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  1. Town of Salem Pog... im ranked plat so be scared of me
  2. Neutral Aries was super in the past so obviously he has experience and knows what needs to be done. However, I still believe you are very inactive and although you promise to be more active, the school year is coming up. I dont know your situation for the school year, but I know it can get very busy. Good luck
  3. +rep very chill guy, nice to talk to, and helpful. Earthling put it perfectly, he makes the server more enjoyable
  4. +rep Happy birthday btw, see you are now 11. Good admin deserves super. Good luck
  5. +rep Good admin, friendly and helpful. I personally never seen be toxic and actually mean it
  6. +rep been a great admin ever since he got it, knows what he is doing, I think he is ready. It sucks Lemons and bottom cant be both accepted so good luck to both of them
  7. +rep deserves it, very good at the job he does for TTT
  8. I think you know when to become admin when you feel dedicated, you love playing on the servers, and you have built bonds with the people you play with everyday
  9. I already won so dont bother commenting
  10. +rep very mature, active and knows the ttt rules
  11. Sweet! Welcome to the club.

  12. ey congrats d a w g i e

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