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  1. Duckyy


    i cri evertiem
  2. -rep its hard to just ignore your past when you have applied 4 or more times saying that you have changed, to find out you didnt. Who is to say you have changed this time for real (again). I think including your very controversial past is necessary. Personally, i still see the same shots that i used to play with years ago, just with a little less direct toxicity. Also, i feel like i havent seen you on for the past month or so, so i wouldnt say you have been playing 2-6 hours a day recently.
  3. Duckyy

    I'm Back

    This is a league of legends community
  4. There were admins on during most of these videos, kinda confused why they didnt issue any mutes or bans for this constant rdm. Or just the ghosting in general............................................................................... But yeah, these guys deserve punishments
  5. +rep very active and would love to see some new active jb admins since the server is starting to get back to where it once was (somewhat)
  6. +rep at first i did think azecko was only applying for the position because at the time, he was never active. But, ever since he has posted his app, he has made strides to populate ttt and bring back the active community it once had even with the hate coming his way. Good luck!
  7. +rep +rep +rep and more +reps Deserves it!
  8. +rep Tubby is very intelligent, quite the 5head, and i feel would handle the responsibilities very well. Its a shame there can only be 1 op. Good luck!
  9. +rep has shown dedication for the server forever, long time player. Good luck!
  10. +rep finally holy add me to recs if u want :)
  11. Good candidate for TTT, has shown a lot of passion for the server through his playtime.Also very responsible. Only negatives i see is what have you been doing to help the ttt server during this extended downtime? I felt i saw less of you as TTT died, but maybe i was missing something you were doing. Also, I kinda want to know why you waited to apply Edit: ignore above @Klitch Sorry for changing this so late but +rep, didnt realize he was on vacation but before is away time, he was always on and is very vocal.
  12. +rep I never saw blank to show toxicity without it being in a joking manner with friends. I wasnt very active around the time goonsquad got banned, but blank was always a good guy in my eyes. He would also add a great personality to the recently popping jb server.
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