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  1. I thank you for letting me, the people give feedback, and I believe we should remove the perma ct ban, and give him a reduced ct ban time and let him try CT again. if he does it again, we just ct ban him again with no appeal chance, but most mfkers just do it and never come back so the fact he made the appeal, I think he should not be perma ct banned.
  2. This doesn't help your case and shows your immaturity The first video, Worm was jumping the gun killing way too fast without both of the cts inputs, however I feel they both would say no anyways. But, they were 100% picking favorites and not really listening to the jokes and just killing who they like and don't like. The 2nd video, he struggled explaining the game but I understood what he was going for, so I feel that really shouldn't impact anything. But, in both reports they were acting like retards and doing dumbshit, so they should receive punishment.
  3. Duckyy


    Imma be honest, yes they are being annoying but the first video, due to the new non rule of catching in the act, pretty sure they can kill you for going to medic before even though you were going to box climb. The second video, we obviously know they killed you because clearly they don't like you (or something), but technically (im guessing you said a joke since we cant hear ur mic) you said a joke and they both didn't like it, so they can kill you. If I misunderstood any of those situations, just lemme know
  4. +rep very active across all servers, very mature, knows the rules and always helping to pop any server
  5. nahh he said kys like 3 times, in riot terms, that is one of the worst things to say
  6. Duckyy


    A little toxic.... o7, just read what noodles said, he put it perfectly. Take some time off, appeal and come back a better person.
  7. isnt he banned for a week?
  8. Didn't realize you guys were actors and jb is your mainstage I still think "unintentional" is bs because you have to do so much for c4 to land on all the ts and kill them, but I will admit, you guys have been changing. If to be unbanned, I don't think he would mfk again, and he has a good understanding on jb and we need more people with knowledge to ct. Neutral leaning to +rep
  9. +rep Ive seen you trying to up your activity across all servers and i have no doubt you have a decent amount of knowledge in jb. You are def not known for jb but lets be honest, deathrun is dead, and being a super for that server is useless so i respect you coming to jb so it gets more supers. Good luck !
  10. now i got bitches killing me for breaking a vent since they heard me in armory, come out when im not doing it anymore and slaughter me. Its a cold world man
  11. Please use the proper format and also, unless noodles wants something done because bigfoomini does know better, this is a very minor offense
  12. ayy respect the grind
  13. we already had vipinthemix and it is literally just rebel central, and im a big fan of that tbh but at some point its just a pointless map where no warden can get any days done
  14. gg you live and you learn good thing this was steam and not something actually important further down your life. People are like that and there is probably a scam for everything, so make sure to pay attention and be careful

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