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  1. lost brain cells reading this but this man has a point
  2. unban him, literally defended the kid in admin chat and showed the context of why it was a clear joke in a private server he owned with friends. but of course it was ignored :)
  3. Does @redderfry get demoted from his position
  4. omg wow +rep this guy could be the TTT op we are looking for, i think you guys just give him operator rn but super will do too @Jako Also, we both know this guy knows every rule, no need for interview? dont you agree?
  5. One word response to this *Responsibilities*. Not saying this is your fault, but there was an entire summer to do events and nothing was done, and the team decides to wait till school starts and jobs start reopening to do stuff. I did sign up for the val tourney, but it keeps getting pushed back....i dont participate in weekly events or play on my server at the moment because i have my responsibilities. I think sng will see an upwards trend when the break rolls around, but until then, you cant expect half the community to participate and colins activity part....why give him op for a dead server that has no chance of revival...
  6. you guys should focus more on actually DOING an event for the entire community before accepting another person onto the team....especially someone who has no successful events and brings nothing also...an operator just admitted to not being active...i rest my case
  7. i expect nothing less.... mines buizel and riolu
  8. +rep one of the best mfks ive ever seen and deserves unban
  9. you were before the mlg phase, you were god awful. I remember we had to get proobs on to permaban your dumbass, you were an actual cancer to the server. But, idk how you are now, maybe you changed. so im neutral, i guess you can be unbanned and see what happens
  10. +rep for the boy bucket, deserved it the first time
  11. +rep one of the best Lt Cols to ever touch the server. You go on starwars rp and ask about nak, and everyone will know who he is because is a born leader. Blue boys for life.
  12. didnt you threaten to rape a 13 year old girl/catfish....why dont you talk about that part...
  13. ^ i wasnt even talking to you in the mlg discord and you just kept going and going, i think you started crying too when you didnt get the attention you wanted. You are still the same, havent changed a bit, and you even said in the discord yesterday something like "you think i wanna be unbanned from that shit server". -rep stay banned
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