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  1. yeah because awp players would know everything about mfk -rep no effort, annoying on servers, dont know rules
  2. so when do we ban him from posting on the forums
  3. best post on the forums in a while, love the boys mlg gang 4 lyfe
  4. -rep nothing against you just to be clear I dont see the point of colin receiving operator for a dead server. Lets be real, mg dead and forever dead, and if other people cant get op for servers, like jb, why even have an mg op. Just wouldnt be fair and doesnt make sense, imo. :)
  5. when is the next hide n seek event!
  6. i forgot you did this i honestly dont think you have changed as drastically as you are saying you have. You are still retarded, but you truly cause no real harm and i do believe you are trying to change, you just havent figured out the right ways to approach it. I wouldnt mind him being unbanned, the point in these are for a second chance, so ill lean towards +rep
  7. M17 is known as the admin who abides by the rules and does his job. I really dont see how he could receive any punishment or backlash for just being an admin. I agree, having fun on ttt with friends is great, and some people, other than just m17, will enforce any rule breaking, but you cant be mad at the way he admins. Also, he left right after, so i dont see why you couldnt just move on and go back to the fun since he is gone.
  8. pretty sure you would need video evidence for anything to really happen also, imo, not that serious, a little misunderstanding, technically he has the right to slay you for kosing a detective (i guess idk).
  9. so is this a ban appeal or ….
  10. +Rep fuck jb tbh, salty is very good admin and deserves the position. Has a good mental when playing the servers the classic "ill pop this dead server", respect
  11. +rep leaving jb so sadface but def super material, has a good mentality, maybe he can a make mg great again...I guess
  12. +rep why has been telling me all the time he wants to be in the event team, I feel he has good ideas and making more events for the community

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