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  1. +rep pretty cool and stuff
  2. how could you fukn forget the randie kinf b0xers
  3. both awp servers because kewl admins and ttt because kewl admins such as @bung @Satellite Heated Naan @Jako @Loft and friends like @Malala @Mikoliko and @Yukiou
  4. koris

    RDM and leave!

    alright ya dingus i'll take this down and put it there if i can take it down that is
  5. koris

    RDM and leave!

    Some guy RDMed and left and I have screenies :~)
  6. Well I don't think Tendies takes the server serious and I don't either. I'm there to have fun like other people.
  7. So a little while ago me and my friend Tendies switched names to act funny. I would like to ask why he was banned while I wasn't. Please anyone who banned him or witnessed the ban, please contact me on Steam or this post. Yours, koris.
  8. It seems that player "k o r i s" was banned for a reason I don't know. The admins I saw on the server I was banned on (TTT) were; ZachAttack,Sam,Google Fiber,Sight,and Ayu. Those are the admins I saw on the server at the time. Please any of those admins explain why I was banned. Yours, k o r i s.
  9. Guy shooting at people on the course in DeathRun. Pretty sure that's against the rules. Hit this boi with a PHHHHHHAT ban. Yer boi, koris.
  10. "Falcon" is RDMing playing music and doin' stuff you're not supposed to do. Help needed fast.
  11. koris


    Hi, my name is koris and I would like to report a person. His name is Gravity and he keeps random killing me on the TTT server for no reason when I am a innocent and tells others to RDM me. I would like him to have a temp ban or something along those lines for killing for no reason when he is a innocent or detective. Thanks, koris.


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