servers. Thats just my view of whats going on.
  9. Reminds me of taking a quiz to become police on GMOD Good idea, i dont see any negative effects to this approach. In my opinion, its better than the hours idea because it wont force people to leave the server.
  10. So if i was an inno who walks across a dead ts body who had an m4a1, i would be kos?
  11. It was very late at night, and you and 2 other guys just kept rdming. I only got on the server because i saw your admin call saying people were rdming, when you were one of the people. I join the server on map change and everyone was talking about how you and others were constantly rdming eachother like it was TDM. I would not care if it was you and a couple of friends only on the server doing this, but there were others on, and a couple of new guys too. You were constantly in the mic encouraging these guys to rdm and they were rdming, and you were being a nuisance. I kept handing out slays and verbal warnings telling you guys to stop, and you refused, kept making jokes about me, and encouraged the rdm. I truly cant remember if i slayed you or not, but it does not matter in this case because i gave warnings to the whole server and kept slaying anyone rdming. I even banned a guy before you for a day, which is a warning in itself. If you are willing to tell the true story of what happened, and just trying to put this on me, ill be fine with a day ban for you, but if you want to deny that there were warnings and you didnt rdm, . RDM evidence is in the logs on discord and ill upload the video soon.
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