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  1. I agree with what Six said. i have never seen chief be a nuisance when im on, always trying to help me keep an eye on a someone who is breaking rules, and too me, seemed like he truly wanted to . get back on ct to have some fun. +rep
  2. +rep I personally never thought he was cheating in the first place and it was unfortunate his ban stuck. But, for the month he has been banned, he played on the mc server and was active in discord and was always respectful in my eyes. I think he deserves a second chance, and seems he has put a lot of effort into this appeal. Good luck !
  3. Duckyy

    Is a babbyy

    congrats big man
  4. No reason to take a shot at extacy considering extacy is extremely hardworking and gets "stuff" done too. Very ignorant of you too say something like this +rep Kel was a great course op back when we had one and i feel he would be dedicated to bettering it and populating it again. Good luck
  5. +rep we have all seen the capability extacy has at operating servers. I think he would be a great choice due to his work effort and knowledge in general. Good luck man! Rip senior pepehands
  6. Welcome back brotha man Its crazy how the operator of AWP is the one bringing bad vibes by accusing these 3 awp admins of having dogshit vibes. Dont listen to him, he is a little off the rails since tyler1 was demoted back down to plat 4.
  7. Duckyy

    Biggest Simp?

    Names in comment i think it is azecko or klitch or why honest answers only
  8. Duckyy

    hi chain

    You are a simp for even knowing that
  9. +rep redder has 0 reason to cheat. enough with this "edgy", he is pulling a death, blah blah blah. Excuses honestly. Personally, i dont even think the clip he was banned for was enough to ban him. He doesnt even go on the head, he is lagging, its just not obvious enough for a 5 second clip. Redders videos he made himself obviously have nothing to "lock to", but there is resemblance to the snapping with his lag. Redder deserves to be unbanned, give him back admin chat grrr cheating on mc server has no correlation to this btw :)
  10. course is a server that you can hop on alone and enjoy yourself please bring it back and @ApplePI with it too
  11. I Appreciate the post sleepy! ONLY HATERS ABOVE ME! Haters are my motivators kinda quirky ngl hehe xd have sex

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